GamerZines | GRID 2 Review: 'The New Direction Nobody Asked For'

GamerZines writes:

Rosberg, Hill, Villenueve, Earnhardt – much like real world motor racing, racing games are built on dynasties as well.

Think about it, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, Burnout, GTR, DiRT; all of these prominent names are built on signature gameplay people instantly recognise – despite developers sometimes deviating from the principles which made those franchises great in the process. And that’s exactly what Codemasters has done with GRID 2, this game could have very easily been spun off into its own series, but instead the British developer/publisher has shackled this vapid and superfluous sequel to a series which otherwise has a sterling record.

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ltachiUchiha1973d ago

This is the worst reviews ive seen for any of the Grid games.

windblowsagain1973d ago

Does not feel like grid tbh.

It's a nice looking game, currently running it on PC maxed.

But it just feels lacking somewhere.

No cockpits is a fail as well. It really needs it.

Seems some of these developers have a habit of changing things they don't need to.

Insomniac - Resistance 1-3 all different.
Motorstorm - 1,2,3 all different.

i'd say 7.5/10

VonBraunschweigg1973d ago

Yeah, MotorStorm was great, 2 was nice, but 3 was a 3D mess of boost, boost and some more boost, nothing like the 1st.

As for GRiD, didn't bought it. Last gen their TOCA/DTM series was the best, imo far better than GT, but this gen all they make is arcadey games with to much Hollywood BS. A shame.

windblowsagain1973d ago

Yeah have to agree, I did enjoy the original GRID. But this just does not feel like it.

TOCA was awesome back in the day.

DIRT3 is actually fun online.

I also play GT5, shuffle is fun:)