Firefox 3 Rated Best of All Browsers Over Intermet Explorer 8, Opera 9.5 and Safari

Firefox 2 suffers massive problems with memory usage, so much so that it's not unheard of for the browser to use half a gigabyte of RAM on a well-specced machine. On slower machines this kind of overhead can cripple the browsing experience. This has been largely remedied in version 3.0, with a daily average RAM consumption in our experience of around 120MB -- still quite high, but far, far more acceptable and in line with other browsers.

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doodle3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

ever since 2006

MS slowly everthing will be finished for you just like FLOP VISTA and FLOP and DEAD BOX 3 FIX ME

GETPWNT3409d ago

oh shut your f*cking mouth.

doodle3409d ago

get the hell out of this forum

You DIC**** . Gettta hell out of N4G TARD

AngryTypingGuy3408d ago

Ladies, ladies...There's no need for anyone to get out of a forum or to shut up. The whole game here is to make your point better than the people who disagree with you.

Firefox is definitely the best browser ever. I wouldn't use anything else.

smokeymicpot3409d ago

IE 8 even out yet. Anyway but Firefox is great the beta's are even good. They will just get better so will the rest of them

doodle3409d ago

has better streaming capabilities

Try watching a movie on FF and IE . FF is much faster

It is like google. The algorithm used by FF for streaming purposes uses more dynamic libraries hence saving memory .

This is why FF is a tad faster than IE

3408d ago
TriggerHappy3409d ago

Didn't doubt for a minute. Go fox.

decapitator3409d ago

Been saying this for a while now.

heyheyhey3409d ago


firefox is king

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The story is too old to be commented.