PS4 developer: Sony mandates Vita Remote Play for all games

A trusted PlayStation 4 developer source with a proven track record for accuracy has told Digital Foundry that Sony has mandated Vita Remote Play for all upcoming PS4 games - except those that require the use of its bundled stereoscopic camera, the PS4 Eye.

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GribbleGrunger1940d ago

This is excellent news for Vita owners. Let's hope that this isn't the ONLY mandate Sony has sent out.

sherimae24131940d ago

i know what you mean... ^_^

hesido1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

This is why I bought the Vita for, I have less and less influence on what happens on my TV nowadays, and remote play will be my gaming life's saviour. Luckily I also acquired PS+, it turns out Vita is the only thing I [can] play.

So yes, good news for me!

GribbleGrunger1940d ago

The worlds coolest handheld just got cooler.

PersonMan1940d ago

I know what you mean. When my girlfriend is playing a game on the TV, I still want to be with her, so I bought a Vita for something to do while she's playing her games.

Even if we're both doing something, it's just better being in the same room together, plus we talk about stuff too.

N311V1940d ago

We are in the same boat.

Toon_Link1940d ago

Im so with you on this! Now that I'm a dad with two kids there's tons of games I can't play infront of the children, so it will be nice to not have to wait till the wee hours of the night to play some games. Also even though my wife's also a gamer I'm sure she will be happy she can watch a show in the Living room while I play.

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MikeMyers1940d ago

Yup, good news. This will work much better than it does on the PS3 and could further hurt the Wii U or help the Wii U depending on how you look at it. If this turns out to be a successful avenue more developers might support the Wii U.

All this dual screen remote play, Wii U and Smartglass is intriguing.

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sherimae24131940d ago

my vita is smiling at me right now ^_^

Rockstar1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )


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