Is The Future Of Gaming All About Screwing Gamers? We are on the verge of the so called Future of Video Gaming with Sony and Microsoft gearing up to unleash the power of the Next-Gen consoles into our living rooms.

After reading and attending many next-gen press events I have noticed a question that as yet to be raised that being Is The Future Of Gaming All About $$$$? I am not talking about the price of hard retail copies of video games but the price of using the cloud for your gaming needs.

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icecoldfire1973d ago

It is in Microsoft's eyes to do so.

zeal0us1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

It is in Microsoft's and greedy publisher's eyes who moan and groan about a loss of profit due to the sales of used games and piracy.

You would think the way some of these companies complain about used games and piracy that they're about shutdown any minute.

Roccetarius1973d ago

You have to wonder though. Imagine used games and piracy is gone, what kind of excuse will they come up with next?

BeZdaBest1973d ago

yes plan and simple...

i think most of these companies forgot how to make games fun.. and just focus on easy ways to make money..(middle aged man with guns)=60 percent of all main characters of this gen..

Coach_McGuirk1973d ago

since gaming went mainstream, yes

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