Xbox One data collection: 'From a legal perspective, transparency is key,' says tech lawyer

A technology and media lawyer at UK law firm Charles Russell has offered their opinion on the Xbox One debate, claiming that Microsoft's 'Big Brother' Kinect technology isn't all that much different to the functionality of "online shopping, personal video recorders and loyalty cards," but – from a legal perspective - Microsoft needs to be transparent with consumers over the data it is collecting.

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sengoku1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Yeah be honest M$ tell us what data your collecting with the kinect.

it's not always on only so you can turn the xbox on is it??

kneon1875d ago

I think it really is as simple as that, if it wasn't always on then you would actually have to pick up a controller and press a button.

Salooh1875d ago

Even if i want it i can't buy this as a muslim . We have strict privacy toward our women and the idea is just creepy. It's not the future like they claim. Any person who like his privacy won't buy it.

Ps eye will stay in the box when it comes with the ps4. :)

3-4-51875d ago

* They should stream back the information they are collecting live via an online channel/station.

^ This way everyone will know what they are really after.

If it's just facial expression data and marketing numbers then it will prove itself as such to us via the live stream of data.

This is possibly the only way to appease fans and I would get right to it starting now if I was Microsoft.

Allow the people to trust you.

vikingland11875d ago

MS has a lot of questions to be answered . And they better answer them all at E3 .

FITgamer1869d ago

In all actuality they probably wont' though. They still have a few months drag out all the bs.

pompombrum1875d ago

No transparency should be able to protect them from this really. It's simple.. people should be able to turn on their Xbox One and play non kinect related games without kinect being switched on. You can be as transparent about your policies as you want but if it really is going to be required to be on just to use your xbox one, it could turn ugly really fast.. major security flaw, disgruntled employee.. all it will take is one incident and the hammer could come crashing down on Microsoft faster than they can say "better with kinect"

Blaze9291875d ago

maybe I'm lost but can someone explain to me what the problem in having Kinect on all the time is? I have my kinect plugged in everytime I turn on my Xbox 360 right now....

pompombrum1875d ago

Well because it's watching you every time you game. There is also a whole bunch of patents Microsoft have filled such as the ability to detect how many people are watching an online rented movie which could then bill you for each person. Now going OTT a little bit but it could also be used to judge your reactions based on what you're viewing and take advertising to a whole new level.

Generally speaking it's most likely harmless it just has far too much potential to be extremely invasive and the fact it HAS to be on for you to even load up the Xbox One is the problem.

Blaze9291875d ago, what you're saying is, it's a problem because "it's watching you every time you game."

Everything else was pure speculations and conspiracy fears. So again, what exactly is the problem for details CONFIRMED?

Salooh1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I for one don't trust companies on my privacy. I don't trust anyone outside my house on this serious thing. MS/Hackers/Government can spy on us easily. My country is in a fight against dictators. These dictators do anything to harm you. They already spy on phones so what's the difference in this then phones ?..

It's like giving a stranger your secrets or anything serious like that. Do you trust the stranger ?. Law is not for justice , it's for interests. So if government spy on you , you can't judge who judge you. If the people who protect you actually steal you what will you do ?. Nothing..

jimmywolf1875d ago

it good you support this practice, after all someone had too think like you for this too even exist.
how ever mindless paranoia you think it is, it still a door way too much worse things. right now it all talk an you can laugh an say it not that bad, but when it does happen it be too late too change.

remember folks actions speak louder then words. everyone hates CoD but it sell millions, so your telling them i want more the same. so Microsoft trying new tactics that are invasive, if it sell well your telling them i want more of the same.....

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KillrateOmega1875d ago

I've been wondering. If you have to tell the Xbox One to turn on via Kinect voice commends, then the hearing-impaired are kind of f*cked, right?

airgangstarr1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

microsoft is taking the curse of the 3rd console to a whole new level .. what the hell are they thinking an who is running that company.. gamers havent wanted kinect since well it came out i dont care if its b etter works perfect i dont wanna be standing up jumping around my living room to play a video game ever let alone have this damm thing watching me! between the kinect allways online shit u have to connect ur xbox to internet onced a day or its a paper weight.. so ur tellin me by making it a tv console will attract new customers but ur tellin all the people with no internet we dont want ur buisness cause it wont work offline What are they thinking lets do everything everyone doesnt want an will sell our product microsoft is droppin the ball to the point i might not buy one an im a xbox fan.. so im jus waiting for the e3 kinect festival to happen an if it does not only will i not buy a xbox 1 i will take my 360 an throw it away an never buy another microsoft product again in my life an fuck ps4 unless they make a better network i wont even look at sony