The evolution of controllers leading up to PS4 and Xbox One

The PS4 and Xbox One controllers have finally been revealed to the public. They’re both handsome and well designed, but they weren’t made in a vacuum.

Video game controllers have been evolving for well over 30 years, and these new controllers are standing on the shoulders of giants.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1638d ago

Same here! I don't really like the big Xbox One controller tbh.

hennessey861638d ago

A Sony fanboy not liking a Microsoft product................

PlayStation_41638d ago

I don't really like the look of it either, but the 360 controller was very good so most likely this will be very good too, no idea why the Xbox button is at the top of the controller now though.

imo DS4 will be better especially with the touchpad

Ghost_of_Tsushima1638d ago


Shocking....even if I was a Xbox fan i still wouldn't really like it:)

stage881638d ago

Agree, definitely looking forward to trying out the DS4.
Not interested in xbone's controller. I've already held the 360 controller.

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Blackdeath_6631638d ago

so excited for the xbox one controller absolutely can't wait to try it....on my pc.

ltachiUchiha1638d ago

PS4 controller is perfect with amazing features. I like the xbox one controller too but the DS4 just looks more innovative.

B-radical1638d ago

well it does got a touchpad on it hahah

ltachiUchiha1638d ago

Lol sounded like you were saying the controller makes u wanna touch yourself haha. Touchpad indeed mate.

elhebbo161638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

because it has a touchpad?.. really all I care about is getting my hands in those ergonomic handles.

edit: forgot about the lightbar and move sensors.

GameCents1638d ago

I don't like the look of the DS4 in the slightest. It looks incomplete for some reason. I might as well get over it since I won't be buying the Xbox One even though it has the superior controller in my opinion in terms of aesthetics.

Arai1638d ago

I actually agree with you on the aesthetics, but here's the thing.

What we've seen thus far has been images of the prototype DS4, even if they show it at E3 again it can still change (see PS3 original boomerang controller).

It's because of the touch-pad that makes it look weird, I don't think it's possible to integrate a touch-pad into hard plastic as it wouldn't be click-able.

Some indie developer said on Twitter that he liked the aesthetics changes to the controller, so they did upgrade the looks a bit (what exactly remains to be seen).

B-radical1638d ago

I have to agree it looks cheap to me imo. But im sure it works great

elhebbo161638d ago

Well we only seen it through pictures. from the pictures I've seen it looks weird from the front, but at an angle DS4 looks pretty sexy

llMurcielagoll1638d ago

"Sega’s Genesis controller design actually took into account that humans had to interact with it."

So you're saying Sega, at the time, was developing it for house cats or Marsians? xD

Bennibop1638d ago

X1 you can use gestures and pad, PS4 you can use gestures, move, dualshock 4 and vita. Seems like we won't be short of options on PS4.

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