TheSixthAxis Review: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Episode 1 Review

"The word “Unearthed” is about two letter switches away from the word “Uncharted” and, indeed, it seems that this game is trying to emulate the success of Nathan Drake’s big, blockbuster adventures. The set-up is very much the same: an avid fortune hunter – Faris Jawad – follows the footsteps of the Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta through uncharted and mysterious locations, with his female companion, Dania, for company."

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DialgaMarine2027d ago


In all seriousness, this looks absolutely terrible. Not just because it's the biggest ripoff ever, either. Regardless, I'm still so very tempted to play it.

Haules2027d ago

"For starters, the story just doesn’t work – it feels like a bunch of random sequences loosely tied together..."

Like Uncharted 3?

Anyway, how did this game manage to get released? I just watched a bit of gameplay and it doesn't even seem like it's finished. The movement animations are ridiculous, too. The guy actually slides before the walk/run animation starts.

Bakkies2027d ago

I'll wait for the game of the year edition.

MWH2027d ago

I don't believe this game deserves 1/10, I feel that this review is biased.