Wii-U In Quicksand, Vita Doesn't Mean Life, Everything Doomed, Fire All Of The Things

Valhalla Knights 3 apparently provided even less than the "modest" Vita sales blip I predicted. Here are Japan's top 20 best-selling games for the week ending May 26. It's a great debut for the game, but the Vita as a platform needs more than one game in a month. VH3 represents its one and only.


(Complete software and hardware listings.)

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TrendyGamers1880d ago

Terraria received a retail release in Japan?

knifefight1880d ago

Yep, and priced at only 4,000 yen -- like half what a lot of other games cost.

sherimae24131880d ago

it will mean life again after e3 ^_^
besides there is lot good news for vita recently...
it will come to fruition... with all these support from sony and devs alike ^_^

the wii u, it will also get rise back from that slump, it will ^_^

Canary1880d ago

What's the recent good news for Vita? Last I heard, there was absolutely nothing to look forward to but Ys.

sherimae24131880d ago

hmmm ignorance is a bliss my friend
dont worry let me enlighten you..

well first a new vita exclusive was announced last week its name is "freedom wars" develop by japan studio

then ubisoft announces rayman legends for ps vita last day

then tecmo koei announces their e3 line up and atelier meruru plus and toukiden will be localized and released this year

then nagoshi the creator of yakuza series reassures that a yakuza for ps vita is already given seeing how the series are grown in playstation

then lately shuhei yoshida announces that DRM will come to vita lol ^_^

i didnt include some of the indie news but i think this lighten you up a bit ^_^

leahcim1880d ago

mandatory remote play for every PS4 game release is not only a good new for the Vita, this fact can really give new life to the console

Canary1880d ago

Hm... I wouldn't exactly call that "a lot of good news." To summarize, you're basically saying the Vita is getting one new IP and a bunch of PS3 ports?

It's kind of hard to get excited about that.

sherimae24131880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

your just only trying to find a reason to hate or downplay those news...
to us VITA OWNERS it means alot..

and out of all the titles that ive said ONLY atelier meruru plus is a port,
rayman legends is NOT a port because its a multiplat release along the consoles in the same day
thats the problem with you haters... everytime the vita gets a multiplat release you will always says its a port
tsk tsk tsk i pity such hypocrisy and ignorance...

oh i forgot super heroine chroncles is also announced from namco bandai
and mashou kishin pride of justice again from namco bandai
and also sega will bring 5 vita games this fiscal year
and silicon studios is de veloping a vita game
and gungho has also two vita game in the works
one of them is ragnarok odyssey ace which will also he localized this year ^_^
aksyss has also xblaze announced for vita
and x-tetra has also announced today
conception 2 is also announced by spike

it might not be a good news to you or some people..
undestandable.... because any vita good news
is a bad news to vita haters ^_^

Kingthrash3601880d ago

@sherimae...dont waste bubs on this troll please...if he only knows about Ys then he clearly isnt listening or interested in anything but negative bs...smh

go vita.

IMightBeRetarded1880d ago

I know I'll be getting tearaway, killzone, and be playing my ps4 games remotely later this year.

Xof1880d ago

It's pathetic how no one can criticize the Vita here, even indirectly, without getting labelled a troll.

The Vita has issues. Specifically, a distinct lack of games. This is a problem now, and will continue to be a problem in the future. Getting multiplatform/port titles does not improve this.

Actual VITA OWNERS have a lot to complain about, and very little to look forward to. It's the ****ing dumbass fanboys who keep insisting that everything is perfect that are helping to perpetuate the Vita's continuing decline.


Honestly, words cannot contain the unfathomable disdain I have for your ilk.

knifefight1880d ago

Hello, I own a Vita and 14 games. I liked them.

The system is selling very poorly and needs better marketing.

Am I a troll?

Guys, legitimate criticism isn't trolling.

PopRocks3591880d ago

That's nothing. I've openly showered the Vita hardware with praise before. All I've ever criticized is the library and the marketing (and I've even done the same with the Wii U) yet for whatever reason I'm labelled as a troll and a Nintendo fanboy.

That's N4G for ya.

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stuntman_mike1880d ago


The Walking Dead (telltale)
amongst many others.

doctorstrange1880d ago

All the sales are sucking except for the 3DS. Can't wait to see what the PS4'll do

1880d ago
secretcode1880d ago

Quick, to the doomsayer machines!

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