Tecmo Koei Details Their E3 Line-Up and Dates Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Making life easier for us, Tecmo Koei detailed their E3 line-up today, while also giving out a few release dates for some of their upcoming titles. Here’s everything that they’ll be showing off at E3, along with some details for each game.

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TrendyGamers1488d ago

September is shaping up to be an awesome month.

dbjj120881488d ago

Tons of cool games coming in Sep. Way more than last year it seems.

Snookies121488d ago

Yeah, a lot of good stuff... GTAV comes first for me though lol.

Andreas-Sword1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Yes, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and Toukiden coming to the west!
Day 1 buy!

syphon321487d ago

why early 2014 for yaiba, should be coming out this year, it better be stellar with this long of a wait.

Vandamme211487d ago

since team ninja is seperated into two teams..the first team is working on dead or alive 5 ultimate...the second team is probally working on ninja gaiden 4 for next gen consoles.