WolfKnights Online Screenshots Showcase Beautiful Character Models

The studio behind Granado Espada IMC Games is continuing to release screenshots of its upcoming MMORPG WolfKnights Online, teasing us with some rather awesome visuals.

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ltachiUchiha1966d ago

Looks pretty good. Any gameplay?

Abriael1966d ago

None yet. We got only still screenshots of environments and characters for now.

They literally announced the game a week or so ago.

ltachiUchiha1966d ago

Cool, keep us updated mate, Cheers.

Abriael1966d ago

@ItachiUchiha: will do my best :D

1966d ago
Martywren1966d ago

Oh god not the visual game again, show some damn gameplay footage.

ScubbaSteve1966d ago

The measure I use on these MMOs lately is not graphics, but weather or not there is an npc with a big ! standing 2 feet away from me when i first log in. If there is, then I know the game is going to be another "Follow the quests killing x many monsters until you've reached max level without partying with anyone at all" type of game.

I'm seriously amazed that in refining the MMO genre developers have increasingly reduced the whole multiplayer aspect.

Abriael1966d ago

Maybe they will when they'll be ready?