20 Years After Super Mario Bros, Video Game Movies Still Suck

GR: "Within the film's first minutes, viewers have to suspend any knowledge of the princess-saving plumber's exploits and instead buy into an alternate dimension where King Koopa rules Dinohattan after the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs actually just pushed a bunch of them into an alternate dimension.

"What the f*** were they smoking?"

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dbjj120881517d ago

No no no, it's more like...


MastaMold1517d ago

Agreed, Mortal Kombat wasn't great but it wasn't bad just good

acharlez1517d ago

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within!!

Utalkin2me1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Well me personally, i thought the original Tomb Raider movie was pretty decent.

LostTokens1517d ago

The Street Fighter movie might've been bad, but the game that came from it - Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game - amaze-balls.

dbjj120881517d ago

Shirley, you must be joking.

ltachiUchiha1517d ago

Van Damme sucked as guile lol.

ftwrthtx1517d ago

Wait, people didn't like the Mario Brothers movie?

I thought I heard it was nominated for an Oscar. Maybe I misheard that.

Pozzle1517d ago

It was actually one of 1993's biggest box-office bombs.

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The story is too old to be commented.