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Submitted by bunt-custardly 914d ago | opinion piece

The Big E3 reveal and why Microsoft isn't worried by Internet sentiment

Microsoft won't be bothered by the current Internet sentiment as E3 looms. (Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   914d ago
MS knows that people on the web are only the minority voice
Mr_Nuts  +   914d ago | Intelligent
Well I wouldn't say they are the minority, I've heard people who don't even go on forums and stuff call Microsoft.

Besides if they weren't that worried what's the PR damage control and then disabling the comments on their Youtube video. They are worried in my opinion and they should be.
NewMonday  +   914d ago
"Besides if they weren't that worried what's the PR damage control and then disabling the comments on their Youtube video. They are worried in my opinion and they should be"

+intelligent bubble

and Mattrick, Greenberg , Major Nelson and Harrison contradicting each other in interviews is not a sign of confidence.
LOGICWINS  +   914d ago
N4G: "Xbox One sucks!"

Meanwhile in reality,
Gimmemorebubblez  +   914d ago
What do you think of the Xbox One?
LOGICWINS  +   914d ago
I think it has potential. Whether Microsoft realizes that potential is up to them.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   914d ago
I think your right that it has potential but common really.....
N4G: "Xbox One sucks!"
Meanwhile in reality,

I guess I will add to the flame-war.
Mr_Nuts  +   914d ago
Don't you think that's because they gave it a better release date then the PS4 which is currently

*** Release Date: March 31, 2020 ***

Lets not forget the console hasn't been shown off yet. Who outside the core gaming community is going to pre order something on their where the only pictures are of the controller and the logo. Plus it is the american Amazon, Microsoft has a firm grip at the moment on that region
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LOGICWINS  +   914d ago
I agree that America's grip on NA played a factor here.
Robtherobot2013  +   914d ago
@Logicwins They don't know what we know...
Godmars290  +   914d ago
And look at all the PS3 games filling up the list.

Also have to wonder how many Xb1 are the typical buy day-1, sell on eBay for profit.
Bigpappy  +   914d ago
Very interesting indeed Logicwins. It will be interesting to see what happens after E3. Then the follow up results during the holiday season.

I warned these, so call hardcore, that the power of Kinect's potential should not be ignored. It is a huge selling point with the casuals and others who are fascinated by how it could even work. Form what I have seen, the improvements will draw a whole new set of attention. Even it M$ has the largest core game reveal of all times, Kinect may still win over the crowd.
LOGICWINS  +   914d ago
As I said, the Xbox One will do very well if MS makes the right moves. The couple thousand forum dwellers and keyboard warriors on gaming sites mean absolutely nothing in the broad scheme of things. If the Internet reflected what actually goes on in the industry, COD would have been banished years ago and more than 14 people across the globe would own a Vita.

If people want to live in a fictional world, let them do so. Im frankly done arguing the matter. In regards to the PS4 vs. Xbox One articles, I'll just hang back and watch the animals verbally tear each other apart. Brick walls aren't worth arguing with.
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NewMonday  +   914d ago
"The couple thousand forum dwellers and keyboard warriors on gaming sites mean absolutely nothing in the broad scheme of things"

like they didn't make a difference with the WiiU?

what is the point of internet marketing(adds/interviews/revi ews) if the Internet "dwellers" don't matter?
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Skips  +   913d ago
Do you know what "updated daily" means on Amazon??? lol

It counts how many are Added on to wishlists THAT DAY. Not the overall amount.

Xbox One was announced 1 week ago.
PS4 was announced 3 months ago...

This is exactly how best sellers work when "Updated hourly".

Counts how many are bought THAT HOUR. If overall was the case, Black Ops II should be well above Halo 4.
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stage88  +   914d ago
They should be worried, the policies they displayed puts the xbone onto the NEVER buy list no matter what games they show.
wishingW3L  +   914d ago
sad but true.

The uninformed > The informed
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Maddens Raiders  +   914d ago
MS knows that people (their user base) in 'Merrica will still buy into what their selling -

Hell MS watched over the years as RROD decimated 360 after 360 only to have sheep go buy another one. MS charged for proprietary HDD at ridiculous costs and sheep still went and purchased them, MS lied about RROD and sheep still said "it's ok Daddy MS we know you didn't mean it". MS had so many failed boxes at FOXCONN that they couldn't even take anymore in for repair and had to ask for a reprieve. Still news of this did not deter sheep.

MS told all of their fans that HD-DVD was the "future proof format" and that they all needed to submit. And submit they did, buying HD-DVD add ons left and right - hell, MS even bragged about it to their faces: "the [HD-DVD add on] is the biggest-selling accessory Microsoft has ever sold for the Xbox 360" I know, it's hard to feel sorry for the poor saps that ran out and bought this junk.

MS has been charging ppl for years to use the internet on their console w/o a single consumer revolution or backlash and has no plans to discontinue this asinine practice anytime soon, so after the reveal of the bone and all of the backlash it's deservedly receieved... I say MS shouldn't worry either. With a fan base like they have, how can they go wrong?
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   914d ago
I was just reading this article somewhere else. Its sensible, rational and logical.

Now Minus the bad reveal and PR disaster

"Xbox has a massive fanbase what with 70 million odd units sold of the Xbox 360. How many of those customers sit on website forums or post comments on popular websites each day bringing their fears and concerns to the public sphere? Not many – and it’s this fact that Microsoft is not spilling the beans and bowing down to the vocal minority until it’s ready to."

Exactly. Its currently No.1 on Amazon's wishlist and broke Blockbuster pre- order records.

As a real gamer I want MS to stay in the industry. I want Sony, MS and Nintendo to do well at E3.

gano  +   913d ago
i dont want a non gamin company in this biz.
lets get football players to tell basketball players how to do
their thing.
and taco bell should make cars.
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rainslacker  +   913d ago
I disagree that they aren't worried. If that's the case we would have seen a lot more press releases and interviews coming out about their new system, and the games. They have been relatively silent compared to what is normally done after a reveal. Worried may not be the right word to use though. Something more along the lines of they are trying to figure out how to turn this around and get the negatives off of them.

This is the time, regardless of the reveals merits, that their system would have the limelight in the media. Because of all this, they have not really been able to get the positive sides of the system out there, and when they do, people don't care because of all this other mess. If all these negatives hadn't of happened after the reveal, then no doubt they would be talking up the features shown with more ambition.

I don't want MS to fail just because, I want them to bring something good to gaming. If they can't do that then I couldn't care less if they leave the market. I think they did good with the Xbox and 360, but right now, I haven't seen anything good they're bringing with the next gen.
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syphon32  +   913d ago
That's not accurate NYC_non gamer, if the internet, which everybody is on is the minority.. then who is the majority mate?
Solo227  +   914d ago
....Because the fanboys are gonna buy it anyway and brag about it...
NewMonday  +   914d ago
fanboys are never enough, Nintendo found that out with the WiiU, the majority are out for what is best for them, the 360 was great for many and the best for what they want.
Dlacy13g  +   914d ago
I am sure MS has concern over what has happened but from the sounds of it they think that E3 is going to clear up a lot and more importantly show the games to a level that people will forget the lack of games at the reveal. And to that I say, I really hope they do bring a ton of games to E3 and really set the bar high. We shall see.
OSIRUSSS  +   914d ago
Maybe they looked at Sony's BS at the PS3 reveal period about getting 2 jobs and whatnot,and said hey" they did that and beat us in sales at this point we will do anything to win a Gen!"
LOGICWINS  +   914d ago
So..basically ur saying that Xbox fanboys somehow rigged the level of desire in Amazon in favor of the Xbox One over the PS4...all because they were offended by something an elder Asian man said 7 years ago. Yeah, that makes a ton of sense.
RAFFwaff  +   914d ago
big mistake. forums are full of the so-called hardcore gamers that usually buys xbox products. soccer moms and the casual market may have had their interest piqued more with xbox 1 announcement however, and THEY dont tend to hang out like us losers in gaming forums haha.
NewMonday  +   914d ago
and how many core games do soccer moms buy, how did core games do with the Wii?

if the PS4 and XBone end up splitting between casuals and gamers then I would be very happy with that. core games get a better foundation and a more focused audience.
tigertron  +   914d ago
Those people on the internet who are complaining (like me) tell people/friends who are less informed and maybe don't visit forums and things. I've shared all of my Xbox One woes with friends and work colleagues and they were all shocked.

Basically, Microsoft shouldn't underestimate the internet community, word of mouth is still a big thing.
creized1  +   914d ago
Exactly mate,
The way i have spread the whole thing around LOL
rainslacker  +   913d ago
Casuals are also more likely to ask their gaming friends(or their friends kids) about these system, and since we're "more informed" we will tell them what we know. Often times in the past, these recommendations could be based on system bias, but I think a lot of people that actually like their friends, may mention this stuff.

I say this because everyone I know always asks me about what kind of computer to buy, even if they have no intention of buying one.
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optimus  +   914d ago
the writer is banking on Microsoft doing well based on the millions of misinformed but he's not banking on those same misinformed returning the box after a week or 2. Plus e3 is a highly covered event, rest assured that these misinformed will be INformed after e3 since it will be covered in the news and through advertising leading up to it's release and Christmas.

You better believe those best buy weekly sales WILL HAVE "must have broadband connection to play games" in their description if they don't want weekly returns... Not only that but word of mouth travels fast and even though mom and dad don't spend a lot of time on gaming forums they will eventually learn the disadvantages of buying it...
Is it a coincidence that nintendo and sony's stock got a major spike and microsoft's took a major hit after their reveal?? Those stock holders will want to know why; and even though it's believed microsoft doesn't listen to gamers they WILL listen to their stock holders when they bail out.
The Great Melon  +   914d ago
"word of mouth travels fast and even though mom and dad don't spend a lot of time on gaming forums they will eventually learn the disadvantages of buying it..."

So true. My mom the other day asked me what was the controversy with the Xbox One. She has never touched a game in her life and probably doesn't even know what a forum is. Word of mouth travels fast.
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ghostgaming  +   914d ago
They should worry - My XBL account is due to renew on 6/24 and I will not be renewing as I have no plans to purchase the XB1 because of the numerous issues discussed on various forums - and I was a 10 year customer. I will just stick with the PS4, I do not need a glorified cable box - I can hit the input button quite easily on my remote and I have not played one game that benefited from Kinect.
TechnoSphere  +   914d ago
Depending on the launch price they might just need the core.
quenomamen  +   914d ago
Yea pay no mind to what people say about your console, go ahead and release it just the way it is.
FlyGuyHung  +   914d ago
N4G and other gaming sites where people are bitching and moaning are just a vocal minority. I know tons of people who don't read places like this that consume and influence their opinion and they are excited by it.

Still getting a PS4 (so far tho). MS just needs to mention Killer Instinct and I'll buy XboxOne day One. :p

Bring on the disagrees even tho you know im not lying.
illtownNJONE  +   914d ago
I wanna see people face when Sony announce drm etc....
OSIRUSSS  +   913d ago
MS is gonna see everyone's face with Connect!
DigitalRaptor  +   913d ago
Probably won't happen, but if it does at least there'll be the self-respect of knowing something was done to make a stand, rather than the Xbox lemons that sat there denying rumours that we all knew were true.
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DeathScythe  +   913d ago
Microsoft has good reason not worry they know that they have a huge fanbase of loyal Xbox fan's who like myself are going to support xb1.(:
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HALOisKING  +   913d ago
E3 cant wait. XBOX ONE DAY ONE!
ThatsGaming  +   913d ago
People have a love and hate relationship with MS...

MS is hated because it is a very aggressive company that is relentless and well funded in their business pursuits...

MS is loved because their products are highly integrated with each other and provide value adds that their consumers want.

Love or hate MS is up to each person... Really, MS is making this generation come down to one question...

Do you want a gaming device? Or do you want a gaming device and other stuff? I am sure MS and Sony will price their consoles similarly...

It is easier to sell non-gaming significant others on a gaming device plus... Like it or not... Most purchases of consoles are more about a family purchase or a financially constrained situation where there has to be a win-win for all parties (Significant other, family, and gamer).

I'm not saying Sony won't have the same functionality, but Sony are specifically targeting gamers. Whereas MS is trying to make sure their device is not seen only for gaming.

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