[Tutorial] Install Windows XP on PS3

PS3hax writes:

"I made this in an attempt satisfy some requests and to babystep some people into PS3 linux.

What You Need:
Usb Keyboard
Usb Mouse
Ethernet Cable
A Windows Xp Install CD
Computer with Internet (semi fast because you need to download a 700mb iso file)
CD or Dvd Burner
CD or Dvd
Patience "

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Breakfast3894d ago

thats awesome. Your console just turned into a computer

ruibing3894d ago

I do this so I can watch those mkv video files they release a lot of anime videos on. I usually burn all my anime on DVDs so most of them encoded as xvid or h264 on avi or mp4 files run just fine, but I rely on linux for some of the stubborn mkv ones.

It's also a great way to try your own hand at programming on a cell processor.

QuackPot3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

especially with Linux installed.

XP is only for newbs.

Stop messing around Sony and make your own fast, optimized, user-friendly distro of Linux or Unix for pete's sake...or free up the GPU so the main linux distros can start some optimization themselves.

And forget about PC gaming folks. The Consoles dominate game sales

More and more pc titles will come to the consoles especially as the consoles become PC alternatives.

Bubble Buddy3894d ago

haha, I don't have patience though :p

3893d ago
BrianC62343893d ago

But why would I want XP on my PS3? It doesn't crash. Windows would crash it all the time. No thanks on this idea. If you want a new OS go with Linux.

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TriggerHappy3894d ago

Yeah. This is certainly good news. Now all that's left is for Sony to unlock the RSX and we all set.

thehitman3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Are you able to play computer games on this??? Is what I like to know my shyty computer that my dad bought doesnt have pci express so I cant get a good graphic card. Ill take a chance in wipping out all the shyt I got on my Ps3 if I know I can play computer games on it. I dont mean like crysis but basic mmorpgs and stuff that you can download for free on the internet.

Edit: Or better yet I spend the money I was on a graphic card on an internal HD and use that instead.

games4fun3894d ago

very weak computer games on the bright side you can play emulators of the snes/nes/genesis

it runs slow on graphic intensive games because the RSX chip was block by sony from the get go i hope sombody finds a workaround tho

thehitman3894d ago

I C thats why RSX is such a big deal... I never really put 2 and 2 together I forgot that the RSX is the graphic chip WTF SONY UNLOCK IT I NEED IT!!!!!

Sarick3894d ago

If Sony is banking on this product being an open ended PC alternative they should at leather open up some of the core features.

This is basically a PC with 256mb base rand and a 256mb video ram. Unfortunately the video ram is kinda useless as a PC.

The PS3 is more less in it's own class of PC it's an RSC.

Restricted Sony Computer.

Sony makes PC's why not develop your own distro and open up the video. I assume come PS4 launch Sony will unlock it. By then it'll be too outdated to be useful anyway.

m91058263893d ago

Even if Sony did unlock everything, all of the normal computer games would still run like crap. The games aren't written for a processor like the Cell, and the RSX uses a special form of CUDA to mesh with the Cell. Some day like 15 years from now, I'm sure someone will have written a nice x86/standard GPU -> Cell/RSX software emulation program.

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quiquitos3894d ago

really nice i mean damn!!!!! just one question can you use stuff like word and excell and like the above can you play pc games??

QuackPot3894d ago

But you'll be running one operating system(XP) using another operating system(Linux) without the use of the GPU. Talking about slow as performance.

Just use excel,word,access & ppt equivalents) for free on a Ps3 linux install as there's no way in hell Microsoft will ever port Windows to the Playstations.

HarryEtTubMan3894d ago

LOL PS3 is a Godlike machine. Xbox 360 is a piece of DOO DOO.

cjp4eva3894d ago

Coulndt have said it better myself Sire.

slowlearner3894d ago

Probably couldn't spell it better yourself either.

What clowns. Sire? So he's your dad, your king, or he turned you into a vampire? I'm taking the latter.

AngryTypingGuy3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

If you love your PS3 so much, then go play it more and quit trashing the 360. The PS3 is closer to a computer than the 360 is, and that's great. However, the 360 is the gamer's console. Games perform better on the 360, even without installation.

Not to mention, there a library of hundreds of movies ready to download instantly - no going to the store. Today when guests come over for Easter, we'll have the luxury of choosing through hundreds of titles if we want to watch a movie. We won't have to go anywhere to find something that none of us has seen before.

ForTheFallen3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

THE Glorious PS3 will be triumphant in it's march to destroy the evil 360. Sony Defense Force; FORM UP!!

Although I understand what your saying, I have to disagree. The 360 is basically a computer, as it was built by the worlds largest computer software company (Microsoft), and (in case you haven't heard) they do computers, too.

The PS3, on the other hand, is not only a Game Console/Computer, but a Blu-ray player. So, your right, I can't download movies at the speed of light...I mean, use the Xbox it's got a MASSIVE harddrive for that stuff, right? And it's not like I could go to my computer and get ANY movie...That's crazy. But, while your doing that...

I'll be sitting with my new 32' Vizio HD, enjoying Blu-ray at it's finest. And games. And maybe even a computer.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33893d ago

...I rather Hang myself!!! ;-D
Why would i want that rubbish for! Micro$oft make cr*p! ;-D

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