Vita Games ‘Atelier Meruru Plus’ and ‘Toukiden’ Confirmed for Western Release

"Tecmo Koei has sent out their E3 lineup, games that they will feature at the expo in just a few weeks. Among those games included two Vita titles being localized from Japan. These games are ATELIER MERURU PLUS: THE APPRENTICE OF ARLAND and TOUKIDEN. For those of you who welcome the Vita love, here’s the info..."

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Snookies121879d ago

Oh sweet, I enjoyed playing Meruru more than Totori actually. (Still didn't get far in each though) So I might just pick that up on Vita.

SoundGamer1879d ago

Yeah, I'll be picking both games up. I have been wanting to get back into the Atelier series and I was really hoping Toukiden would be localized. I'm glad we'll get both!

ThatMiamiGuy1879d ago

More Vita games for North America? That's always a good thing! :)

sherimae24131879d ago

lots of vita goodnews recently.....
and i love it! ^_^

o-Sunny-o1879d ago

Yay ! Vita ! Great News ! ^~^ !

Sanquine901879d ago

Jeez:D I love this:D More vita is always a good thing/. Dont know why it is not selling.. I played 2 hours straight after i came from my work:) Killed the werewolf and ceberus:D

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