June 2013 PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Video Game Release Dates in North America and Europe

As always, June 2013 is a dreadfully slow month, with not much coming out worth your attention, mostly thanks to E3 overshadowing everything. Wait, what? You’re saying this is actually a busy month of June and your wallet is going to be getting hurt? - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1698d ago

It's a surprisingly good month, can't wait for The Last of Us.

Foolsjoker1698d ago

Just wait for E3, wonder if they will have DLC announcements for TLoU

Wedge191698d ago

TLOU, Remember Me, Deadpool! Woo, games are finally getting back to good!

Foolsjoker1698d ago

And my wallet is paying for it...

XXXL1698d ago

Skyrim and TLOU for me. Those two games should take me right into GTAV. Perfect.

fardan851698d ago

The Last Of US, day one.