Media Create hardware sales (5/20 - 5/26)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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sherimae24131997d ago

still low hardware sales for ps3/vita but a 2k increase from last week
understandable since no notable games thats been released...

the 3ds is doing fine as it seems a good increase in sales since shin megami tensei 4 has been released debuting at almost 200k

and the wii u at 5k..... i think we need to talk, lol
and the 360 at the last.... at 300+, my goodness....

Moonman1997d ago

Monster Hunter 4 will be the next big 3DS release in Japan. 3DS will soar this summer. And with Pokémon X/Y in October... :)

knifefight1997d ago

Donkey Kong will probably do pretty well too. June 13th. Plus a Digimon World RPG on June 27th. Neither of those are on the same level as Pokemon or Monster Hunter, but they'll be big.

AdvanceWarsSgt1997d ago

OG 3DS looking like its losing its appeal to Japanese consumers.

Neonridr1997d ago

wait until MH4 and Pokemon. You wanna see numbers move?

Plus it gets harder to appeal to a market when everyone and their grandmother owns one. 3DS has sold more units in Japan in 2 years than the PS3 did in 7.

AdvanceWarsSgt1997d ago

I'm not talking about the 3DS as a whole, just the original 3DS unit (i.e. the one that's not the XL). It's been slowly fading in sales for the past 3 months I believe.