Difficulty: You’re Gonna Carry that Weight

Are games easier now than they used to be? There’s a number of possible explanations for why it may seem that way; maybe those who grew up on those older games weren’t as experienced as they are now, and for those who are experiencing these modern games for the first time don’t have basis for comparison. It’s a good exercise in fairness to entertain all the possibilities when trying to answer a subjective question, but it’s safe to assume that modern games really have gotten easier.

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ltachiUchiha2028d ago

I think games felt harder back then because it was just easier to die. Plus they made more games that required u to think faster where as today, games have evolved & is open to a more bigger audience & devs want to please even none gamers so most games are made with that in mind. If they were to just make every game difficult, there prolly wouldnt be a casual gamer around. Just my opinion.

zeal0us2028d ago

Easier to die and not to mention some games didn't even offer checkpoints and autosaves. I have to say this gen we're spoiled.