LA Noire team members founded Intuitive Game Studios

Two former members of Team Bondi, design lead Alex Carlyle and storyboarder Kelly Baigent, have just founded a new independent and very promising studio called Intuitive Game Studios.

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sherimae24131699d ago

best of luck to you guys ^_^

GameCents1699d ago

Where was it hiding? Haha. Lame joke I know.

Steezo1699d ago

Great! Looking forward to see the games coming from this studio. =)

Yukicore1698d ago

Not sure how big rule Team Bondi played in L.A. Noire development process. And what might come of this new game studio, but, correct me if i'm wrong, it may very much be associated with motion picture technologies, so I am very much interested in this.

I really enjoyed L.A. Noire, it was a very unique and fun experience.

DigitalRaptor1698d ago

This is good news. But I'm more excited for the core team's Whore of the Orient. I hope they reveal something at E3, even if it's just a teaser.

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