Grand Theft Auto V New Details from Live Demo: HUD Mockup, Graphics Comparison and Realistic Fish

"A Reddit user, who attended the demonstration that Rockstar Games recently held in Warsaw, Poland for Grand Theft Auto V, recently held an AMA and answered any questions relating to the game that was showcased. Despite the user deleting his account and the replies, we managed to retrieve a saved version of the page with the details."

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ltachiUchiha2028d ago

Oh wow, realistic fish lol. Man this bloody game is going to be simply amazing.

hay2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Weeeeelllll, I find it amusing to see GTA5 being already more next gen than COD: Ghosts.

Disregard that.
I find it amusing that first Half Life was more next-gen than COD: Ghosts with roaches AI and more than one of rather enjoyable doggies(alien sonic blasting doggies, but still doggies).

ltachiUchiha2028d ago

Of course rockstar aint no slouch. The create great games compared to the cod series which is a bunch of rehashes for the masses of its multiplayer. Its nothing more but fun to play with friends online. GTA on the other hand is open world goodness with great story telling aswell. Plus u can just go nuts & be a crazy lunatic & start havoc everywhere lol.

SonyWarrior2027d ago

Rockstar is going to end this generation with a bang

ainsz2027d ago

Not only that but GTA SA had sealife A.I. Get close to a turtle or a dolphin, it swims away.

irepbtown2027d ago

I'm loving the square/rectangular 'radar'. Circle one has been used long enough and it's great to see a change.

I also have to agree with you hay, looking at Ghost the only new thing they've included is a dog on your side for the missions.
Bloody revolutionary that it!


Funny you mentioned Half-Life's dog (although, indeed, not a dog at all), it's not new indeed, we had seen plenty of canines represented in videogames, as you would expect from the man's best friend.

Just to list a few of my favorites:

Hewie (Hunting Grounds) - Easily the most I have been attached to a virtual pet. Took me a lot of time to really master the white german shepherd, but definetelly this helped in creating a bond.

Shadow (Dead To Rights) - Everything after the first game was crap, but the malamute was adorable, basically the only reason to play that game.

Amaterasu (Okami) - God dog, dog god, not the usual companion role, easily the most story for a dog in a game.

Koromaru (Persona 3) - white shiba inu, aside from the looks and name, it was Hachiko on a video game. How cool is that?

Pro Racer2026d ago

Realistic fish on current gen? Rockstar has really outdone themselves this time around! Here's hoping the GTA V PC release isn't too far off!

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zeeman2027d ago

What sorcery is this?!

Ipunchbabiesforfun2027d ago

hahahahahahaha!!! That cracks me up

1OddWorld2027d ago

That is Bubble worthy

+ to you sir

fatstarr2027d ago

Lmao joke of the quarter maybe even the year.

seanpitt232027d ago

Hahahahaha that brightened my day up lol. I was going to give a bubble up but someone unsurprisingly beat me to it :)

tee_bag2422027d ago

Ahahahaha, that's gold! Bubble up, you made my day!

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Donnieboi2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Why wont rockstar let us see the preview demo that they showed to the press? This is getting rediculous.

inmusicutrust2027d ago

Don't expect any gameplay ahead of release, its not rockstars approach to previewing their games. Disagree with this approach all you like it has worked for them in the past. Builds anticipation and forces you to use your imagination as to what its like to play.

The_Blue2027d ago

Rockstar games don't like to ruin the vibe and feel of the game. One thing I learned from them going into game development.

KwietStorm2027d ago

What's ridiculous about it? When have you ever seen a GTA gameplay preview?

kudakadere2027d ago

Realistic Dog ? get COD Ghosts .

ainsz2027d ago

RDR's horses look are more impressive than that dog.

Outside_ofthe_Box2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

***"He also stated that the “water was surely the best looking part of the game”. And yes, with their advanced AI, the fish actually swam away from the player."***

So it's official, GTAV is coming to next gen systems! Current gen systems don't allow for the advanced AI needed in order to have fish actually swim away from the player. LOL!

tee_bag2422027d ago

What are you talking about?
You can run fish AI off a pocket calculator.

Infinity Rasta above just proved that.
Here's the link

sak5002027d ago

Did you not see the youtube video above showing mario swimming and fish moving away on a 1996 system? Can they not make fish on current gen systems? Far cry 3 had sharks and aligators and all sorts of animals in it.

sak5002027d ago

Sorry didn't note the LOL at the end of your comment ;)

tee_bag2422026d ago

Lol .. Sorry you were being sarcastic. Phew

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2027d ago
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TheModernKamikaze2028d ago

That post was deleted hours ago. I think he got in trouble.

PersonMan2028d ago

But, do the fish swim away when you get close? If not, no buy.

iMaim2027d ago

Fish A.I seem to be all the rage these days.


Thats thanks to all the young nippers who have known nothing but Cod all their gaming lives.

Activision is soooo aweeesome ! look fish !!!!! and...... a Dog bro, A Dog, we get a dog !!!!!!

(Dev's laughing, poor little bas!$^terds)

innocentrebel2027d ago

I think this video, although making fun of COD: Ghosts, can also be applied to GTA V for its fishies as well.

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