Ubisoft’s Alex Hutchinson on why E3 will be all about games for Xbox One

Edge:Last week’s Xbox One reveal event was for shareholders and the mainstream, but E3 will be all about games, says Ubisoft Montreal’s Alex Hutchinson.

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ltachiUchiha1821d ago

Hope so, my 360 been dying for a new exclusive.

sengoku1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

well after that s***storm do they dare to show anything ells.

ltachiUchiha1821d ago

Honestly i think their done with the 360 & we wont see any new core games for it because they will stick with xbox one & have kinect go to both.

amiga-man1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

With their anti consumer policies I don't give a toss what games they show until they change their DRM plans etc as well as paying for online the xbox one has no interest to me.

AngelicIceDiamond1821d ago

The Xbox One will be stealing all the exclusives from 360. And Ryse was one of them.

Munky1821d ago

For MS's sake, the games better be absolutely mind blowing.

DonFreezer1821d ago

For Sony's shake the games better be mind blowing.

kenshiro1001821d ago

Has nothing to do with Sony. Off topic.

syphon321821d ago

Their not going to be and Sony doesn't have anything to worry about at this point.

ANIALATOR1361821d ago

it has to be after that disastrous reveal. Sony are going to throw everything they've got at E3 so Microsoft need to tread carefully

ANIALATOR1361821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Because Sony have been particularly aggressive with marketing and such recently and they are obviously going to push something as big as the PS4 the best they can. Same goes for Microsoft even though they've made some bad decisions. The world is watching and if Microsoft upset core gamers again, chances are they will have had enough and flock to the PS4.

Software_Lover1821d ago

.......... I cant argue with that comback. I was ready to get you too, lol.


FrigidDARKNESS1821d ago

Sony has said that this year e3 will be about the Vita.

ANIALATOR1361821d ago

I would expect a part of the conference will be reserved to talk about upcoming games for the vita but the majority will be for the PS4 (Console aesthetic reveal, games showcase etc)

NextGen24Gamer1821d ago

I told Sony Fans to calm down and that developers would soon start talking about how Xbox One's ability to use Microsofts 300,000 servers to assist in games! Right on the Box when you purchase your new Xbox One it will say Powered by the Cloud! It's been in Microosfts plan all along. By taking processor heavy computations and doing them in the cloud, it free's up the xbox one hardware! Very smart move by MS and people who don't understand the tech will bash it and say it won't work.

No one is more qualified to say if it will work than developers who have actually done it before with PC games! LOL...

So hate all you want to Sony Fans, I thank Microsoft for truly creating a next gen machine that will improve every year as internet speeds continue to get faster and faster.

For anyone who thinks that Sonys cloud service can do the same! Your wrong. Maybe if Sony invests in expanding their cloud and servers...But they are years behind Microsoft in that department! Sonys service that they purchsed currently has 12 datacenters/servers world wide. LOL...Not even close but good enough if all they do is stream content/games.

"I think [Xbox One and PS4] will be very similar in the end," Blomberg says. "Of course, if we find areas where either platform is particularly strong then we'll take advantage of that. But it's too early to say if our games will look better on any of the two platforms. All I can say is that there's potential for visually stunning games on both platforms."

In the end, it's the games that will matter. Not all the negative talk by a small band of Sony Fans.

I won't deny that xbox 360 owners as a whole were disappointed in the xbox one reveal. But, only because they didn't give them what they wanted to see. GAMES!!!!

But, unlike what many sony fans are trying to say, Us xbox owners will wait and see what the games will look and play like at E3 before we even consider not purchasing the xbox one.

Me personally, I will get both consoles and play the games I want to play as a REAL Gamer! The reason I come across as such a fan of Xbox is because I do the majority of my gaming on xbox live and all of my friends & family game on xbox live. It's a social thing and if the games are Great, we will continue to play on xbox live when xbox one is released!

Its an exciting time to be a gamer, and I feel bad for fanboys who are limited by their $$$'s and can only chose one console and miss out on incredible experiences on the opposing console!

kenshiro1001821d ago

I like how you insinuate that anyone who has one console is a fanboy.

Stop your holier than thou attitude. Your comment is just as fanboyish as the fanboys you speak against.

NextGen24Gamer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I'm not insinuating that if you only have one console you are a fanboy! But if you only have ONE console but yet you troll Xbox articles and talk bad about a system that you don't have and don't intend on purchasing, That my friend makes you a fanboy!

Real Gamers are not limited by their $$$'s and play the games THEY WANT TO PLAY!

I don't have an agenda when I talk about Sony or MS. When I was a kid, my father bought the arcade units for 2000 to 4000 a pop! You can say, i was raised playing video games and money has never been an issue for me!

There hasn't been a console that I haven't owned, and while I liked some, and didn't like others, I actually played them and have no loyalty to one brand or another.

I loved the dreamcast, I didn't like the nintendo 64, I loved the PSONE, but I didn't like the ps2, I loved the original xbox & the 360, I love the ps3, I'm excited for the Xbox ONE and I'm excited for the ps4. I didn't like the Wii or the Wii U so far. I liked Coleco and the sega saturn,I didn't like intellevision or the Jaguar. I can go on and on! No fanboy hear. I have 4 super computers in my house as I started as a PC gamer before there were graphics. Playing games in Dos. Then falling in love with the first few Kings Quest games.

Bottome line is I would hate to be a fanboy. Limited to one console whether its money restraints or just ignorance. Either way it sucks!

And I'm going to be honest, it seems that xbox gamers are a lot more mature than Sony gamers. Either that or Sony gamers just speak the loudest on forums like this! IDK, but it's a trend that doesn't match console sales. Obviously the sales across the xbox and sony are pretty even right now though Xbox is well ahead in the USA...but with that said son fans in forums like these out number xbox fans 20-1 easy. So they speak the loudest but that's about it! It's an interesting dynamic that I observe. It's all hilarious to me!

Sony fans which hope and pray for the xbox brand to fail! As if they win something if Xbox does. I remember the pre launch for the xbox 360! It was insane how many sony fans said the xbox would fail and no one would buy it!

What happened? LOL GROW UP!

DoesUs1821d ago


Keep the dream alive fella. Interesting all this cloud stuff, yet MS hardly said anything during the conference? No examples? Wonder why....

BLow1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

@ Elite...

So now I'm confused. So will this "cloud computing power" only work if your an Xbox live member or just having your console connected to the net. So far I just heard it's just for multiplayer.What about those that are not? What about if your don't have a connection? How's that going to work? Yes, it may take years for Sony to do this same thing but how soon do you figure this will be used for the One's games. There are still millions and millions of people out there without internet or don't have access. So will there games be inferior? What about people with data caps on their internet?

All this stuff sounds good on paper but I have a feeling if Sony had said this then people would be just as skeptical. The only way this will work if every console has to ALWAYS ONLINE. Hmmmmm

devwan1821d ago

lol.. if the cloud stuff was so almighty powerful they'd just continue selling the 360 and have it match or outperform the ps4 with a little sprinkle of this magic fairy dust instead of requiring this new black box to sit under the TV.

kenshiro1001821d ago

Hey, guess what. I own more than one console too but I don't talk down on other people.

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syphon321821d ago

Sony could throw a squirt of piss and destroy Ms, xbox 1 is the 1 most unpopular topic now. Ms has the most to worry about... how to win back gamers

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Dno1821d ago

Man the media is soooo biased. If Sony released that fail of a reveal the media would be KILLING them. instead the fans are killing the xbox and the media is loving this big ass DVR box. lmao!

The fans are loving the ps4 yet all the media cares about is seeing the box......

Man Gaming is for kids run by kids andthats just sad

goldwyncq1821d ago

Could you please be more coherent? I didn't get what you just said at all.

Software_Lover1821d ago

............... WTF have you been reading?

christian hour1821d ago

I thought the "why" was pretty self explanatory, Microsoft said E3 would be all about the games, why is this even still in doubt that we need someone from Ubisoft telling us what we already know? As long as they don't all look as terrible as CODGhosts, and those new IP's arent mostly Kinect titles, I think microsoft might recover from last weeks fiasco. All I'm saying is they have a lot of convincing to do if they're going to see a penny from me next gen.

Hercules1891821d ago

I have no idea why they used ghosts as a representation of xbox one, cod has always had crap graphics since after cod 4. They couldve had epic or a gameplay for ryse or someone that is known for graphics because we all know that one is capable of a lot lot more than ghosts right.

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