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PS4's Speed Means Better Graphics Than Xbox One

This generation it's common for the Xbox 360 to get preferential treatment over the PS3 thanks, in part, to the latter's difficulties to develop for.

With next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One looking to be fairly similar in architecture, the real test of the power will come down to the hardware itself.

Talking to Eurogamer, JustAddWater's Stewart Gilray suggested that the PS4 could edge out the Xbox One in the technical department. (PS4, Xbox One)

DaThreats  +   798d ago
No excuses, with the easier CPU architecture on the PS4, all multi-platforms games on the PS4 should look noticeably superior.
GamersRulz  +   798d ago
from the article

"Gilray added that it does depend on the "scale of the game", but that the PS4 is going to have no problems with anything being pushed on the Xbox One"

PS4: It Only Push Xbox One to its Limits. Lol
blackbeld  +   798d ago
"PS4: It Only Push Xbox One to its Limits. Lol"

Hope the xbox one not gonna burn.

titletownrelo  +   798d ago
Hahah, yep
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PraxxtorCruel  +   798d ago
Will barely make a difference to multi-platform games, just like this gen though! I'm also very excited to see what cloud computing has to offer.

Oh and 1 comes before 4! :)
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titletownrelo  +   798d ago
I'd rather see BOTH consoles doing great spec wise, rather than one console dominating. Hopefully multi-platform games aren't hindered by the Xbox One's performance.
PS4 > One
darthv72  +   798d ago
are comparatively matched. PS4 has faster graphic intensive memory. XB1 as faster general purpose memory.

Both are unified and will likely have their OS's streamlined even more to allow for more of that unified memory to be available.

One is better suited for visual presentation and the other is better suited for multitasking.

Both are using pretty much the same cpu/gpu with some variations to the stock design.

Both are going to be easy to develop for and the ability to cross create titles wont be as much of a burden (aka porting issues).

and I thought the PS3 and 360 were a close match. this time around, its like putting a Samsung BD player up against an LG. It will come down to the features that define each unit.

in all fairness, we are getting quite the jump in overall performance when you compare these units to their previous offerings. I dont think people will be disappointed in whichever they choose.
Saigon  +   798d ago

I am wondering about this line you wrote:

"One is better suited for visual presentation and the other is better suited for multitasking."

I don't know but to me this makes no sense because they both have a similar CPU in the Jaguar and the GPU are completely different where one is more powerful than the other but they have the same structure. In regards to multitasking both system are similar because they use a very similar structure with the APU. The only difference is that the PS4 GPU is much more powerful.

So my question is how is one better than the other when it comes to multitasking when they have the same APU structure with the only difference is the GPU?

I am not hating on your comment I am just trying to understand what you meant.
GameNameFame  +   798d ago
Lets cut the "same GPU/CPU" BS Xbox fanboys...
Yes they are same CPU, GPU.

But PS4 has better version and more of it.

Like GPU side. Same gpu, but 6 more cores resulting in 50 percent more power.

And faster clockrate and 2 more usable core on CPU with companion chip.

Again, More and better version of same GPU/CPU
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I_am_Batman  +   798d ago
What I really like about the PS4 hardware is that it's much like a PC (easy development) but has some tweaks to it's architecture for the commited devs. Like the unified RAM, the extra bus on GPU or the extra chips for compressing/decompressing.
Software_Lover  +   798d ago
What extra bus?
I_am_Batman  +   798d ago
@Software_Lover: Seems like they've built in an extra bus for direct access to smaller data from the memory (bypassing it's own L1/L2 caches).

"As a result, if the data that's being passed back and forth between CPU and GPU is small, you don't have issues with synchronization between them anymore. And by small, I just mean small in next-gen terms. We can pass almost 20 gigabytes a second down that bus. That's not very small in today’s terms -- it’s larger than the PCIe on most PCs!"
Ju  +   798d ago
In that regard. An interesting read from here (which I haven't seen popping up here yet or I missed it):


Oles Shishkovstov of Metro 2033 fame. In re of Next gen (PS4) to DF:
Oles Shishkovstov: We are talking PS4, right? I am very excited about both CPU and GPU. Jaguar is a pretty well-balanced out-of-order core and there are eight of them inside. I always wanted a lot of relatively-low-power cores instead of single super-high-performance one, because it's easier to simply parallelise something instead of changing core-algorithms or chasing every cycle inside critical code segment (not that we don't do that, but very often we can avoid it).

Many beefier cores would be even better, but then we'll be left without a GPU! With regards the graphics core, it's great, simply great. It's a modern-age high-performance compute device with unified memory and multiple compute-contexts. The possibilities of CPU-GPU-CPU communication are endless, we can easily expect games doing, for example, AI pathfinding/route planning executing on GPU to become a common thing.
And, interestingly, he also said this:
Oles Shishkovstov: Hmm... sometimes yes, and there were different cases on 360 and PS3. To alleviate that we've improved game logic/AI and animation to ensure that all of the entities can be updated out of order in different threads. PS3 was easier - we've just moved all the animation graph processing, vision and ray-casting, sound-path tracing, IKs and several other compute-bound tasks to SPUs - and that's it.
It's a bit unreleated, but boosts the PS3 version in heavy scene 5fps above the 360)...myth about "hard to program for"...
Bigpappy  +   798d ago
You guy are going to be shocked at how really close these 2 consoles actually perform.

Nowgamer is wrong about GDDR5 being faster than DDR3. GDDR5 has more bandwidth, but DDR3 is actually faster. We shall see how it plays out. I am making no predictions though.
GamersRulz  +   798d ago
if DDR3 is better, then explain to me why modern GPUs use GDDR5 as VRAM? why nVidia Titan use 6Gb of GDDR5?

GDDR5 has 3x the bandwidth of DDR3 and bandwidth is the most important element in GPU rendering.

also why GDDR5 is more expensive than DDR3?

You get what you pay for, MS went CHEAP in designing X1 and it shows in its very WEAK hardware.
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NameRemoved0017  +   798d ago
GDDR5 is faster by a ton, it also has much more bandwith. I wish they atleast had ddr4 for PC.
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patterson  +   798d ago
@ bigpappy

ps4 GDDR5 = 5500 MHz
xbone DDR3 = 2133 MHz

Yeah I see your point.
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MysticStrummer  +   798d ago

"It is much faster than DDR3... it is gonna be used for playing games and playing videos... it is more expensive and just isnt a feasible option for PCs at the moment. PCs are everyday machines... not always for gaming."

"The use of GDDR5 is probably mandatory if you note the likelihood of increased complexity in the next generation console games (higher polygon counts, more complex post process image quality). The PS4 will use an AMD APU, which has already demonstrated that it is very sensitive to memory bandwidth, and given the long life cycle of a console it needs a degree of future proofing by adding as much bandwidth as possible."

"tbh I couldn't say definitively what the reasoning behind using ESRAM is for the Xbox, other than the facts that Xbox 720 doesn't seem a great an evolution from Xbox 360 (seems derivative from my understanding), and that consoles have a much more linear code programming than PC graphics.
Without the need for various driver overheads, a standard API, minimal resource management, and moderate graphics horsepower requirement, I could see why the path was taken but doesn't look as interesting as the PS4 solution"
zebramocha  +   798d ago
@bigpappy here
zebramocha  +   798d ago
@bigpappy here is a approximation of the ps4 and xbone gpu.

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NameRemoved0017  +   798d ago
I'll be the first one to say it. Ram speed doesn't really mean shit for games, it matters for stuff like photoshop though. The CPU/GPU bottlenecks long before the ram.

Now it can help if the devs optimize for it though so that means the PS4 might have better load times and such.
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SpideySpeakz  +   798d ago
That is correct, however, MS will be using Cloud-based technology to do some of the in-game processes. They claim the "infinite power of the cloud" will do most of the work. But I will only believe it when I see it.
cannon8800  +   798d ago
@ MassEffect

And don't forget the millions of people all over the world that have shitty internet speeds. That's gonna suck for them.
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Belking  +   798d ago
CPU's in both are the same and faster RAM doesn't mean better graphics. Nice try though.
MysticStrummer  +   798d ago

There's a question and answer about why GDDR5 is a better candidate for high polygon counts. The answer is long so I won't quote it here.
Sevir  +   798d ago
Sure bothe the PS4 and the Xbox One has the same 8 core cpu
But that's where the similarities end, the GPU and RAM give it the edge, a theoretical 50-70% more umph in performance in the PS4, depending on who you ask.

Early games on the 2 will come down to a battle of exclusives, but but I think as developers come to grips with second and third gen game engines, the PS4 will come away shining brighter than the Xbox one counter part in both exclusives and multiplatform games.
Npugz7  +   798d ago
Actually it does!!
cannon8800  +   798d ago

The ps4 doesn't just have faster ram. It also has more Compute Units (Stream Processors) so it will be better altogether. Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing will take advantage of those extra Compute Units and offer better-clean visuals while keeping up with frame rates. Trust me I know this shit. I have an nvidia card and I always use fxaa instead of normal anti aliasing because normal anti aliasing takes up precious vram. Fxaa is like heaven for gpu's. I see a huge performance increase when I use it. Something between ten to forty frames per second on some games, over anti aliasing.
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strickers  +   797d ago
What about a more powerful version of the same GPU and more efficient data transfer ???
cedaridge  +   798d ago
I wouldn't say superior but equal with no excuses.
The_Infected  +   798d ago
It's Sony's 1st party Developers that will really put the power to use.
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UNGR  +   798d ago
Remember when the PS2 had the least amount of power? And still being the best console of it's time. (and still my personal favorite to this date) When on Earth did graphics become the focus? Sorry but AI's have hardly improved over the past 4 years, why don't we work on them first. What the PC is getting now is what we should leave it at until games themselves actually start to get better, rather than recycling an old formula that plays the exact same way. Graphics are the most overrated thing this generation, not to mention almost everyone gets them confused with aesthetics.

Classic GamersRulz. Just wanted you to know that in picking sides you're less of a gamer. I see you can't be very old, you clearly missed the PS2 being the weaker of the two (Microsoft/Sony consoles) and still being the most successful, with better games. Granted the Xbox still had some great titles in it's time. Psychonauts, Halo, Fable, Conker: Live and Reloaded, PGR, Unreal Championship. The PS2 trumped it with games but we give credit where it's due, something people here sorely lack in doing.

Being release after has nothing to do with the fact PS2 had a lot of great games, with less tech behind them. I could care less when it released, I give credit where it's due.
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zebramocha  +   798d ago
Both ps1 and ps2 were release before a nintendo or Ms console.
ILive  +   798d ago
Yeah, but it had no competition. Devs were basically making games for the console with it being lead.
zeddy  +   798d ago
i hope this time round the ps4 will be the lead console for most devs. because there is no debating now which is the more powerful console. it was pretty even with the ps3 and the 360 mainly because the 360 was easier to work with. this time there is no excuse! and yes im talking to you bethesda.
Mithan  +   798d ago
Nah, that is bullshit. If the PS4 and XboxOne both sell well, the development money will be pushed to the lowest common denominator, this being the X-One.

What you will get is better frame rates on the PS4 and the odd enhancement when the Developers have the time and budget to throw it in.

So no, don't expect much.
NextGen24Gamer  +   798d ago
Quotes from the article...Notice how everything is "We Might"..."We Might"..."We Might"...but in the end he feels games will be closer in graphics with the ps4 & the xbox one than the ps3 and the xbox 360! That has to piss of Sony Fans!...Keep in mind...We haven't seen games running on either system yet! The speculation is SILLY! Both systems will have killer games that you can only find on their system. I'm just happy, I'm not missing out on either as I will get both systems day one!

"We might see slightly smoother framerates on PS4," said Gilray. "We're working with Sony right now, and they're trying to actively push 60 frames per second, 1080p."

"You might get situations where the graphics will be a little, but not much, lower quality on the Xbox One. Or, you might get some fixed at 30 frames per second situations in 1080p."

With that said, Gilray admitted that the similarities between consoles will make the disparity even smaller than it is now.
SpinalRemains  +   798d ago
Why would that piss anyone off? No one buys a console for multiplats.

No matter how similar they are, sony fans will love their exclusives and vice versa.

Take your emotions out of the equation and think about it.
NextGen24Gamer  +   798d ago
When I say piss them off...I meant the fanboys who want to give off the impression that the xbox one won't be as good graphically as their console of choice (which is just not even close to true, it's only speculation and there are many factors which contribute to graphics besides raw power). Gamers who aren't fanboys feel like you do. They will buy the console they want based off of the games they want to play! I will get both because I don't want to miss out on any of the games that I enjoy. I enjoy sony exclusives and xbox exclusives...Personally when it comes to online gaming, I also choose the xbox brand.
porkChop  +   798d ago
"Keep in mind...We haven't seen games running on either system yet!"

What are you talking about? Almost every game shown at the PS4 reveal was realtime running on PS4 hardware. The entire Killzone demo was being played live in realtime. I think there was only 1 game running on a PC.
kassler  +   798d ago
The power of the clouds! You'll see.
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punisher99  +   798d ago
Lets see how good that cloud is gonna do you when it requires over 10mb internet download speeds to game in 1080p.
Enemy  +   798d ago
The reality is that the PS4 is a far more powerful beast than the Xbox One. This "we'll catch up later" business for Xbox One is a little laughable. On top of DDR3 RAM (in contrast to PS4's GDDR5 8GB), you're only getting 5 for games due to Microsoft's decision to focus on everything else but gaming.

We're already seeing that promised power on 1st generation PS4 games, so what does that say about what we'll get later down the line on PS4? Do I even need to bring up the fact that PS3 games ALWAYS win best graphics? This time they have hardware that's far superior to Xbox One's; superior in architecture and power.

It will be interesting to see Bethesda hold back the PS4 version of their next game due to once again siding with Microsoft's paychecks/DLC deals. Of course they'll come out and say PS4 and Xbox One are the same, while everyone else in the industry pushes to make Bethesderp's games look dated.
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Hercules189  +   797d ago
let me see the ps3 games that are far better looking than the 360 games, cus i dont notice any difference between their exclusives and ms exclusives.
MysticStrummer  +   798d ago
I guess developers weren't informed.
NameRemoved0017  +   798d ago
Is your internet 1gbps to take advtanage to full quality streaming with no latency/good fps?
nnodley  +   798d ago
The almighty cloud will destroy the PS4!! /s

PS4's 50% more raw power GPU than X-One coupled with very fast GDDR5 RAM. Yes, I believe that will push better graphics.
Corpser  +   798d ago
You ps4 elitists
karl  +   798d ago
and very proud of it..

but i think pc gamers are more elitist than we are
Count  +   798d ago
I expect multiplatform games to look about the same. And the exclusives to take about a few years before they start to look notably better.

Like the Ps3.
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GamersRulz  +   798d ago
No, its totally different this time.

PS3 had a better CPU worse GPU than 360, and it was very difficult to program for.

PS4 in the other hand is better than X1 in EVERYTHING.

Expect Xbox to PS2 difference here.
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Software_Lover  +   798d ago
but....... people...... still ........ bought .... the ......... ps2


People go where the games are they want to play.

Like I always say. If someone wants to play Halo, they will get an xbox one. If someone wants to play Killzone, they will get a ps4. Its as simple as that. Has nothing to do with GDDR5 vs DDR3.
Why o why  +   798d ago
Im with software on that one. Im heading were the games I like to play are and where I think more of the games I will like to play will come from. Ill get my secondary console when its much cheaper.

Ethos + talent > cpu gpu ...

but.....Ethos + talent + better cpu gpu = Happy Gamer
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Ben Dover  +   798d ago
Judging from the recent Xbox One conference though, it seems Microsoft isn't really focusing on the games >.>
S2Killinit  +   798d ago
actually it should go more like this: if you want to play the same games over and over you go xbox, if you want new games and experiences of all types you go Playstation. I think I'm being pretty fair here.
I_am_Batman  +   798d ago
I don't think so. This time around the Playstation is not only more powerful but also easier to develop for. PS3 was more powerful but really hard to develop for because af the Cell. I honestly expect most multiplatform games to look slightly better from day 1.
Count  +   798d ago
Well, we shall see soon enough.
Enemy  +   798d ago
Lol, a bit like how PS3 exclusives looked notably better than 360 exclusives right out the gate, right? It's been years and to this day, no 360 exclusive even remotely compares to Uncharted 2 (2009).
Count  +   798d ago
We must have a different definition on notably. The difference initially between the Ps3 and the Xbox 360s graphics were quite negligible.

''even remotely compares''

Gee. I wonder about that.
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Hercules189  +   797d ago
halo 4 and gears 3 and judgement and crysis 2,3 all say hi, and most of them are not as linear as uncharted
FITgamer  +   797d ago
@Hercules Crysis 2 and 3 were 360 exclusives? I swear i own both of those for PS3. Also im completely sure that both of those games looked better on PS3.
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sync90  +   798d ago
the ps3 was hard to develop for. no such probs with ps4, we should see what its really capable of pretty soon into its life.
grassyknoll  +   798d ago
Remember folks, 10% of the Xbox One's GPU is used on the OS. With PlayStation 4's massive bandwidth, better software tools (may depend on developer) & Sony releasing the source code, games should have significantly better graphics & physics on the PS4. If not, then something is seriously wrong.
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Majin-vegeta  +   798d ago
Shhhj dude you're not allowed to talk facts here.Member Elitegamer24 post??M$ Azure cloud will make the xbox juan more powerful/s.
Gamer-Z  +   798d ago
Pff MS will unleash the POWER of the cloud that will instantaneously somehow transform you're Xbox into a super computer, adding more RAM, better GPU, and turning DDR3 into DDR10....
#7 (Edited 798d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
I_am_Batman  +   798d ago
Well the idea is actually not that bad to be honest. I thought about that when PS4 was announced and how it could be the last playstation if they can use gaikai for processing in a couple of years. Of course you'd only be able to play online and you'd need a good bandwidth but technically it is possible. Of course that was just a thought experiment and I highly doubt that something like this will happen in the next 10 years (at least not for the masses).
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gameonbro   797d ago | Spam
Objective  +   798d ago
Time will tell, but my prediction is that investing in the future of cloud computing will eventually prevail.
Sitdown  +   798d ago
So what I hear you saying is, that you actually think a software built company might actually be on to something? There is no room for your logic, we must attack more of your bubbles.
brich233  +   798d ago
You people seem to be forgetting that Xbox One has 2 different types of ram. 8GB DDR3 @2133 mhz and 32MB eSRAM. This actually makes the RAM speed comparable to PS4. So stop getting so excited.
Corpser  +   798d ago
Very true, GDDR5 is just DDR3 plus a prefetch buffer, wouldn't xbone's DDR3 plus ESRAM be very similar in performance? Buy yeah lol it's not like most people on here know what that all means
Sevir  +   798d ago
The ESRAM is more of a work around that alleviate production costs on microsofts hand

Sure it helps with bandwidth issues but not by much, that's why the PS4 has a better throughput for textures and such. Developers all over are saying the same thing and the man behind the PS4 says so in the link. Sony Considered Having ESRAM early on in the development.

Something that was considered by Mark and the PS4 system architect team earlier on but scrapped because they wanted the nature of the console to be as streamlined and easy for developers to get game code and middleware up and running fast and easy.

Also MS's RAM choice may improve the bandwidth issue of the Xbox One but its performance still comes up short on paper and already in games, 3gigs of Memory is devoted for the OS which is 3 OSs, a gig per each, on the Xbox One with 6 cores and 5 gigs of Memory availible to develop games.

on the PS4 there is an allege 6 of 8 cores currently available with 7 gigs of memory for game development, so how ever you slice it, in terms of performance the XBOX One is the inferior machine in performance. Eurogamer's Digital foundary has done the breakdown and the numbers speak, 1.1/1.2 Teraflops in performance, 768 threads per clock comparted to the 1.82 teraflops in the PS4.

MS would have had something more comparable if all they wanted was just a Game console that also has TV and Sports Apps like the PS4 but its an All in on Media device first and a games console second.

Will Game development suffer because of it, we won't see the real benifits or disadvantages at launch, I suspect Exclusives to do the talking at launch with Multiplatform Developers going for parity due to the small but visable learning curves with new hardware, but come second and 3rd gen game engines mature on both, Games will look better both on a Multiplatform and Exclusives level for the PS4. And that's due to the development friendly nature of the hardware as well as Sony's decision from the get go to customize the F*** out of the GPU adding in 64 compute thread and 32 CUs and going with GDDR5 over DDR3.
#9.2 (Edited 798d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   798d ago
did you know that 3 out of xbox ones 8 RAM goes to running 3 OS systems?
hennessey86  +   798d ago
Some one is lying
So the ps4 has 1.8tf of performance with a supposed 7850 gpu, you what's strange to me is I have a AMD 8 core CPU and a 7850 gpu with 2gb gddr5 and 8 gb of ddr3 ram and yet my computer achieves well over 2 TF of performance. So why is the ps4 under performing, some one is lying about the specs somewhere.
#10 (Edited 798d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
wishingW3L  +   798d ago
because their CPUs are nothing but low power chips for tablets.

To make things more easy to understand, the CPU on the PS4 an XB1 are weaker than the Cell and Xenos.

These consoles are heavily dependant on the GPU to render graphics and that's why GDDR5 is better. Because GPUs live and die by bandwidth.
#10.1 (Edited 798d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
sengoku  +   797d ago
The 1.8tf is only accounting for the GPU.
it's not the total count
they have yet to reveal CPU clock speed and possible boost in TF it will bring.
#10.2 (Edited 797d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Sarobi  +   798d ago
I like how people are suddenly putting faith into Cloud computing, when in fact these people were not down for this type of idea a year back.

2011/2012: people were saying "Cloud technology won't work because we don't live in a world where 10+ mb connection is constantly stable and bandwidth fees aren't gone".

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FrigidDARKNESS  +   798d ago
No It doesnt. Bethesda just shot down all this massive power on the ps4 . Its no better than the Xbox One. All these insecure fanboy threads proclaiming the ps4 has this power and that power is nothing but fudd and totally infallable.
tubers  +   798d ago

Was that it?

Sounds like they're just trying to be neutral not to piss off one business partner.

Well.. it's all about pricing.

We shall see.
MysticStrummer  +   798d ago
Read the article, Frigid. Bethesda's talking about the ease of programming for both, unlike the difference between 360 and PS3. They're not talking about power.
S2Killinit  +   798d ago
you don't have to ask gamers, go read the articles about what developers say about the performance of each console. PS4 is more powerful, you need to come to grips with that. by the way infallible means 'not false.'
jessupj  +   797d ago
Because Bethesda has never had a vested interets is MS or screwed over PS3 fans for a big fat cheque from MS.
SpinalRemains  +   797d ago
PS power is infallible?

I would agree. It seems exempt from error
ghostrider32  +   798d ago
The day MS leave the Industry, will be the day N4G throw the biggest BBQ, and post unlimited ''HAHAHAHAHA U MAD XBOTS'' articles. Then it'll just be Sony and Nintendo. And Sony will just run circles on them. And I guarantee no one will care about lack of competition. No one complained during the last two gens where it was completely one-sided. And no one will complain now.
#13 (Edited 798d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Count  +   798d ago
That's just the N4G side of things. Out of here. People don't care about Microsoft that much. They don't hate Microsoft that much. And they don't love Sony this much either.

Nintendo is also quite respected. Even their Wii console.

Sounds like the afterlife.
#13.1 (Edited 798d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Silly gameAr  +   798d ago
Strange. Seems like people outside of N4G aren't to big on the X1 either. Guess it depends on which sites you visit outside of N4G, hey?
Hicken  +   796d ago
Actually, a lot of people hate Microsoft, for a lot of reasons. Such as spying on them with Skype, or how they muscled their way into being number one in the PC OS arena, whether their product was the best or not.

And that's not even getting into their practices in gaming.

But I bet you don't even have anything you don't like about Microsoft.

Sounds like a fanboy.
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totalwar  +   798d ago
Why is no one mentioning the disparity in graphics cards? Last I checked the ps4s chip is signicantly faster and has 1.84 troops compared to just over one for xbone
Rageanitus  +   798d ago
tsk tsk tsk,

I love it how every generation Console crowds talk about power this power than, but then all of a sudden when the console gets released they make it seem like it is graphically as powerful as a PC gaming rig.

We should all be happy that we have 4 Platforms on the market, vs back in the Days SEGA vs Nintendo.

Im gonna most likely stick with the PS4 this gen console based on my experience with last gen (I had all three consoles) and the Sony offered the the most exclusives.

But I have to say this.... can Sony fan's stop with RAM this RAM that faster this faster that.... It just feels like the same fanboy statements mentioned during the defence of the CELL processor days.

Just my two cents in order to have a nice PC gaming rig you need a nice balance of RAM, CPU power, and GPU power.

Who says xbox will not be decently powered?
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Tundra  +   798d ago
So much flamebait.

Anyone who knows anything about computer hardware will tell you the PS4 has the definite edge in comparison (Unless those XBO specs are wrong). But as you've seen in the past, a console power doesn't win a generation, the games do.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   798d ago
Even if xbox was better in hardware, sony still has the games and thats all that ever matter. Games and people to make them.
DeathScythe  +   798d ago
Guys,I think the ps2 proved that it's not about the graphics they are both almost, identical it's just a matter of personal opinion. I preferred the xb1 because in my opinion it has better exclusive game's/content. So xb1 already won for me. Xbox one > ps4
rulakir  +   798d ago
Both systems have been recently announced and people are already saying which one is better. Wait until the systems come out with actual games, and then see the pros and cons of each consoles then decide which one you want. That is so much easier.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   798d ago
It should be pretty easy to make the PS4 version have slightly higher framerate (as in not a big cost at all to devs considering the PC versions have scalable framerates). A man thinks the only way the multiplats will look the same is if MS forces devs to make them the same.
Animal Mutha 76  +   797d ago
Too early to judge. We don't officially know the exact make up of either systems APU or memory subsystems.

Once the hardware is out and somebody does a tear down analysis then we will know for sure. Don't count out the Xbox as the dedicated move engine hardware might throw up some surprises along with the Azure system for cloud.

I'm still wondering how Sony have managed to procure so much gddr5 in enough volume without it costing a fortune. I think they changed from 4 to 8 gig fairly late on once they got wind of the Xbox ram size. I think PS4 supply might be an issue at launch and only NA will get served.

The cost of both machines could be a big factor.
DevilishSix  +   797d ago
I see some on here saying to won't make a difference and I whole heartly disagree and they use the current gen as they example, but that is not a good example because the 360 and PS3 had grossly different architectures.

This time the architectures are the same, so the difference will be the hardware and PS4 has better RAM and a better GPU, plus their tools are better. Sony has opened the hardware up to more closely program to the silicon, whereas MS is restricting that access. This was discussed a few months back that developers would have less restricted access to the PS4 innards.

So, as the next gen progresses and the 360 starts to become tapped, the PS4 will have extra to give, so of course the games will have alittle better resolution and better framerates, anyone thinking otherwise is in denial.

So intense games like Battlefield and Crysis will look and/or run best on PC then PS4 then Xbox.
isyourhouseonfire  +   797d ago
Since the XBOX ONE exists and the PS4 is just a theory on paper... I'd give the edge to the XBOX ONE.
BlacBox  +   797d ago
Another Next Gen race based on who has better graphics...again. Give me games please. Thanks. Maybe DayZ will come to XBox One?
Flames76  +   797d ago
They both are damn near the same so not gonna see any difference.Past 2 gens the Xbox has killed the playstation in the graphic department.So i figure sony would try to put a little extra under the hood.
theonlysauce  +   797d ago
lololol people get madder about their games than how mad I get when someone eats my food. all xbox consoles, from the first one to "xbox one" have all been about what you see. ive noticed that Microsoft is mainly focused on visual preference, rather than actual gaming and enjoyable, quick, entertainment. everything the xbox one is doing, can be narrowed down to "we made this console to make people happy with what they see" but not what they get. I've asked many people why they bought the 360 over the ps3, and they either said cus the controller was more comfortable, or cus the dashboard was easier on the eyes. this is what the case is going to be with the new xbox. Sony, on the other hand, is more focused on letting the user do what they like doing, at a moments notice. like sharing their favorite games to youtube. or actually playing a game before its bought. and how come nobody brought up the fact that Microsoft is planning on making the user of xbox one pay a "small fee" if the user bought a pre-owned game? its ridiculous. obviously the player bought the game pre owned so it would cost less and he or she didn't have much money for the brand new game. and, one more thing, xbox one using blu ray? seriously? sony created blu ray, and xbox just takes it? just shows that Microsoft is doing everything possible to make their system compete with sony's by taking ideas and merchandise from sony. which is the reason why the specs for the xbox one and for the ps4 are so similar. the ONLY thing I could give Microsoft over sony, is kennect 2.0. it is impressive. i am only saying this because not a lot of specs have been released about the playstation eye. so, basically 4>1. nuff said :)

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