ArcaniA: The Complete Tale Review | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Little more than a series of colourless fetch and kill quests, Arcania represents the worst sub-group of fantasy RPGs that does nothing but give you places to walk to and things to kill over and over again for an incredibly bloated runtime. The character progression and loot are adequate to provide fun to fans of the genre, while the world does boast some impressively deep lore, but all in all, even with the expansion built-in, there’s nothing here that stands out in any way that matters. Any quality is savagely hamstrung by the awful graphics engine, amateur voice-acting and yawn-inducing plot, and the mediocre combat is no boon, either. If you’re just after something to keep you occupied for a few nights and looting and levelling are your poison, then it might be worth snagging Arcania: The Complete Tale from a bargain bin at some point, but this close to the end of the current generation, there just aren’t enough redeeming features here to warrant a hearty recommendation."

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