UK Xbox One pre-orders ahead of PS4, although PS4 enjoys post Xbox spike

MCV has received word from retail sources that pre-orders for the Xbox One are tracking ahead of PS4 in many UK stores.

In fact, one told us that in the 24 hours after Xbox One’s reveal last week the total number of pre-orders it received for Microsoft’s machine outstripped the total number of PS4 pre-orders it had accrued since Sony’s reveal in February.


Some" retailers = the ones MCV spoken to.From different chains, for those asking.And Blockbuster is not one of them.

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TheLyonKing1544d ago

1. who are the retailers?
2. sources e.g number of stores etc?
3. Sony annoucned theres in Feb with no box
4. wait til E3 and we will see true pre order as more info will be available.

NewMonday1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

the dedicated fanbase will by their favorite brand no matter what, the key will be "swing customers" who by what is best for themselves.

at the start you can't get a real indication of general popularity, the WiiU and Vita all started strong but after the core fans got their systems sales fell sharply. the pace of sales after the holidays will give the real picture.

DoesUs1544d ago

"the dedicated fanbase will by their favorite brand no matter what, the key will be "swing customers" who by what is best for themselves."

Very well said.

thechosenone1544d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

bu..but PS4 is #1 on amazon in the UK. Amazon > small mom&pop shops. The console wars have begun!

JokesOnYou1543d ago

Well Im sure if they said ps4 pre orders were higher then nobody would question it....that said pre orders dont mean a whole lot, people are fickle.

SilentNegotiator1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


Boy, you sure do love to pretend like all appropriate doubt against anything Xbox is the fault of Playstation fans. is clearly being selective with their pre-order articles, which you might see if you weren't too busy going "bu...bu...but teh PS fanbois! If it were the other way!"

If, if, if...
If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts...

All they did was dial some random stores, FFS.

JokesOnYou1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Silent, I'm not arguing whether or not these pre orders are significant, in fact I said it doesnt mean much.

Yet you did all that "if" blah, blah ranting but you still never denied my assumption, so I'll ask you directly, if the headline was about PS4 pre-orders tracking aheead of XBox One would this thread be full of so much doubt/negative comments? Whats wrong with exposing hypocrisy? Why does the truth bother you so much?

S2Killinit1543d ago

I do agree with you somewhat, but to answer your question of course people wouldn't question it, it would be consistent with what they believe. "most" gamers believe that Playstation should kick butt. Will it? I don't know, but I sure do hope so...

SilentNegotiator1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"if the headline was about PS4 pre-orders tracking aheead of XBox One would this thread be full of so much doubt/negative comments? Whats wrong with exposing hypocrisy? Why does the truth bother you so much? "

It would if the "evidence" was some site calling a couple of random stores, like this article.

NobleTeam3601543d ago

@ thechosenone your link shows xbox one on top not PS4.

JokesOnYou1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Silent, even the most loyal sony fan knows the answer to that question, I understand we disagree about different gaming choices/topics/consoles but for a second I thought we could call a spade a spade guess not cause frankly that answer gave me nasim flashbacks, lol....oh well enjoy your night Sir.,

lol, thechosenone, cool name but the xbox one is #1 on your own link....when fanboyism goes wrong...priceless!

SilentNegotiator1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


In your head it might be a spade, but that doesn't make it a spade. In the same situation (a cheap website claiming a pre-order lead by dialing random locations - with little elaboration) with a Ps4 lead would get the same eye rolls and expressions of doubt if Ps4 were the ONE being so poorly received.

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Skips1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

"in UK stores."

... oh. Well that explains it... Wonder how it is for the rest of Europe. :o

andrewsqual1543d ago

We have 1100 preorders on PS4 and 250 on Xbox One and that is in Ireland. There is no way that stores in the UK have more preorders. They MAY have taken more last week for the Xbox One but not total. Also we even have a lot of people who cancelled their Xbox Ones the last 7 days when they learned about all the post reveal details.

LeRise1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

By the way, it's easy to explain.
PS4 isn't even shown, that's why many people can't pre-order a console. Would you buy a gaming machine with unknown design?
Second: we still don't know exact details about built-in DRM. Smart customers won't buy a console unless they know the details pretty well.

And again: people, who can deal with always-online already preordered Xbox. People who don't like this idea still wait for PS4 no-DRM confirmation.

You'll see, the PS4 preorders will outstrip XB1 after the E3 reveal.

HammadTheBeast1544d ago

Main reason why Xbox is beating PS4 in pre-orders?

The console design has been seen.

I've asked around in both Gamestop and my Best Buy and they've told me the exact thing.

"Wait for E3" lol.

Ilovetheps41544d ago

As far as I know, Gamestop and Best Buy aren't taking preorders. So, how would they know?

Mustang300C20121543d ago

Exactly I already asked Gamestop and they said they are waiting for official prices from both to start pre-orders which should be the during E3 so dude is talking out of his ass.

DevilishSix1543d ago

Also, Amazon isn't taking preorders yet. All you can do is sign up to be notified when it is available to pre-order. This article is bunk.

ANIALATOR1361543d ago

remember the UK is 360 territory too. I hope the PS4 can dominate here though. I'm sick and tired of the divide between gamers that Microsoft Xbox has brought this gen. I hope the majority of people all of the sense to buy a PS4 this time.

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abzdine1544d ago

This must be one of Microsoft's lame jokes.
No retailers are known so this must be bs.
I don't really care though this isn't the machine I'm buying.
4>1 for all gamers

Boody-Bandit1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Not "buying" these preorder claims. Not one source is listed. No site should be allowed to make up phony claims while not listing a single retailer or actual source.

Here in NA I check a few times a week looking for any company that will accept preorders and I always come up with 0 waiting on word when they will start accepting preorders. So far all they are offering is being placed on an announcement list for when they will start accepting preorders. I hope that actually works because for once I want the ability to preorder instead of having to camp out over night at a store like a Neanderthal. I will if I have to but I'd rather preorder if possible.

Ilovetheps41543d ago

I actually had to camp out to preorder the PS3. I waited 18 and a half hours in line to preorder the system. They got four systems at the store and I was the fourth person in line. I thought it was a rather fun experience.

Boody-Bandit1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Depends on the weather. I camped out over night a few times. 2 times was a blast camping out at Best Buy with friends. People were throwing around frisbeees and footballs, blasting music, making food runs for the masses while holding their places in line.

The last couple times I went at it alone and it was freezing out. When I camped out for the PS3 it was both cold and raining. I had a tent but all it did was keep me dry. The minutes felt like hours. I swore never again. I'm too old for that sh!t. Than again, there were people much older than me toughing it out. I am just getting soft.

If I have to. I will break out the gear once again. I'd rather camp out than play retail tag the first thing in the morning several times a week.

merciless1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

This is a lie! I live in the UK and we have one main store called "GAME" yes you can buy from elsewhere but this store is the go to place for uk gamers.

I was at my local game store on sunday and was told that the ms numbers don't match ps4 preorders when you take the same period of time. He told me it was close to four ps4's for every one x1 during the initial weeks after each reveal.

I'm calling this story completely fabricated by ms and their associates. on UK gaming forums, nobody is pre ordering and even ms' die hard fan are so upset they say they are waiting until after e3. This story is BS

Much like the other UK story about Amazon(uk) having x1 as most desired when it was being released in 2013 with the ps4 set for release in 2020

TheLyonKing1543d ago

My mate works at Game in aberdeen Bon accord he said there has been a couple of people putting a place holder on the xbone but there has been more demand for the ps4

MRMagoo1231543d ago

the main place to preorder here in Australia is EB games its the same as game in the uk (i have lived int he uk myself for about 8 years) and at EB games they have been telling customers to go for the ps4 (which is the complete opposite that they did for the ps3 360 launch times) It just seems to be ps4 is going to be far more popular from the get go.

lilbrat231543d ago

What I am waiting for E3 :-D than the next day go pre-order. :-)

ijust2good1543d ago

Well its the UK...XBOX 360 console is dominating in this country.

1543d ago
MRMagoo1231543d ago

Because all the rude boys seem to think its gansta to have a 360 lmao, i knew a few in stevenage when i was living there that thought that.

GameCents1543d ago

Not sure what E3 will change. Xbox One has outsold ps4 in one single week without showing games.
I shudder to think what E3 will do to these numbers seeing as Microsoft have been talking about how they'll focus on just games there.

This saddens me. Gaming as we know it is about to be changed forever.

jwatt1543d ago

It just switched to xb1 being number 1

Anon19741543d ago

I'm always sceptical of these types of articles that neither reveal their numbers or sources. MCV reported on the Blockbuster nonsense too, trumpeting Xbox One pre-orders when they weren't even allowing pre-orders for the PS4 and there seems to be no evidence that Blockbuster in the UK has ever done a pre-order on a console system in the past other than the Wii-U.

At least it's correctly labelled a rumor as there doesn't appear to be any evidence to actually support these claims. I'm not saying it's not possible they're correct, I just wish if they were going to report something like this they'd have something solid. I guess anything for hits...