Opinion: The one-console theory is rubbish, we've already seen it in action and it doesn't work

There's a bloody good reason why developers and publishers are behind a single unified console concept: both parties stand to gain a lot more financially if there is just a single platform. Publishers want to reach as large an install base as possible and that is difficult in the current console climate given that there are three very different machines out there all taking up different spaces in console land. Developers also want it because conforming to the wishes of the publishers means dedicating more valuable resources to adapting games for multiple platforms rather than focussing on making the core game itself even better.

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Harry1903859d ago

good for developers,
bad for consumers?

bluegoblin3859d ago

for mentioning what we care for

Breakfast3859d ago

It has its ups and its downs... All games in one standard, but theyre would be a lack of competition though. Which degrades the quality of games.

Gorgon3859d ago

Lack of competition? Why? Developers/publishers would compete with each other to sell their games. I've never seen games for windows suffer from lack of competition.

Breakfast3859d ago

I mean console base...sorry lol. Lack of new features HOME, thats a new feature set to be better then xbl. Probably would have never been implemented if xbl wasnt there.

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HarryEtTubMan3859d ago

EA + MicroFLOP = Want to take out Sony.

Take two + Madden + Bioware + Pandemic + Everything = Nothing left for Sony and a Microsft only console.

That is the ONLY WAY Micrsoft will ever beat Sony. I dont know if it really in the works but I wouldn't doubt it.

bootsielon3859d ago

But a single-platform theory isn't. How many internets do we use? Ten? Twelve? A thousand? No, a single one. And you don't go out and buy an "internet machine". You simply go to an ISP in order to get access to the internet, but the same internet that everybody uses, where you can access everything that everyone can.

With videogames, it's not gonna be one console. It's gonna be many consoles until TVs become internet hubs. TVs will make game consoles obsolete; instead, you'll simply buy a game controller that is compatible with the TV. Your TV won't even need to process the game, it'll only receive information the way the PSP does when playing PS3 games by remote play; it's simply a screen and it receives the inputs, but what's processing the game is elsewhere.

It would be pointless for TV manufacturers to make their TVs incompatible. TVs are going to become PCs or at least Media Centers where everything will be streamed, and you'll choose which kind of controller you'll use for the input, but the only thing that will be exclusive will be games to game controllers, and not games to game consoles. And since controllers will probably not cost more than today's $60, then the market will expand quite fast. Hell, casual games might not even need you to buy a controller.

tordavis3859d ago

How would one console make for a lack of competition? You mean Visual Concepts and EA would no longer make basketball games if there was one console? That doesn't make sense. Of course there would be competition...between developers! The only thing that might hurt in a single console world is that the single console would be expensive because of no competition from other CONSOLE makers.

The funny thing is, PSFanboys still want PS3 world domination. Wouldn't that be one console if it were to happen?

Gorgon3859d ago

I'm sure Xbox Fanboys whish the same.

Richdad3859d ago

Why do PS gamers are so pissed of with PC also I am seeing same type of attitude in 360 gamers too. I although am a 360 gamer still I like PC it will never die know why because game are made on PC so are available as soon as they are made and you dont require licensing for them but for console you require that.

DarkArcani3859d ago

Think of it in terms of A and B.
If "B" was never in competition with "A", do you know what would happen. "A" could do what ever they want. You would only be getting minor improvements and minimal innovation. "A" can also jack the prices on everything because it is in full control.
*Real world example: Do you think the PS3, if the only console on the market, would lower its prices? I don't think so. They wouldn't need to. Also, if the 360 was the only console, they might raise online membership prices. Seeming there is no competition and if you want to play online, you have to pay.*
Thankfully we live in the world where there is both "A" and "B" trying to do the best they can to try and beat each other.

Gorgon3859d ago

You are forgeting 2 things. First, to sell games you need to bring down the price of consoles. Second, sence many companies would be selling the "unified" console they would compete among themselves in terms of hardware price.

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ElementX3859d ago

If there was only one console on the market, whoever designed it could sell it for as much as they wanted. The price could stay at one level forever.

Richdad3859d ago

Also their would be competition between differnet devs and hardware manufacutrer to get you the best, also the author of article said that PC gaming is a mess you have to get so much thing but look at the bright side no one can get along without a PC today can you think of gradutaion with a 360 or even a PS3 which is said to be a PC but its not fully appleicable to that extent. What if you had to learn programming, or certain software.
So if you are buying one get a good one and hardware is not a mess their are alot of option I think the author has not been seeing PC prices for some time which have came down and the option to upgrade is unique you can do it at once and PS3 is claimed to be good for HDD exchange PC has it from begining.
Also as I mentioned Pc is evitable for anyone now and if some one purchases a 1000$ Pc he is in luck crysis runs on 600$ PC now. Also aget a medium range PC it will last for 3 years atleast. The only thing I and most people dont upgrade or like to upgrade their PC is that the game have gone rare on them but hings are changing even Publishers like Square Enix are seeking to go for PC.

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