The Sword Is Mightier Than the Gun

Nick writes:

Swords are cooler than guns. This was my revelation after playing Halo 4 and Dishonored back-to-back. Sword fights are, in every way, more exciting and more thrilling and more satisfying and scarier than gunfights. This stems from the back-and-forth pacing inherent in a sword fight: The attack is immediately followed by a parry, offense is immediately followed by defense, and advantage is immediately followed by disadvantage. There’s a story within a sword fight that’s missing from a gunfight because the latter is over far too quickly

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xamtheking1791d ago

Then how does a Gunblade rank?

jc485731790d ago

if by gunblade, i suppose you mean the ones where you only pull the trigger to add heat onto the sword or are you referring to the one where Lighting wields? She can switch between gun and sword.

zlpw0ker1790d ago

and the only example you pull out is lightnings weapon.dont forget about squalls gunblade

KillrateOmega1790d ago

Raiden agrees with this.

High-frequency blades for the win!

pr0t0typeknuckles1790d ago

Well,duh,but in all seriousness I thought I was the only person that was pro sword over a gun,swordsmen always know how to switch it up.

jacksonmichael1790d ago

You thought you were the only person out of seven billion?

pr0t0typeknuckles1790d ago

cant tell you how many times ive seen someone say oh guns over sword because they blow stuff up,so yeah i was worried that i was the only one.

ironfist921790d ago

I find there's more honour by sword than by gun.

The metal stays with you forever, and so does the blood it drinks.

fsfsxii1790d ago

Angeal agrees with that
Also, a Sword makes a dude very badass AKA Sephiroth

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