PS4: Sony Responds To Anti-DRM Campaign On Twitter

A few Sony employees have responded to a Twitter-based anti-DRM campaign, "#PS4NoDRM," acknowledging gamers' concerns regarding the potential inclusion of DRM and always-on requirements in the upcoming PS4 next-generation gaming console. However, concrete answers to DRM-related concerns were nowhere to be found among the tweets of Sony employees who weighed in on the issue.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1637d ago

Wait until E3. Sony will show a beautiful console "not a box" and show what all that power and amazing architecture can do:)

OlgerO1637d ago Show
duli141637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Sony didn't build a box, they built a place to play!

OrangePowerz1637d ago

It was funny rewatching the intro video from the PS4 conference with those lines after Xbone reveal.

The_Con-Sept1637d ago

Naw... They'll have the president of gamestop come on stage with a used game and put it into the PS4 hidden under a small blanket. Then they will push a button on a PS Vita from New York and it will play Bungie's New game.

MWH1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

-a Play Station not a TV/Surveillance "solution".

ChrisW1637d ago

Sony didn't show the PS4 at the revealing for a very good reason. We'll probably find out what that reason is a year or so after launch.

I'm kind of interested to see what their original design was suppose to be.

AO1JMM1637d ago

Same with the xbone. Fanboy!

MajorLazer1636d ago

Showing the console was the littlest of importance during that conference. You know your reveal was amaxing when fanboys can only complain about the exterior of the console not being shown

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3-4-51637d ago

I don't care how it looks....hence why I was ok with gamecube back in the day. lol

I just want to have fun playing games that I remember years from now. Ones that make me want to play more games, that give me some of the best memories of my life.

Games with cool art styles and solid controls, no bugs, and amazing music.

Unique sound effects and theme's not yet imagined.

Seriously Developer's....wake the hell up and give us something fresh.

We see through you now.....

monkey6021637d ago

If I can deal with a little purple cube under my television I could deal with the Xbox one! Seriously I couldn't care a whole lot about the design of the console itself that's why the Sony playstation conference didn't disappoint me but I guess a nice aesthetic is always a bonus

KingMe421637d ago

I don't care muxh for console looks but don't insult my GameCube! That things adorable and I love my SugerCube ;u;

zekk1637d ago

still not sure about the handle on the game cube though. considering how sturdy the thing was id assume the handle was put on to give people something to hold on to for when you need it to beat zombia to death or something....

pompombrum1636d ago

How the console looks is very important in Japan.. look around the web, plenty of memes of the Japanese mocking the original Xbox.

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blackbeld1637d ago


Sony is going for the kill!

Gamers will be unite again.

adorie1637d ago

I can only hope. This could change the console "war" for the better' I'd like a friendlier atmosphere on here and other gaming sites, tbh.

TwistedMetal1637d ago

they going in for the kill!
doing it for the thrill!
sony on fire!

i feel sorry for the people who are still on the xbox one side. you guys are really gonna be dissapointed and a failure.

titletownrelo1637d ago


Wait till PS4 is availabe to preorder, and THEN we'll see which console is breaking records ;)

leogets1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

its been available to pre order for some time. Amazon now have it as £599 which in dollars is 800 roughly.

rainslacker1637d ago

I asked the manager at GameStop today if people were showing interest in it, and she said some people are asking about it based on the things that have been shown or reported. Others are asking her when GS will go out of business. But she hasn't had anyone come in asking if they can preorder yet.

phantomexe1637d ago

I just ask gamstop not 2 hours ago and they said not yet. He gos on to say not until a price is set. Safe to say not until after E3. I'd never preorder a consule on amzon knowing i can get it at midnight of release at gamstop. I'll be taken one for the team and not showing up for work the next day. Even my wife knows my plan and i haven't said a word to her.Looking forward to the ps4 release.

cell9891637d ago

its not available anywhere yet to preorder, not until e3

Benchm4rk1636d ago


Sorry buddy but you are wrong. It was available to pre order from EB Games in Australia the day after Sony's reveal in Feb. Same as the Xbox was available to pre order as of the 22nd of May

Evil_Ghosty1636d ago

I work in Games at JB HIFI ( Aussie Best buy equivalent I guess) and you can pre order the PS4 already. $50 deposit minimum though, all prices are placeholders though. Already secured mine! :)

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Psn8001637d ago

Greed always shows Microsoft off to who they really are a greedy company who have really messed up .

M1chl1637d ago

Architecture is actually same as in Xbox ONE, but its not crippled by 50% less CU and half ROPs...

Maddens Raiders1637d ago

I love the smell of death ray manta in the morning...

1637d ago
titletownrelo1637d ago

Through their upcoming ad campaign, SONY NEEDS to remind everyone that they support GAMERS. They need to remind everyone of all the amazing exclusives only available on Playstation, and that PSN is completely FREE.

Some subliminal messages trolling "XBOX ONE" at E3 would be nice as well. Take that M$.

Cueil1636d ago

PSN free.... right... I'm sure Sony is just going to let billions go down the drain

SideShort1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Funny how the box is breaking pre order records and the 3OO Sony fanboys on this site make it out like they're the majority.

phantomexe1637d ago

You cant preorder the ps4 yet. Why would i preorder at amzon when i can get it at midnight at gamestop.........errr i like pie

killacal131637d ago

hmm, im pretty sure microsoft has been paying retailers to say that, trust me, thats how they roll..

SideShort1636d ago

@phantomexe Well, since you want to refer to amazon, you can preorder on Amazon UK, and not on Amazon US, just like the xbox. Aww derp derp wants a pie. Here, threw in a raw potato just how you like.

Benchm4rk1636d ago


Wrong. It is available to Pre Order from EB Games Australia and has been since Febuary

Benchm4rk1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

*sorry double post

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1637d ago
horndog1637d ago

Yes a beautiful toaster/george foreman grill design like the ps3? If thats how it is I'll take the box. Sony exclusives were never my thing anyways. I hope sony has a good showing at e3 thoug since most of the hype is about xbox.

generalthadeape1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I'm still not digging the old school PS3 even after all these years-- but even so, it's still better than that rather "plain" looking thing that Microsoft is passing off as a cutting edge "next-generation" console.

marchinggamer1636d ago

Amazing architecture already available an better on pc

YNWA961636d ago

Yes, they will get you on board, sell millions then catch up to what Xbox has done....

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Sharius1637d ago

something i copy from neogaf

"Tretton: And here is..."
-- pause --
"Tretton: Is the disc not in the console?"
-- Yoshida runs on stage and hands Tretton a disc --
"Tretton: Is this my copy?"
"Yoshida: Nope, it's mine!"
"Tretton: Oh, ok thanks!"
-- Tretton inserts disc into the PS4, game starts --
"Tretton: Shall we continue?"


and the whole internet will be explore

EasilyTheBest1637d ago

No if the above happened with whos disc is this the PS4 will say, "CANNOT PLAY THIS DISC this disc is not tied to this PS4 account."

Muerte24941637d ago

missed what he was going for or just a hardcore Xbot. Only one system has been confirmed to do that, Xbox:ONE (third console). There is all the information out there about ps4 not needing an internet connection to Sony leaving it in the hands of publishers. I can't see there being DRM on ps4, at least not from Sony's end.

OT: That would be epic and yes, the internet will explode. You should definitely pitch that idea to Sony's new marketing team for E3.

Here you go,

I would love to see this happen.

EasilyTheBest1637d ago

calm down learn sum sarcasm. Oh and I will pop u r paycheck in the post.

Captain Qwark 91637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

lol i love how all the sony fanboys think the ps4 wont do it either. the publishers are going to be the ones pushing for this, MS is going to benefit little from drm being in full force, they will make money off hardware and software so they dont need to worry as much about used sales as the hardware profits can cover the software deficit if need be. publishers on the other hand only make money on software so drm is huge for them and used games hurt their profits. if you think publishers are going to be cool with one system protecting their profits and the other not, your crazy.

even if MS pushes the drm on devs and sony doesnt but "leaves it up to the devs/publishers" they are going to put it in anyway so the ps4 is not safe from this. Does it suck, to some degree yes, to some degree no. there are benefits to each side but the reality is, this is likely going to be the future.

thechosenone1637d ago

@Captain Qwark 9

I think that when the pres of Sony's worldwide studios starts joking about DRM in his twitter posts it's a good indication that you'll not be seeing much DRM in the PS4.

Muerte24941637d ago

what was that about developers and publishers wanting DRM?

"...The Witcher 3 not featuring any DRM is not much of a surprise. Last year, CD Projekt Red CEO Marcin Iwinski said "Every subsequent game, we will never use any DRM anymore. It's just overcomplicating things."..."

"...Last year saw a broad spectrum of DRM usage from games publishers. Spore released with some of the most infamously infuriating DRM for gamers, leading some to speculate that gamers purposely pirated the game to send a message Electronic Arts.

"Spore was the final straw that broke the camel's back," recalls Brad Wardell, president and CEO of Stardock, in a Gamasutra report. "Someone who buys software does not want to be made to feel like a chump for buying it. Much of the outcry came from legitimate customers who said that they shouldn't be restricted by DRM, especially since people with pirated versions weren't."..."

Not every game developer wants this. EA cancelled online pass because of the backlash they got from SimCity. Sony isn't forcing DRM on you with every game. Nobody is saying all games will be DRM free on PS4. But on Xbox:ONE you know EVERY game has DRM. That's the difference between the two. People need to know this so they can make educated decisions on their next console purchase.

Why o why1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Captain... still trying to suck everybody into the same category.. . Haven't sony made it clear enough yet.. stop being ignorant.. You're coming across as another one of those 'you too' fanboys who just want both sides in the mire just to score points. Smh, you gotta laugh though... guys like you need to be hashtagging ms instead of projecting all the time DRM FTW

@muerte.... I doubt he'll listen, even after Shuhei Yoshida's troll. Next step is to say the drm will benefit microsoft.....gotta love em..

S2Killinit1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

you are downplaying the fact that MS is going to be the one with its hand in our pockets and MS is the one pushing for these anti-consumer policies. At this point I would be very disappointed if Sony follows suite, but I would Blame Microsoft for opening the pandora's box. Last gen they charged for online gaming and gamers accepted it, now they are pushing for more, if we don't put our foot down somewhere, MS will keep pushing. If MS succeeds, charging for used games will become the norm. If Sony leaves it up to the developers (which at this point they would have to do, exactly because of what you mentioned) then the developers who think this business model works for them will adopt it but at least the consumer will have a fighting chance.

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GamerzElite1637d ago

Even Bethesda Softworks also confirmed that they are not interested in DRM shit.

Game4life1637d ago

i can't stop laughing but that was awesome

GribbleGrunger1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Sorry, but I hate articles that approach a subject in this way. Sony fans, please don't approve this. It would reflect badly on the Sony fanbase, of which I am one proud member.

Snookies121637d ago

Definitely not giving it a click.

JoySticksFTW1637d ago


"but there’s a wave of silence among the XBOX fans on the internet, this shows how much disappointed the fans are."

Lots of assumption there

WeAreLegion1637d ago

This is why they pay you the big bubbles. ;)

freezola751637d ago

No clicky on there from me either dawg.

FrigidDARKNESS1637d ago

Fanboy article and troll thread. Title is flame bait and never heard of this website.

Muerte24941637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

pro Microsoft, you've always "never heard of this site."

Ko_Uraki1637d ago

Trolling articles don't add anything intersting to the debate about the next generation