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Submitted by Limit760 985d ago | opinion piece

The Microsoft Press Conference Will Shut You Up

Dan writes - "If you’ve been living under a rock, the Xbox One console has been announced and shown but to the dismay of gamers everywhere, their announcement conference at the Xbox campus in Redmond was filled with more things to get the normal person to buy an Xbox One. Rather than focus on the games to appease the gamers, Microsoft took the approach to show off the Xbox One’s media side and show it’s ability to play television and all of the things our set top boxes have been doing for years. The vocal group of gamers ran to their twitter, facebook, forums, and other outlets to voice their concerns about how Microsoft had abandoned the gamers. Considering these consoles were created to play games on, the lack of games was very disappointing.
" (Xbox One)

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NYC_Gamer  +   985d ago | Well said
MS could pop up on stage with 15 exclusives/ new studios and certain folks still would complain
Limit760  +   985d ago | Well said
That's what bothers me. People will find a way to hate on everything. Why can't we just enjoy when new things come out. Sure I didn't care for the PlayStation 3, but I am hopeful about the PlayStation 4. I want all the consoles to succeed because it benefits us all.
DarkBlood  +   985d ago | Well said
the major issue regarding the kinect,always online fiasco cablebox features overshadows everything else about it for me

so it wont shut me up as the headline would suggest

so unless all that is not going to happen im not excited for the games they will show
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Darrius Cole  +   985d ago | Well said
Except that it will hurt us if the Xbox One succeeds in it current form.

The Xbox one will make gaming less convenient, and more expensive, and more restrictive at the same time, unless Microsoft changes its policies.


I forgot more intrusive with it ever-watchful Kinect.


And the once per 24 hour internet check-in requirements
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Infamouskat  +   985d ago
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DragonKnight  +   985d ago | Well said
The thing to consider is that "15 exclusives" doesn't really mean anything. There was an E3, either last year or the year before, where MS said they had 10 exclusives and they turned out to be Kinect shovelware.

With Microsoft's reveal, their direction for the Xbox One looks to be fairly obvious. Right down to the time of day they decided to air it, and even the television channel, the Xbox One is a device that's not meant for gamers. The thing is, gamers would have been the one to look for the conference and the largest audience actually watching it. What else did Microsoft expect to happen then?

E3 will come, and if past history is an indicator then no one should get their hopes up from MS' conference. Coupled with what we already know, it's not hard to see why MS has been getting so much hate.
MikeMyers  +   985d ago
No matter what Microsoft shows it still won't shut up some people. I want to see the full picture before I act like an entitled child whining and crying all day.

It's now Microsoft's job to compell us to why we need Kinect on. Why we should be connected. Why having all content attached to our profiles is better. If they can do that people won't care Kinect is always, that they need to be connected to the internet. The system is still going to be very much a games machine.
JokesOnYou  +   985d ago
No sadly no matter what they show the SAME ones will hate, but if they dont show me at least 5 or 6 interesting games that I want (not COD or kinect kiddie games) then I will be pissed...and I'll pass on X1 until Im satisfied it has some great games.
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DragonKnight  +   985d ago | Well said
@Mike: Who are you kidding, you know that the uninformed masses already don't care that Kinect is always on. It's quite obvious Microsoft are targeting them. And then you have this...

"No matter what Microsoft shows it still won't shut up some people."

Right here you're attempting to diffuse anything negative anyone would have to say about MS after E3 pre-emptively. It is beyond your grasp that people simply don't care what kind of reasoning that Microsoft comes up with because they DON'T want to have a system that shuts down if the internet connection they have isn't up to snuff (think about that Cloud gaming solution you're so proud of. SimCity is going to be a part of Xbox One, mark my words, and it will be always-online because of the cloud. So if you think the Xbox One WON'T be always online, you'll see).

Or they don't like the idea of having a camera always listening (yeah yeah, it's listening for cues, but don't you think it has to have filtering software to distinguish the cues from the rest of what's being spoken?) because MS has proven they will listen in on Skype so they can't be trusted to not listen in on Kinects.

Maybe they don't like the idea that they can't really share their games in the traditional sense, that so many loops have to be jumped through to do something so simple. Microsoft gives convenience in one area that pleases the casual audience and removes it in another that's detrimental to their early adopters.

But no, anyone who has these problems is a whiny, entitled child right? Yeah. Well you go on believing Microsoft has your best interests in mind. Don't complain later.
yesmynameissumo  +   985d ago
"The Microsoft Press Conference Will Shut You Up"
This has been said for the past 3 E3s for MS. Keep saying it, maybe it will be true this time!
r1sh12  +   985d ago
Sometimes its just too easy to pick on things that were not talked about.
But.. I 100% agree that the xbox one reveal was pure s**t.
However MS's invites did say do not expect games etc.
My issue is, for a mainstream console why was the information about what it can do more to do with tv?
Yes E3 is about games but MS have not really used E3 very well in the past few years so why hide behind that excuse?

I am very sceptical about kinect, for the console to turn on by voice command, it needs to be listening all the time.
That is absolutely nuts!

I absolutely love my xbox 360, but in the past few years MS have lost their way.
Even though they always wanted to take over the living room, I think the living room has changed.
More people watch tv on laptops and tablets Ms seem to have forgotten that.

MS can show all 15 games at E3 but with such a dismal start and hate I find it hard to see how they recover.
I am still going to see the exact info about kinect, always online etc.. but its looking like MS has shot themselves in the foot.
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SilentNegotiator  +   985d ago
Considering that the main issues are mandatory kinect and DRM, I HIGHLY doubt the people upset with Xbox One will be appeased by E3 (unless they announce a reversal of those policies).
Blacktric  +   985d ago
"Why can't we just enjoy when new things come out"

If you think that people who are showing their distaste regarding the sh*tty DRM and used game policies of Microsoft are being irrational and should just calm down and "enjoy" things, I got nothing to else to say to you.
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Studio-YaMi  +   985d ago | Well said
Is this a joke article !?

You didn't care for the Playstation 3,you want people to enjoy a new console that has DRM & blocking used games policies & based highly on TV entertainment that is only focused on America for the time being with a gimmicky way of controlling to cater to the casual crowd(Kinect)... and then you actually have the nerve to state an immature/bold statement that the Microsoft press conference will shut "me/us" up ?

At least know what you're talking about and show me that you're not just kissing up to MS for me to take you seriously.

Good day to you !
MikeMyers  +   985d ago
"Who are you kidding, you know that the uninformed masses already don't care that Kinect is always on. It's quite obvious Microsoft are targeting them."

Does it matter if it's grandma or a 35 year old tech wizard or a 13 year old? You seem to really think highly of yourself. Early adopters are usually the ones who read up on what the product offers.

""No matter what Microsoft shows it still won't shut up some people.""
"Right here you're attempting to diffuse anything negative anyone would have to say about MS after E3 pre-emptively."

No I'm not. I am simply using sarcasm from the topic header. The topic title is the conference will shut them out. I disagree, it won't. Prove me wrong. Did I say they have to shut up? No, you and other are totally free to mention your concerns.

"It is beyond your grasp that people simply don't care what kind of reasoning that Microsoft comes up with because they DON'T want to have a system that shuts down if the internet connection they have isn't up to snuff (think about that Cloud gaming solution you're so proud of. SimCity is going to be a part of Xbox One, mark my words, and it will be always-online because of the cloud. So if you think the Xbox One WON'T be always online, you'll see)."

That's fine. Not everyone bought Simcity. Nobody was forced to buy it and I imagine those uninformed people you think that buys this stuff actually knew it required a connection. Kind of contradicts your generalizations because somehow you have it in your mind everyone who does know wouldn't buy it. That's not true at all. Did you ever stop to think that some people just don't care as much or aren't as passionate about this stuff as you, but are also well informed consumers? Probably not because of your arrogant attitude and narrow points of views thinking everything is so black and white.

"Or they don't like the idea of having a camera always listening (yeah yeah, it's listening for cues, but don't you think it has to have filtering software to distinguish the cues from the rest of what's being spoken?) because MS has proven they will listen in on Skype so they can't be trusted to not listen in on Kinects."

Again, I tend to think most people don't care. If they are concerned that much they can simply unplug the system.

"Maybe they don't like the idea that they can't really share their games in the traditional sense, that so many loops have to be jumped through to do something so simple."

You don't even know how it will all work yet. All we have heard are little tidbits of information. Nothing is set in stone yet, this can all easily be changed with software.

This could also be a case like Steam where they like what the product offers and are willing to forgive some of it's freedoms they used to have. Or just maybe some people want to know what the full details are since it will have used games and allow selling games.

"But no, anyone who has these problems is a whiny, entitled child right? Yeah. Well you go on believing Microsoft has your best interests in mind. Don't complain later."

Not really. Many people, including yourself have brought up real concerns. A whiny child is one who keeps repeating themselves while trying to drown out others and calling everyone idiots for even considering pre-ordering this thing. Or one who doesn't want to listen, doesn't want to know all the details and has already made up their mind and is unwilling to bend at all.
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SpinalRemains  +   985d ago | Well said
XOne and its restrictions and fees hurt us all.

What about this do ppl still not get?

These new rules win, and we all lose.

This isnt sony vs MS for cryin out loud. Its gamers vs corporate control.

Wake up, guys
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alien626  +   985d ago
they always say that before far disappointments
thechosenone  +   984d ago
I thought the conference on the 21st was supposed to have done

I'm sorry but the strict DRM/always online and blocking of used games has told me all I need to know about the xBone. Not interested.
MrChow666  +   984d ago
Limit760: finally some common sense in this troll lair
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hiphopisdead  +   984d ago
nobody should be comparing ps4 and xbox one using only their reveal.

ps4 focused on games... but of course they'll have apps (netflix, youtube, nfl sunday ticket, youtube, +) and internet and much more and do it better than ps3.

xbox one focused on entertainment... but of course they'll have games to show and do it better than 360.

I'm sure both will have great entertainment and games...

However, I prefer the PS4 because of their exclusive games and studios.

Sony has great momentum for their exclusive studios from current gen to next gen: Guerilla games, naughty dogg, quantic dreams, polyphony digital, sucker punch, media molecule, evolution and more.

Microsoft doesn't have as strong a momentum built from previous gen to next gen of strong proven development teams. Their biggest, bungie, is gone, and sitting with Sony now (revealing gameplay at sony's e3 conference).

Since both consoles will play third party games just fine... and since both consoles will be able to do entertainment well (movies, netflix, internet, sharing...) exclusives really make the difference for me. Missing out on Guerilla Games' or Santa Monica's next projects would suck.
NewMonday  +   984d ago
right now the biggest turn-offs about the XB1 are not the lack of games at the reveal..

* always on Kinect camera watching AND listening, I'm the kind of guy that blocks the camera on my laptop with a bandaid, so this is a nonstarter for me.

* DRM, it is happening, I buy many games, but I also borrow and lend and sell to fund other purchases, with DRM I can't afford that, that means I can't afford the XB1.

I can't even look beyond these 2 issues, even if the XB1 could have 100's of exclusives.
fr0sty  +   984d ago
You're damn right they'd still complain, and with good reason! You can pile 1000 bad ass games into that conference, and it won't change the fact that the system flat out sucks. DRM, always-on requirements, a mandatory Kinect spying on you, no upgradeable internal hard drive, weaker hardware, these are the kinds of flaws no amount of Master Chiefs or Marcus Fenix's can fix. As the saying goes, you can't polish a turd.

It'll take a complete about face by MS, dropping all of those BS policies in order to convince the gaming public their system isn't crap.
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YNWA96  +   984d ago
If this device was called the AppleOne, there would be none of this fuss, and it would be called the future....
gedapeleda  +   984d ago
I think many of the xbox users will go over to the other side of the fence. Because mainly the butthurt wars have ended, people will realize what is the true master race.
Kaneda  +   984d ago
I don't think people find way to complain about PS4 now.
Mr_Nuts  +   985d ago
Well I would if there always online, no pre owned games and Kinect is mandatory is still in place. Giving me games which I'll play on for a few weeks isn't going to cover the main long term problems of the Xbox One because it will lead other gaming companies to do the same since they think we're (us gamers) are fine with it.

I'm not letting my guard down because I don't want this to get worse. If you see a weed in your garden and leave it then whats going to happen...your going to get more weeds until your entire garden is ruined.
FlyingFoxy  +   984d ago
Just like MS planted the bad seed known as DLC which you pay for.. and it stuck.
Prcko  +   985d ago
We are people,we always complain :)))
Tyre  +   985d ago
@PRcko your mentality is the start of all troubles. Because of people like you Microsoft thought they could push those horrible features down our throats without any protest or trouble. Guess what? No more mentalities like this. We must realise we have the power to change it. Stay vocal and do not buy into this con. What MS is doing is illegal & against Human rights. Our future as gamers will not be determine by the agenda of Microsoft. Not many gamers want these draconian DRM features and a 3D object scanner/biometrics scanner/voice profiling CCTV that is recording everything you do in your living room if you play. These features are THE BADDEST and MOST DANGEROUS DEVELOPMENT IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. It will effect EVERYBODY. Other Companies/Governments will be very happy with the info on people's private lives. This is just ridiculous. NOBODY should buy this for the sake of the future. Do not listen to the lies of MS about the Kinect "off" function because it is still mandatory to have it on, you should have the option to have it off all the time and be able to use the controller only( to make sure MS isn't recording anything in 'hidden'features). There is no privacy with such a camera in your living room. I do not care for the XBOX anymore if MS doesn't revoke those horrible features. No gamer has anything to profit from this. This has nothing to do with being critical or a fanboy. Don't you people realise the bigger picture here? It is all stuff we don't need. THINK of the consequences people. Don't be ignorant or already numbed. Guess people are easily saturated. This is VERY serious shit.
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jb227  +   985d ago
i have no doubt that xbox will reveal some amazing games come e3, but it's the drive to reveal them that kinda upsets me....they've went 2 whole generations with very little in the way of exclusive content, but now they put out a box that is very anti consumer, enough to the point where privacy & security companies are even bashing them, so they have to have games to lure people to "deal with it"....they could have the greatest games in the history of the genre on the box & i still would never buy it....because the only reason they are focusing on games at all is in order to get people to buy these ridiculous features they are putting hopefully the reveal will shut no one up, that the people upset about these practices won't let these shiny new games entice them to just roll over
Infamouskat  +   985d ago
8 of those 15 exclusives are new IP's, and all those new 8 IP's are kinect games. So that leaves 7 old IP's, not very promising.
mmccarthy4  +   985d ago
Convas  +   984d ago

Surely you speak so authoritatively because you have a source, correct?
stage88  +   985d ago
Yes, even if they did show 15 exclusives I'd still not buy it.

1. Underpowered
2. Have to log in every 24 hrs to play a game
3. Have to pay to play used games
4. Camera always watching and listening in your house.

What's your point?
Godmars290  +   985d ago
Given that we're talking about the beginning of the console's cycles, how much power a system has means nothing.

What should be a concern, besides the technical always online, are XBL price hikes. Whether or not MS creates separate tears between gaming and TV, or they just make $10 to $15 per month standard. Go the other way and make it $70 to $80 or more a year.
r1sh12  +   985d ago

The xbox one is similar to the ps4, the only significant difference being ram.
They are both x86 tech
waltercross  +   985d ago
@ r1sh12

Ram and GPU, PS4 has a Modified GPU.
Also the PS4 Ram is much more than the PC Version that's in the XBO. over all 50% more powerful.

But right now the PS4 being more powerful than the XBO is the least of XBO's problems.
chrismichaels04  +   985d ago
If MS shows up on stage with 15 new IP blockbuster exclusives...that would be great. But lets be honest. Based on MS's track record for the last few years, chances are still stronger that the majority of those 15 new exclusives will be $10 arcade games and casual kinect gimmick games.

The problem with this article is that we already spent the last few weeks hearing "wait until May 21st". May 21st came and went and people were still not impressed by MS so now the new excuse has been changed to "Wait until E3". What happens if MS fails at E3 too? "Wait until launch"? "Wait until the XBOXone's 1 year anniversary"? Gamers are complaining because they are tired of waiting and tired of excuses.
titletownrelo  +   985d ago
I remember during this generation of consoles, 360 users would bash and hate on PS3 users, while at the same time claiming their "superiority". Now the tables have turned as PS4's future looks immensely brighter than the Xbox One's, and now Xbox fanboys say, "Why you guys hating."
FragMnTagM  +   985d ago
Please do not speak for everyone. I leaned more towards the 360/PC this gen, and I am not buying an XBOX One, nor I am not asking why people are hating.

The games can be the best games ever, but I do not think I will ever buy one due to their new policies. I will stick with PC and maybe get a PS4 if they don't pull a Microsoft. Also, I may get a Wii U when the good Nintendo first parties come swinging.

I will not support what Microsoft is pushing right now. I am fine with having a Kinect to compliment my experience, but NOT OK with it being literally on all the time. I am also not OK with the used games situation.

If any console does that I simply will not buy it. I already have to deal with it on the PC, why would I want that B.S. on any other system? That was one of the appealing aspects of the consoles with being able to borrow and lend games to friends.
Krew_92  +   985d ago

He isn't speaking for everyone, but that sure as heck was the majority some 5 years ago...
Campy da Camper  +   985d ago
Agreed. Being a Sony fan on n4g in 2008-2010 was brutal. Back in the days of the "open zone" I would get death threats, name calling and flat out harassment. Had to change user names a couple times. Now, the tides have turned.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   985d ago
I'm sorry its hard to get excited for microsoft press conference when the last 3 years been pure shit. Last year all of the big 3 was garbage. If you got fooled 3 times straight and still believe in them i dont know what to say.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   985d ago
What it should say is. "The Microsoft Press Conference Will Shut You Fanboys Up.

I dunno how many times MS has confirmed how it will come heavy with games (countless times it seems).

And already announced 5 games that'll be there at the show.

Fanboys will do what they do best, troll complain and cry. With the ALMIGHTY disagree button at their disposal lol.

EDIT: just look at Majins sorry little fan kiddy comment. Everyone knows Kinect can be turned off, MS announced they won't charge a fee for used games and guess what... The console can be turned off? Whaat?

Hmm its not always online either?
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Mr_Nuts  +   985d ago
Why do people think it's all about fanboys, I keep getting the impression that anyone who complains is automatically a fanboy. I'm not, I never saw the point of choosing one console of choice when I'd rather enjoy the games each console has to offer but you can pick between right and wrong and I'm sorry but what the Xbox One is doing is wrong to the industry as a whole...your not a fanboy for speaking out but I really feel this is why many people don't speak up because they are afraid they are going to get called for it.

*** I dunno how many times MS has confirmed how it will come heavy with games (countless times it seem). ***

But they've said this before and then look what happens. There has been a number of people on here posting past pre E3 articles about these "new" games Microsoft are going to reveal but then the E3 show is then a letdown.
Angeljuice  +   985d ago
The Xbone is designed from the ground up as a Microsoft money making machine. Sure all consoles are designed to make money, but the Xbone is just Microsoft pushing the idea as far as possible. If they control your tv, they control the advertising on it. They want to get revenue when you sell YOUR game. It's a test-bed for new ideas in revenue streams. If you're happy to be a gineapig in their attempt to see just how far they can push people into giving them money, feel free, but don't have a go at the people who are wise enough to not like what they're seeing coming over the horizon!
isarai  +   985d ago
Because it's not even about the lack of games, it's the requirement of online, online DRM, and kinect requirement along with many other cons. They can show as many games as they want it doesn't fix those other issues
zeroskie  +   985d ago
what if 10 of those are kinect titles?
Hicken  +   985d ago
Sorry, but 15 exclusives(and let's be real: you can expect around five of them to be for Kinect) doesn't make everything else go away.

And people are complaining about everything else; the games-or lack thereof- are just icing on a very negative cake.
SpinalRemains  +   985d ago
Oh its a feces cake.

This isnt fanboy stuff.
Its ethics.
Sony360  +   984d ago
Agreed. 15 exclusives are nice (unless most of them turn out to be kinect only, and given that you are FORCED to use kinect, it's a possbility), but the fact you are forced to pay all these extra costs won't go away.

Adding 15 exclusives to an anti-consumer console just like putting polish on a turd. It's an improvement, but it's still just a polished turd.
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plaZeHD  +   985d ago
Exactly people don't know what the word "WAIT" actually means. Wait for E3 2013. MicroSoft can take you by surprise, unexpectedly.
Utalkin2me  +   984d ago
Take me by suprise by saying pretty much everything we showed at reveal is false? Like no DRM, No Kinect having to be connected, No 24 hours checks, No Ads?

Now that would truly take me by suprise.
The_Infected  +   985d ago
They can say anything on stage whether its true or not is the big question. Another words they better show things and not promise without showing them.
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SonyPS4  +   985d ago
MS could ditch DRM and people would still complain only because it's Xbox and MS which would be stupid. I bash the XOne because of its DRM but MS might fool me this E3, and hopefully so. I really want an XOne, but as long as it has the anti-used games and 24-hour DRM I will not buy one. If Sony follows suit, no PS4 for me either.
GT67  +   985d ago
"MS conference will shut you up"

all im going to say about the matter at hand:


MS you can't shove this Historic blunder under a rug and press RE-START button.
#1.17 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   985d ago
NextGen24Gamer  +   985d ago
That's all MS needs to do! Show of exclusives and high quality 3rd party games with timed exclusive content and GUESS WHAT? They will keep a large majority of their xbox 360 core fans! Who cares if you don't convert sony fans over! MS will retain their core fans and they will add additional fans with the ALL IN ONE concept! Very very smart move by MS! Make your fan base happy with exlusives and bring in new gamers with added features! Sony did a great job appeasing their core fans! At this point its not about stealing your competitors fans, its about making your base happy! Sony has done a better job at this point...but after E3 I feel both fan bases will be very happy! Which is a win win being since they both have the same amount of fans worldwide at this point! I'm just happy I'm not chosing a side and I'm going to enjoy both console offerings!
killacal13  +   985d ago
The issue here is not the games, it's the fact that its got to be connected, its got to be kinnected, DRM, its a set top box that needs a set top box, still needs pay to play online, and its slightly less powerful than the competition, answer me this, why will YOU still buy it after what I said? HA, I typed the same as the homie Majinvegeta
#1.19 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Christopher  +   984d ago
Yes, people would still complain. But, this author shows the other end of the spectrum: blind loyalty through the fact that he honestly believes it will be good without having any real proof to it.

Honestly, I'm not sure either company is going to be winning me over anytime soon. I'd love to be surprised.
S2Killinit  +   984d ago
Its interesting that some people seem to be assuming that the people complaining are upset because they think that MS will not have any games. That is not the case. People are upset because the reveal demonstrated very clearly, that the focus of MS is not on gaming. How can a console reveal that is supposed to be a gaming machine, have a reveal that is not about gaming? Who is MS's main target group? MS's game-plan during the current generation was to come out the gate with plenty of must have games like Gears of War, and then about halfway through the generation they stopped catering to their core gamers and focused on casuals and applications. This is going to be their strategy thing time around and core gamers who buy into it will suffer a second time. MS will have a lot of good games to show at E3 but that will not be telling of their overall plans for gamers, and that is the real problem. (aside from all the other anti consumer stuff of course)
MonkeyNinja  +   984d ago
The issue isn't even about the conference, neither is it about the games. It's about:

- Having to connect every 24 hrs
- Not being able to share your games with friends
- Some form of used game fees
- Kinect must be on (they say you can turn it off, but it doesn't mean anything if you can't unplug it, especially after Skype situation)
- Still have to pay for XBox LIVE just to do anything online

There's several other points too, like that the controller still uses batteries, or how several of those 15 exclusives may be Kinect-based, but if you actually read comments about XBone on ANY site, even XBox sites, you'll see that the games aren't the issue. They can have 100 non-Kinect exclusives and I still wouldn't buy it. And I did have an original Xbox and a 360, so I'm not just some blindly loyal-unto-death fanboy.
Utalkin2me  +   984d ago
People just don't get it's not about games anymore with MS. Just cause they show games doesn't mean all the other stuff is going to go away. You think cause they show games all of the sudden DRM is going to go away? Or what about Kinect having to be connected and always on?

People are having a hard time to understand this goes way beyond games. I don't care if they show 50 exclusives at E3. It's what the X1 does and stands for i will not support it.
VegasDawg  +   984d ago
Though I'm leaning towards the PS4 for now, I have to say those 15 exclusives have gotten my interest peaked.As long as they aren't kinect shovel ware.
ShwankyShpanky  +   984d ago
That should be "interest piqued."

piqued (past participle, past tense of pique)
Stimulate (interest or curiosity)

Not meant to be a dig... most people get it wrong... just spreading some knowledge.
3-4-5  +   984d ago
I love xbox. own both of them and 360 controller is IMO the best ever created.

That being said, I was really disappointed with Xbox One reveal.

I'm interested in playing games.

I already have tv...fantasy sports already has 5+ ways you can play it and interact.

I already watch Sportscenter/ESPN....

The thing is...I can view those things in 5-6 different rooms in my house.

I can only watch tv/ play games at the same time on 1 of 6 tv's.

It limits where you can do it and view it.

* A better solution would to give it wheels, and have it be wirelessly connected to Cable TV and internet.

That way you could movie it about your house to any room you want easily.
sarshelyam  +   984d ago
Here's my problem with their numbers. They said 15 Exclusives, half of which would be new IP's...leaving the other half to sequels.

Let's be conservative here and simply say 7 are sequels. We all know that's one Halo, likely a new Gears, Forza, I'm betting on a couple returnees from the Kinect lineup; Dance Central and Sports. That leaves 2 (maybe 3 other sequels).

Now this isn't so much of a problem if it weren't for Microsoft's vernacular changes on what is an Xbox One game. EVERYTHING is an Xbox One game. They've stated there will be no segregation of retail and online games, full or (formerly known as) XBLA titles. So we could be looking at some smaller micro games.

It doesn't look horrible, but when Sony is offering some 30+ exclusive games year-over-year...and that's before we even get into the PS4 lineup, it looks a little thin. Certainly there's some cause for concern.
IIJOSEPHXII  +   984d ago
The exclusives wouldn't change what people are complaining about.
Sony360  +   984d ago
Well doing that still wouldn't address all the extra fees and anti-consumer nonsense that is coming with the console, so yes, you are right. Just lose the implication that it wouldn't be justified complaining.
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Bobby Kotex  +   984d ago
But they're not. Sadly if and when the conference is as bust, fanboys will come up with more stupid article titles to get hits to their pathetic weblog.
nypifisel  +   984d ago
We got all right to complain what ever they put up on stage at E3!

When revealing a product you define what that product is through the first impression. XboxOne was defined as a TV and entertainment box which also can play games. It's a clear shift of focus. Stop calling people haters cause they criticize the direction Microsoft moved the Xbox. If you're a gamer you should be nothing BUT WORRIED with how Microsoft presented their new console. Don't you understand that they frickin' abandoned you thinking the causal market being more lucrative.

Without special game focus on the new Xbox it doesn't matter that they'll announce games on E3. If you were disappointed with how the Xbox360 drifted away from hardcore gaming the last couple of year (Just look at the embarrassing E3 shows)I'm sorry to tell you but in the coming years it'll just become worse and worse.. Unless Microsoft change their direction back to games.
ABizzel1  +   984d ago

Games aren't the problem this time around. It's that actual box and M$ business practices that have people angry.

1. DRM (though this is less of a concern to me, as I rarely buy used games, but sharing with friends is a problem.)

2. Always online (at least every 24 hours), with no explanation on what happens after not being able to connect.

3. Used game fee, with no explanation on pricing or even why they're doing this.

4. Kinect always listening (and potentially watching), sounds like they're spying on us for market data and research, and as proven with laptops by many hackers in a recent article, it's not that hard to hack into your computer and control your camera (Xbox One is a gaming laptop).

these are the problems people have, and instead of MS answering their complaints and fixing this PR nightmare, they're scrambling trying to find out how to save face, and blaming the media and disabling users from commenting on their Youtube page.

You don't support a business that treats it's customers like sheep, but if you want to wool it up then go ahead and be a sheep. They won't get any of my money until they at least come clean, and if all these things are true, then I'm not buying the Xbox One. I'll consider buying one later if there's a strong line-up of exclusives 1 or 2 years from now, and then I'll make sure I buy the console used so I don't support MS on the BS.
georgedubya  +   984d ago
"They need to appeal to a larger audience than just those who play video games"
Since when does a gaming console "need" to appeal to non gamers? Should it only play video games and nothing else? No. But who do you know that isn't a gamer and is willing to spend $400+ on an extension to their existing cable box? Bad move by MS and gamers have every right to be upset when they are the reason the Xbox is still a brand.
showtimefolks  +   984d ago
you see i would love that so i would shut up, but facts remain last 3 E3's MS have done nothing but show kinect crap, so its more of a prove me wrong than hating on them

also 15 exclusives and 8 new Ip's sound nice but let's see how many of those are kinect 2 crap

so call all of us who aren't buying what MS is selling fanboys or haters but all we are doing is going of the last 3 years and that's where MS went after casuals and entertainment stuff and totally lost out on core fanbase
Majin-vegeta  +   985d ago
M$ could show all the exclusives in the world.But still doesn't change the fact that they are spying on you and charging for a used gamed fee activation.Which are what most people are up on arms over.Oh and that they showed little to no damn games.

Edit:Forgot to mention the online check every 24 hours thing.
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Limit760  +   985d ago
Did you not read the article? They didn't show games because they are waiting until E3. The used game fee is still not confirmed. and no, it would be illegal to spy on people via the new kinect. Nothing you've said is backed up by any facts.
-Mika-  +   985d ago
Don't try to speak sense on this site. You will just lose all your bubbles.
Darrius Cole  +   985d ago
Except that the used games fee has been confirmed.

Microsoft confirmed it, and then once everybody got mad, they said that it wasn't confirmed.
Minato-Namikaze  +   985d ago
1. You dont hold a conference with gaming media and gamers watching and then not focus on games. Should have been a CES conference if thats what they wanted.

2. If showing 3-6 games before E3 means that they would have blew their load it doesnt give me faith in what they have in they pipeline for their system as far as games is concerned.
Kietz  +   985d ago

They also lose them for being idiotic little trolls whose "opinions" are little more than drivel. Right?
Infamouskat  +   985d ago
If they were waiting for E3 why would they even hold that conference? All it did was give it a bad rap so they could have announced the console at E3 WITH the games so people would be okay with it. But its to late now I guess...
Roper316  +   985d ago
well so is hijacking Skype messages but that didn't stop MS from doing it!
syphon32  +   985d ago
@Limit760 since when has something being illegal stopped those who do illegal sh#$, what planet are you living on
S2Killinit  +   984d ago
your not getting it... The reveal wasn't aimed at you because Microsoft's main target group is not you, not "gamers." They will show you games at E3, you can bet on that, but they will also slowly phase you out once your demographic is saturated, and they will focus on casuals and apps. This is what is going to kill our hobby and some just don't get it. Look at what they did in the current generation. They haven't had any decent new IPs since the middle of this generation. They charged for Online gaming when it could have been free (and some defend it, fine) but the result is that now they are pushing for more from us, now they might charge for used games, and they will have the online check and DRM. I see a trend, don't you?
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MonkeyNinja  +   984d ago
@ Limit760
Didn't you read Majin-vegeta's comment? Let me break it down for you Barney-style:

It is NOT about the games.
It is NOT about fanboyism

It IS about the anti-consumerism.
It IS about mandatory Kinect, 24/hr check-in, used game fee/no borrowing games from friends, and XBox LIVE on top of it all...
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ShwankyShpanky  +   984d ago
It's not illegal if you agree to it (well, that's actually somewhat debateable, but that's beside the point for now).

The current XBL EULA includes the following. Keep in mind that the term "Services" will cover a much broader spectrum with the One.

"If you use the Xbox console with Kinect, we may also collect data about the way in which you interact with the console and the Services to improve Microsoft products and services."

...and this:

"Personal information collected by Microsoft may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country or region in which Microsoft or its affiliates, subsidiaries, or service providers maintain facilities. You consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country or region."

...and of course:

"In particular, we may access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, in order to: (a) comply with the law or respond to lawful requests or legal process; (b) protect the rights or property of Microsoft or our customers, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of the Services; and (c) act on a good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary to protect the personal safety of Microsoft employees, customers, or the public."

All of these terms of course subject to the interpretation of MS/govt lawyers. And with the "always on" (short of pulling the AC plug or doing a "hard" power down), this can be easily abused. "Oh, we thought you might be doing something against our EULA, so we checked to see if there was any audio or video from the Kinect that was related to that." "Oh, the Feds saw you buying supplies for your indoor veggie garden at the hydroponics store, so they 'lawfully requested' that we check if there was any audio or video related to that."

As I've said before, anyone that dismisses the spybox concerns are so beyond naive that it beggars belief.

Kansas Couple: Indoor Gardening Prompted Pot Raid

The FBI Seeks Overbroad Expansion of Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
xbonelies   985d ago | Spam
SlapHappyJesus  +   985d ago
The system boasts a solid list of hard negatives.
They could show promising title after promising title, but those negatives aren't going away.
The only thing the Xbox now has going for it is a possible solid line of new IP, as well as strong releases in its current library - good exclusives in general.
That is something that Nintendo, and more so Sony, have up their sleeves, without all the annoyances that comes with One.
Things aren't looking good for Microsoft's gaming division this generation.
MrMushroom  +   985d ago
micro is gong rule
killacal13  +   985d ago
Dumb sheep mind that is.
alb1899  +   985d ago
why not wait until E3, why the hate, SONY haven't say much so watch out, you don't know what surprise will come from SONY and all this talk about used games!
fattyuk  +   985d ago
my mouth will be shut just like the Xbox one launch event

well more straight faced. whilst my brain thinks " don't rise to it and make a response just let them get on with"
Half-Mafia  +   985d ago
Here is what I think MS will show for exclusives at E3.

2 controller based games.
2 controller/Kinect games.
3 Kinect only games.
from the beach  +   985d ago
The promise of 15 exclusives including new franchises, a Rare comeback and an Xbox 360 Mini make this E3 one of the most exciting in ages.. and that's just Microsoft.
killacal13  +   985d ago
A RARE comeback would be RARE indeed.
Why o why  +   985d ago
Lets hope for the best. Games is only half of the problem. I see some are pinning everybody's adulation on ms actually doing what they're supposed to do which is to show games.

MS have more questions to answer. Sony do too, just not as many. Cant wait for e3 to come and hopefully all the speculation will be over with. Lets hope gamers are the winners.... we can go back to point scoring later;)
Martywren  +   985d ago
I have one burning question that i hope it can get answer at e3 can next gen consoles run pc mmos sense they are more powerful i just hope the answer is yes, i would love too play tera or blade n soul on next gen consoles.
#11 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sarshelyam  +   984d ago
PC MMO's can play on current gen platforms, so I wouldn't see why not. A Realm Reborn FFXIV is hitting PS3 this holiday, not to mention DC Universe Online was a solid and relatively stable game marred only by an influx of players once it when F2P.

We also have games like Dust514 on PS3, which is more of an MMOFPS, and Defiance...also more of an MMOTPS.
objdadon  +   985d ago
Only way they can shut me up is if xbox live is free. I'll get both, but if it's not, they can kiss it!
Limit760  +   985d ago
It's already been confirmed that Xbox Live will NOT be free. You can however spend $35 on a year subscription of xbox live when they come up on or ebay. That's what I did. That comes out to NINE-ish cents per day for Xbox live. If you cannot afford that, I am truly sorry for you.
silvacrest  +   985d ago
it's not about being able to afford it, i cant believe people still dont get that

its about paying for something that comparable platforms have for free
Eyeco  +   985d ago
I can afford it, I just don't think it's worth it, I can't believe in 2013 people are still trying to justify paying for live.
#12.1.2 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report
objdadon  +   985d ago
Oh, I can surely afford it! I loved the voice chat but everything else they offer I just don't care for, exclusives included. Now that sony has all of this free, I won't pay a $1.00 for xbox live!
Ser  +   985d ago
It's principle. It has literally nothing to do with affording it. When will you guys understand that?
DigitalRaptor  +   985d ago
Thank the heavens for logical people on this site, who actually care about their consumer rights.

It's never been about not being able to afford it. That's just a dumb fanboy deflection. It's about having to pay yearly to access the online part of a game that you've already paid for and runs primarily using P2P technology, which is basically MS charging you for using your own Internet connection.

I swear, if there's no option to simply connect to basic online for free and they charge you for free apps again, with the XB1, and you guys defend it - there is literally no hope. MS might as well charge $80 a year and you'd still take it.
#12.1.5 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
Narutone66  +   985d ago
Since some of you guys are willing to pay for something that is free, maybe I could interest you on buying this bottled-air I'm selling.
sarshelyam  +   984d ago
It's isn't the's the perception of value. There is no reason why Sony can give you FREE online access to play with friends, while Microsoft spins it as a premium service. Right now, I keep my XBL sub for one thing only, and that's party chat. Even then, that reason is subjectively questionable.

Microsoft is charging me to unlock features.

Sony offers me an annual subscription, makes it optional, and on top of some cool service features...I'm inundated with free monthly content.

One of these services is consumer-centric and it isn't difficult to see which it is.
MysticStrummer  +   985d ago
That's always been my main issue as well. I haven't been a MS fan since before they got into gaming, but all my friends bought 360s because they couldn't stand to wait for PS3 to release. I would have bought a 360 as well to play online with them if the online play was free. I was glad when all those same friends got rid of their 360s in favor of PS3s. Now I honestly don't know anyone with a 360, and I'm in 360 country (USA).

@Limit - It's not really about affording it. It's about buying a game, then having to pay a rental fee to play the online portion. That's BS.
#12.2 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
zeroskie  +   985d ago
The same thing happened to me. My friends slowly all switched to PS3 and my Xbox got used less and less.
xDHAV0K24x  +   985d ago
Do u have a temporary game library on that ps+ rental thing?
irepbtown  +   984d ago
It was sort of the opposite for me.
I got my PS3 and most of my friends had 360. The few that had a PS3 slowly moved to 360 for this one reason ONLY; more friends had 360.

So there you have it, they got a 360 because most of our friends had one. I was tempted to get one for the very same reason but rumors of next gen were cropping up last year so I'm sticking with my PS3.

Already put a deposit down for the PS4.
ShwankyShpanky  +   984d ago
@xDHAV0K24x: yes, "temporary" being the duration of your subscription.

Anything you get "free" with PS+, you can use/play for as long as you subscribe to PS+, on up to three PS3s simultaneously (even using different PSN accounts, as long as the subscribing account is activated on the machine).

Anything you buy with a PS+ discount is yours to keep even after your sub expires.
silvacrest  +   985d ago
microsoft should dis-spell certain rumors at the very least, why wait till E3 when the opinion among gamers is so bad right now?
ryanf_279  +   985d ago
MS kinnect exclusives, gears, and HALO can't save them from their ANTI consumer/gamer/developer/retai ler agenda...MS E3 conference won't matter.
smashcrashbash  +   985d ago
Yes that is right.Try to defuse Microsoft's crappy reveal by telling us to shut up like a child.Try to pretend that their reveal wasn't vague and uneventful.Keep trying to use Sony's reveal as a shield to make excuses for their bad reveal.Keep pretending that there is nothing to be pissed about or the fact that Microsoft put gamers on the back burner to talk about who they are going to compete with.It's amazing how exactly what we say to defend the PS4 is damage control but any crap said to defend the Xbox one is being sensible. Lash out at everyone and pretend that Microsoft is an angel and would never exploit it's buyers.
SOULJER  +   985d ago
The only way they can shut me up. Is if all the women that work for microsoft, are naked and drop in a tub of baby oil. Then all the men are dress in clown suits. With kick me in the @$$ signs on their backs. The media gets up and oblige's them. Then if they all just turn around with their backs facing the camera. Moon the crowd,and start screaming buy X-box one. I be as quiet as a mouse.
Veneno  +   985d ago
You wanna see Nancy Tellum naked? Ewwwwwww.......
MRMagoo123  +   985d ago
Like i have already said before MS could show 500 exclusives coming out at launch the console it still sh#t and a spy tech thats it so it wont change my mind.
Killabites  +   985d ago
****************HELP********** *****

What are the chances of Microsoft releasing two consoles one casual like the one we seen at the at Xbox conference, and another to be shown at E3 for Hardcore gamers.

Wouldn't that be a better strategy for Microsoft as they get the best of both worlds one for casual one for Hardcore.
Veneno  +   985d ago
Yes! Yes! Then they can call it Xbox Two. The all in 2 device :+)
ginsunuva  +   985d ago
remember, guys, the media writes for whoever pays them
denawayne  +   985d ago
The same people that complain about the "checking in every 24 hours" are the same people checking into this site every 24 hours....
T2  +   984d ago
Oh did you PAY a fee to check in here ? Is the website requiring you to verify your account every 24 hours ? Great comparison /s

I swear some people would line up to buy a console that required a blood sample to log on
unicron7  +   985d ago
They could unveil some of the best exclusives ever, but if always online and used game fees are the norm, I'll have nothing to do with the Xbone.
thetrugamer  +   985d ago
Agreed, these policies have to go or that's it for me.
khuram_f6  +   985d ago
Yes the last few microsoft e3 was about kinect and tv entertainment. But i dont understand why everyone thinks they will release 10 kinect games? during the launch of a console their is simply no casual/ family market to target. Only hardcore gamers are attracted at the beginning, as a result they have no choice to release atleast a number of blockbuster games in order to attract them.

Heres hoping Rare's exclusive is Killer Instinct
objdadon  +   985d ago
Ps+ kills xbox live. And it's optional! If you're willing to pay, then you mind as well get to play cool games among other perks for your money. Just saying.
deanobi  +   985d ago
I'll probably get hundreds of disagrees off here but the Xbox One will most likely be the most popular console next generation.

There's no denying that it has huge appeal to a variety of audiences, far more than the Wii U and PS4.

If Microsoft have a good E3 I believe Xbox One will out sell PS4 at launch worldwide. The Xbox One will be able to do all that the Wii and PS4 will and more, even with less power than the PS4 as the majority of popular games will be multi-platform.
T2  +   984d ago
I cant disagree that 12 year old cod players will beg their parents for one in north America , but xbone "outsell ps4 worldwide at launch" would require xbox to be free, or cheaper than free lol
Belking  +   985d ago
"The Microsoft Press Conference Will Shut You Up"

Not here on
Smootherkuzz  +   985d ago
24hr-DRM Please
Alway on! The feature can be switched off when not needed,just like current Kinect now. I turn it off so it don't get damaged from being on when I am not using it. The 24hr game check should not be a problem,the 360 runs checks now when put a disc in and looks for who knows what besides updates. DRM was caused by people who don't like to
pay so you know this was coming at some point in video console gaming.Times are changing fast.Will it be hacked sure it will the hackers are already at work and MS is ready trust that.
#26 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Kidmyst  +   985d ago
As a gamer MSFT needs to clear the air and straighten the messages out and set things straight while showing us awesome games we want. If after E3 they still say "more details to come later" then it'll be a firestorm all over. IF MSFT confirms certain concerns I have then no matter what games they show I will not be interested. Paying for an XBL membership better give me more than cloud, cross chat and playing online. Maybe Cloud will be like Steam, you can play your games 100% off your system, or sync them to cloud and stream them to free up HDD space. Guess we'll find out at E3
waltercross  +   985d ago
"They need to appeal to a larger audience than just those who play video games, they need to appeal to parents, grandparents and those who never thought they needed a gaming console" But WHY? Putting a Blu-ray player in it and allowing Netflix etc is one thing, Why WHY attach your cable Box to the XBO and your XBO to the TV?. Why try to branch out into all of this TV stuff?. Jack of all trades but master of none. Anyone who thinks that the gaming part won't suffer is kidding themselves.

I Know that some people will like this Idea, but there dividing their user base that they already have with the 360.

Anyways I don't think thats even the biggest issue that people have with the XBO anyways, XBO has many issues that gamers do not care for. Hopefully MS can enlighten us more at E3.
waltercross  +   985d ago
Anyone remember when Sony advertised that the PS3 Will be a multimedia device?, many...including XBOX fans started joking how..."But does it play games??", or "People buy it for the Blu-ray". I remember clearly because Thats when I joined N4G. But now some of these same people are saying how the XBO and It's TV Stuff, always on crap is perfectly ok. Hypocrites.

What MS is doing far surpasses anything that Sony did with the PS3 in regards to All Media, TV Shit.
Excalibur  +   985d ago
I don't care how many exclusives it has, the only way you are going to shut me up is

1.To announce a second skew that has a system that doesn't come with a Kinect 2.0.

2. Drop their rumored used game policy and leave it how it currently is.

3. Drop the DRM intrusive game installs and required internet checks.

Do that and I might "shut up".
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