[IGN] Unearthed: The Trail of Ibn Battuta Episode 1 Review

IGN reviews the Uncharted-ripoff from Saudi Arabia. How did it fare? Not good.

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ltachiUchiha1760d ago

Lol not easy to follow the foosteps of naughty dog. Atleast they tried. =]

xHeavYx1760d ago

Check the comments section, they say they'll make a part 2, these people are crazy

ltachiUchiha1760d ago

Haha well ill give them credit for trying to follow footsteps of naughty dog who are my favorite devs this gen. Like they say, "Its better to try & fail then not try at all". They will only improve aslong as they give it their all. I believe in that theory that hard work & never giving up is better then just being a genius because all the hard work & never giving up will always make u strive to get better where being a genius, u just feel like u already know it all & leading u not to push beyond. Lol just my opinion. =]

GribbleGrunger1760d ago

If you're going to step into someone's boots, make sure they're not too big for you. You'll end up looking a clown.

strigoi8141760d ago

if you gonna rip off something make sure you dont copy everything

wenaldy1760d ago

Props to gaming industry in Saudia Arabia. Still long way to go..

ravinash1760d ago

They might want to start with some original ideas.

..and some testing.

fsfsxii1760d ago

As if it exists in the first place...

Qrphe1760d ago

God forbid some developer bases their game off of another (90% of developers out there). At least they tried and goes to show that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

ziggurcat1760d ago

except this is an obvious rip-off...

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The story is too old to be commented.