Wii U players take to Miiverse to express outrage over Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 recently arrived on Wii U and in controversial fashion as it lacks numerous features from other versions of the game. Wii U owners flooded the game's Miiverse community with their complaints today.

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SonyNGP1822d ago

Disgusting. How can developers get away with calling this the "definitive version" while pulling a stunt like this is beyond me.

ltachiUchiha1822d ago

That is messed up by the devs, they should be ashamed of themselves but im sure they will give out sum goodies for it.

Shok1822d ago

1) Puts out late or half-assed ports.
2) Ports don't sell.
3) Dev uses poor sells as justification for not bringing future games to the platform.

^The Developer 1-2-3 Step lol.


ChickeyCantor1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

But even that doesn't make any sense. Not making a game will save you money. Bad sales won't do you any good financially.

I just don't get how these developers think their consumers are dumb and actually expect such a port will be a huge success...

Nevers0ft1822d ago

I don't think it's so much a case of half-assing it as deliberately cutting anything that could be time-consuming or costly to implement. This game is being sold at budget prices, I suspect they shaved every expense possible, hence why there's no real use of the Gamepad either.

It's still not justification for gutting a game but at least they didn't have the audacity to put it out at "full" price.

RFornillos41822d ago

Shame... and to think I act'ly enjoyed the PC version of this... tsk tsk...

Realplaya1822d ago

I honestly don't get it. Nintendo owners are not bad people and there not dumb. For developers Miiverse is the kiss of death. It gives gamers a outlet to rate your product and it will determine if your product sells. To be honest I wonder how the conversation with developers went.

Developer 1: Do you think we should take extra time and give them more features than the other versions?

Developer 2: Naugh lets give them crap no one will know.