Dead Island new screenshots

3 screenshots and a handful of artwork from Techland's upcoming survival FPS Dead Island.

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tony3323d ago

scarily bad and horrific. are this the ps2 version screenshots ?

TheIneffableBob3323d ago

Yeah... I don't think the PS2 can produce these kinds of graphics.

bluegoblin3323d ago

i didnt know that becoming a zombie had side effects like exess of saturated fat and horrible graphics...

Richdad3323d ago

Dont tell me that every one in your town has 6 pack abs so you are pissed of to see Zombies with some fat.
But if you feel so bad why dont you open a Gym for them. Too bad they dont know how to excercise.

bluegoblin3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I didnt know that you worked for the ZCRI ( Zombies Civil Rights Institution) i was just kidding ok i was just wondering why 99.9 percent of the zombies were fat sorry if i offended you ;D

Rattles3323d ago

cool dont know many games releasing on ps2 this year but i might pick this up, looks alright for a ps2 game

Richdad3323d ago

Sorry PS2 gamer you have play with pissed of graphics techland tried to make this game on PS2 but they only were able to render a single zombie without texture and their PS2 sparked and got burned due to overload.

InMyOpinion3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

It looks like the screenshots are'nt shown in their full resolution, hence the jaggies. Techland are the developers of Call of Juarez. If you know anything about graphics, you know that CoJ had some pretty amazing graphics. I'm sure Dead Island will have that also.

Richdad3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Graphics are upgraded from COJ but animaiton in COJ was little stiff for next gen but In Dead Island Techland is pushing the envelope for animation as it plays a important role in gameplay of Dead Island. But anyways this doesnt looks half bad easily better than R6Vegas 2 and Condemmed 2.
The shots make look that texture are a little rough I mean rock like skin of zombies but i have seen a video the zombie skin looks really organic and living in motion.
Also the vehicle looks amazing abd you can drive that. Texture work is really nice even after such huge draw distance.

tony3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

the envelope for animation? show me a video then i believe it.

Boldy3323d ago

The multi-layer damage system looks very nice to me.

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