New Information From Tales of Festival 2013 To Be Streamed Live "It's a bit last minute, but a live stream for Tales of Festival 2013 has just been confirmed. It won't be a stream of the entire event, but of their 'new information' corner. With the recent rumors about Tales of Symphonia HD, one can't help but wonder if this is related."

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Snookies121754d ago

The Tales of Symphonia HD was already confirmed to be fake by the creator I thought.

ltachiUchiha1754d ago

Maybe they changed their minds? Lol

a7451754d ago

It doesn't always have to be about Symphonia HD.

Lucreto1754d ago

It's fake until he confirms it.

It is not going to say Yes over twitter if Namco Bandai are planning to reveal it at this event or E3.

Minato-Namikaze1754d ago

when is this live stream taking place? (cant enter the site at work).

Lucreto1754d ago


June 1st

sherimae24131754d ago

i hope there will be a new "tales of the world:radiant mytholgy" game ^_^