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Submitted by Prcko 914d ago | news

Xbox One breaks pre-order records at Blockbuster

The internet may have spent the majority of last week shouting loudly at Microsoft, but it seems that the view of the average consumer is far more positive.

Blockbuster has revealed that since its announcement last week the Xbox One has broken all previous pre-order launches in Blockbuster’s 24-year history. (Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   914d ago | Well said
Why would anyone pre order this thing?
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JoGam  +   914d ago | Well said
To watch tv?

I wonder when pre orders start for ps4 in the US.
The_Infected  +   914d ago
Most likely it will officially start after or during E3.
sengoku  +   914d ago | Well said
lolz i didn't know there were any blockbusters stores left..

whats funny tough is that PS4 has a 5 stars rating on there site, xbone only has 4.
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kneon  +   914d ago

I thought blockbuster was gone. Why would anyone go there to buy a console?

As for ratings, what a load of crap. No one has one and they are already given them ratings?
andibandit  +   914d ago
for the love of dogs
sjaakiejj  +   914d ago
Same reason people buy the iPhone

Edit: This was in response to Kratos_Kills's first post.. Pressed the wrong reply button.
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Legion  +   914d ago

Due to ratings by customers. XBox fans care less about rating down the PS4 then PS fans caring to rate down the XBox.
NatureOfLogic  +   914d ago
Remeber this, "GameStop Wii U pre-orders at 1.2 million, double the Wii" I'm just saying. Pre-orders don't really mean much in the end.
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Utalkin2me  +   914d ago
Well i can only assume most people do not pre order consoles at Blockbuster. I could assume it would amount to very little if this is the case.
ThanatosDMC  +   914d ago
"Blockbuster" <--- LOL!

They're still in business?!
thechosenone  +   914d ago
first of all who orders their console from blockbuster? and considering that not many have in the past this so called record could be as little as 10 units so if they got a preorder for 11 that would be a record for BB, and you notice how they fail to provide the actual numbers, if it's such a momentous occasion in their history why not state the actual number. lol this is nothing but a fluff piece.
negative   914d ago | Trolling | show
malol  +   914d ago

dose that thing still lives ??
thechosenone  +   914d ago
PS4 available for pre-order in EU, kicks Xbone from top spot. Still not available in UK.
FITgamer  +   914d ago
@sengoku its Blockbuster UK, not US
TAURUS-555  +   914d ago
youre right JOCAM...they just want to watch tv.
Anon1974  +   914d ago | Well said
Surprised to hear that Blockbuster was still open. I know they closed all 253 stores in Canada a couple of years ago.

Something this article needs though is a bit of context.

In the UK where this article was based, Blockbuster does have a pre-order available for the Xbox One for 20 pounds. So how do the pre-order's for the PS4 compare? Oh, they're not taking pre-orders of the PS4 at this time. Just check out the Blockbuster UK website. The US Blockbuster site doesn't take pre-orders at all. This article also don't see it necessary to provide numbers.

Here's another tidbit of information for you from their website. Blockbuster's online store in the UK went live in 2009. So, prior to that if they even took pre-orders, you would have had to have placed your orders in the store. That means the only console that Blockbuster could have offered pre-orders on, online would have been the Wii-U.

Sounds a bit like a struggling retailer trying some PR to seem relevant. They're basically saying that Xbox One pre-orders are stronger than Wii-U pre-orders were at their stores in the UK.

*slow clap*
SexyGamerDude  +   914d ago
The real question is "Who still goes to BlockBuster?"
MysticStrummer  +   914d ago
PS4 has had more social media buzz, before and after the One reveal. I expect pre-orders will reflect that eventually.

We'll know more about both after June 10th.

I honestly didn't know Blockbuster still existed.
aCasualGamer  +   914d ago
The console is named "Xbox One".

Ofcourse there will be those who don't know shit about the console other than that it has Xbox in it's name and it's a new console.

If you informed them of half the things Microsoft are planning with their new console, i'm positive they'd cancel their pre-order.

You'd have to be pretty crazy to pre-order a console that has TV channel switching as its main focus.
bullymangLer  +   914d ago
ha ha haaa . microsoft pre-ordering xBox1's?
SilentNegotiator  +   914d ago
Record pre-orders from a place that was never known for pre-orders/hardware that almost went under?


What's next? Record pre-orders at 7-11?
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blennerville  +   914d ago
Microsoft probably offered Blockbuster a special deal and pre-ordered all them xbone's themselves.

or else xobx could be responsible for this "news" and payed some journalist - it might be a record breaker for Blockbuster but its most likely still a very small no.
its the type of headline microsoft would like.
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MVGeneral  +   914d ago
1. First. - who orders from blockbuster anyways?
2. Second - "record breaking" without the numbers? so you can claim. any small number as "record breaking" as long as it has been more than the previous block buster record. Which is what, like 24?
3. Third - blockbuster wants desperately to make money, any publicity right?
4. Fourth. - dish network owns blockbuster. A huge tv company, xbox one promotes tv and may have a deal with dish network, so they are jointly promoting the new system.
Kohven  +   914d ago
I was, or rather still am, actually on the bandwagon to move to the PS side but then I realized something…what Microsoft is doing is indeed a very smart move. It’s one thing to buy a smart TV…but to buy a console that does it for you and play games at the same time is really the “all in one” system they are talking about. Now I don’t need to buy a specific TV to be smart with video services and what not because the X1 will already do that and it will be a lot cheaper to buy the console. Microsoft will still sell the system with high numbers because, even though I don’t watch TV, the majority of consumers use apps, video services, music etc…than games. Even though you have to still pay for gold…millions of people still buy it!
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pixelsword  +   914d ago
Why are the pre-orders so early when it is supposed to come out (from what I understand) in 2014?
Kevin ButIer  +   914d ago
You can say:

Xbox, turn on Ps4
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sikbeta  +   914d ago
So much crow is going to be served, XO will dominate
After all these days with people hating and spreading FUD, nothing can't stop THE ONE!
Dir_en_grey  +   913d ago
MS have a strong marketing team that is smart on marketing their products.

They gave away tons of 360s and added that to the total sales number, so I don't doubt that this is also MS marketing pre-ordering their own product.

As long they can manipulate the news to make it seem like a hot and always sold out product, the news will report it and the no clue parents will buy it, it's just how they've been doing things. It works, sad but true.

It obviously goes against everything you read and hear after the failed announcement.
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Crazyglues  +   913d ago
I guess the people who thought it wasn't going to sell feel stupid now... LoL
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BattleAxe  +   913d ago
Seeing as how Blockbuster doesn't even exist in many areas anymore, I can't see this being very significant. They used to be all over the Vancouver area, but I don't think there's even one store open here anymore.
Psn800  +   913d ago
Unfortunately Xbox sells more consoles in America than anywhere else in the world but they must come over to Ps4 now after that Xbox catastrophe .
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Cam977  +   914d ago
It's all the children's parents who jumped when their child saw 'Xbox' on something other than the 360. They probably don't know how bad/restrictive it is. Moreover, this is Blockbuster. They'll have no more than 10 come launch.
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Mustang300C2012  +   914d ago
Riiiiiiggghhhhttt so they just skipped Amazon and Blockbuster and went straight to Blockbuster to preorder right?
Bzone24  +   914d ago
How'd they skip and go straight to Blockbuster at the same time?
nukeitall  +   914d ago
and the games hasn't even really been announced yet.

This lines up with's most wished list ranked the Xbox One as the top most wanted item in both UK and US:

Xbox One ranked 1, and PS4 ranked 4. Ironically, the ranking reflects their numbers in their console name.
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lnvisibleMan  +   914d ago
See second link, strange that the PS4 says release date March 31, 2020.
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creatchee  +   914d ago
So.... 1 > 4?
Skips  +   914d ago
You obviously don't know anything about how "Most wished for" and "best sellers" works on Amazon. -____-
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legionsoup  +   914d ago
Blockbuster - where you rent things. Too bad when you rent a Xbox One game, you have to pay FULL price to play it!
S2Killinit  +   913d ago
actually there is an article that says PS4 is now the number one in Amazon Europe's pre-order.
NBT91  +   913d ago
But, here is the actual best sellers list. PS4 is number 1, how is that for irony?
ApolloTheBoss   914d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Anthotis   914d ago | Trolling | show
abzdine  +   914d ago
People cannot be serious!!
Saleem101  +   914d ago
You have to realize that most people don't research things they buy, its called blind purchase these same people will find out hard way...
torchic  +   914d ago
and when they all realise that they're getting fudged over, I'll be platinuming inFamous Second Son and enjoying Conquest 64 on Battlefield 4, worry free.

I knew this would happen. you should've seen Maggie Lake on CNN interviewing this lady from Mashable a day after the reveal, treating Xbox One like the second coming, not really realising what it is. those kinds of people are both the cure and the cancer of the industry. Xbox One could kill their favourite pet, yet they'd still buy the damn thing.

whatever, casuals, whatever.
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Prcko  +   914d ago | Well said
Well you know,77 million xbox360 consoles sold,and we can say that xbox have quite big fan base now
hellvaguy  +   914d ago

Its because ng4 has become a ps safe haven. n4g bans pro ms threads and all these ps'ers so "buzy" playing all the exclusives, just flock here all day.

It's just such a double standard now. When sony does something well it's because they love you with all their heart and want to be soulmates with you. When ms does something right, its only because they got scared of a some unknown lawsuit. Funny how that works.
S2Killinit  +   913d ago
come on, that is not true and you know it. The reason why you don't see that many articles praising xbox one is because not many people are looking forward to it at this point in time(at least not gamers) Otherwise you can still see some that praise it, just look at the front page today, you should be able to find them.
you are right of course. But I really hope that more people are able to see that Microsoft is steering the gaming ship in a bad direction, and stay away at least until they change their policies.
totallysane  +   913d ago
what's sad is majority of those sales are from rrod problems on first console. HA
awi5951  +   913d ago

No that's a total lie and you know its because all the Ps fanboys have bubble raped the few xbox fans on the site and they don't have any bubbles. This site is far worse than neoGafe now, so many butt hurt PS 3 fanboys that spend all day trolling xbox articles and debubbling the xbox fans. Im so glad i sold all my consoles and now i only play Pc. Console players are just a bunch of children with too much time on their hands.

I love Pc gaming Perma bans for little children that scream racist names at people or calling someone gay all day. "Admin please permaban that little jerk from our server" i really love that.
jr85prix   914d ago | Spam
Killabites  +   914d ago
People who dont watch events such at the xbox reveal, or do there homework i guess.
LogicStomper  +   914d ago
"..or do there homework i guess."

Well you better go do your English homework bud.
Killabites  +   914d ago
Their :) how's that?
Doggaming  +   914d ago
Why? Well....why not? every Xbox fanboy wants the sticker that comes with every xbox ONE Signed by Mr.Thomson himself saying''We will screw you over...GUARANTEED!!'' =)
Bigpappy  +   914d ago
Hahahaaaaaa! This is so funny! Wow.

After all the backlash look what happened.

I still hope M$ fixes their use game policy.
mmccarthy4  +   914d ago
they have stated that they will not charge for used games but right now it's too complicated to explain.
cleverusername  +   914d ago
Especially at Blockbuster!!
Dlacy13g  +   914d ago
@Kratos_Kills because despite what you may think, many see it for what it is...a pretty well designed console.
MysticStrummer  +   914d ago
It's a well designed multi-media device. PS4 is a well designed game console. Game developers agree.
hellvaguy  +   914d ago

And yet sony has almost all the same exact media apps as ms. But somehow they are only a game console. Odd how these double standards work in some people's minds.
MysticStrummer  +   914d ago
I'm talking about the architecture of the system, not the apps. One is mainly designed to do the type of things they showed off at the first reveal. PS4 is mainly designed for games. The memory types and amount of memory required for the OS is all I have to say to prove that, but disagree away.
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Perjoss  +   914d ago
Wouldn't it be hilarious if the XB1 had more launch titles than the PS4.
MRMagoo123  +   914d ago
The same as when ppl said wouldnt it be funny if the xbone had a more powerful system but we know how that turned out lmao.
Perjoss  +   914d ago
don't laugh too hard, the weakest platform is usually the lead platform :)
Skeith  +   914d ago
Because they need new watercooler.
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dcbronco  +   914d ago
This may be another example that proves that all of the fuss is coming from a vocal minority. It's the same group of people that disagree with anything that doesn't say Sony is great and makes EA the worse company in the world despite Monsanto, JP Morgan, CitiGroup and Bank of America being around. They show their ignorance and make it clear their influence only stretches as far as their allowance will take them.

Outside the gamer bubble there are hundreds of millions of people that won't read the fake anger on N4G. And they will make a decision based on their wants and needs not on fanboy agenda. Fanboys are a very small part that is a part of a small group that are hardcore gamers. The larger group of gamers aren't influenced completely by them. And the far larger group that is the average consumer really doesn't listen to them Or ever even hear them.

If you look at all the things that fanboys have gone on and on about on this site like 3D, Blu-ray and uncompressed sound, you'll see things that the average consumer ignored. Niche products or dying products. They are a vocal minority of biased people and all of their talk doesn't even register with most people. An slightly educated American would hear that Kinect spies on them and welcome it because they know that they will get paid on the lawsuit. Fanboys only know that they support the other company so they will believe anything.
stuna1  +   914d ago
So you're saying the hate is all in fanboys minds!? You have got to be kidding me! It seems to me the hate is well deserved! How anyone could want the Xbone to succeed is to put it lightly will be"Disastrous"!

Microsoft holds no allegiance to it's very own fanbase, but yet you would have that same fanbase rush to defend them! At Sony & Nintendo have stayed gamer focused.

Microsoft on the other hand has not! Yes they've said that 15 exclusives will be released in the first year, but it you mean no one can see that they want to sucker the fanbase they already have into paying more fees?

The casuals have an excuse, because they don't research anything, but what's the present fanbases excuse? Microsoft will make it tough to opt out this time! Mark my words.

This makes me realise how far subliminal messaging has come, because no one in their right mind could tell me that the Xbox Live is worth the purchase price over everything that available now! And now with the announcement of the Xbone the same restrictions now will only get more restrictive.

What Microsoft is doing now will have lasting repprecutions on the future of gaming as well as the industry! If Sony goes the same route, my stance will remain the same, and I not support them either.
Dlacy13g  +   914d ago
Man, reading your reply and I gotta say I don't agree with most of what you just spewed.

One point I will agree on is that PS4 had a very gamer centric reveal.

Nintendo has NOT stayed gamer focus. Did you completely forget "Nintendo TV" and how much attention they gave that at the WiiU reveal. Using your WiiU pad as a TV Remote, using it to record TV... I digress.

And lets not forget Sony's PS3 has just as much many Movie/TV apps on it as the 360 did...and I am 100% sure the PS4 will as well. Their success in your eyes was talking about games first not the other stuff....fair enough.

"makes me realize how far subliminal messaging has come, because no one in their right mind could tell me that the Xbox Live is worth the purchase price over everything that available now" well if no one can tell you its worth it, is that messaging really working? lol... I think you are just pretty closed minded when it comes to Xbox Live and that is 100% your right to be.

What I love about your last statement is the "blame MS for all the evil that is coming". Your anger should be directed at all the publishers / developers who have complained about used games over the years. Those voices are what is pushing this change. Devs like David Cage complaining Heavy Rain Sold 2 million yet had 3 million people with trophies...those voices are what has driven this change.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   914d ago
Pre oders from blockbusters really?.what's that about 10, 000.and in blockbusters 25yr history they were never a go to place for pre orders for gaming.

For all we know their pre order record is 5, 000.this is a spin but all you need in america is a spin and people would eat their young for it.

Let me know when wal-mart, amazon or even gamestop says this.
FlameBaitGod  +   914d ago
This article...

Related image(s)
mediate-this  +   914d ago
Xboxone will be a success, because what ever the majority on N4g believes will be a failure, the rest of the world wants to buy.

My brother wants it because of the NFL app, my brother is a fantasy football pro, he loves the app.

xboxone is not just about the games, sadly anymore, it seems it wants to be the experience of every facet in the living room.

im buying all consoles.
gameonbro   914d ago | Spam
Elit3Nick  +   914d ago
Because not everyone has the same opinion that you guys here on n4g do, although I respect you guys' opinion on the x1.
redcar121  +   914d ago
ps4 will when this gen ha ha ha ha poor sony fanboys
memots  +   914d ago
Ok so has someone previously stated. Blockbuster the store has indeed been in business for 24 years. But the uk site was created in 2009 the only thing they are comparing this too is Wii U Pre-order.

Yet the misleading title is still what people believe.
Triforce079  +   914d ago
Yes but how many games will sell ? Sonic all stars racing transformed on wiiu has sold 400,000 alone the most out of any console ?? basically the other 600,000 sold are shared between 3ds/vita/ps3/360 so wiiu is no slouch in game sales thats for sure.
batbatz   914d ago | Bad language | show
AngelicIceDiamond  +   914d ago
@Kratos Outside of the internet people remain optimistic and excited. Though I think people are jumping into the XB1 just a little to soon without knowing all the details about it.

E3, and we'll see.
dboyc310  +   914d ago
Don't know the surprise of this news. Is it that xbone is breaking pre-order records or that Blockbuster still exist 0.o? Whether this is true or not it doesnt mean anything I mean just look how well Wii u was selling in pre-orders and even when it launch it was "selling out". PR movement to make consumers believe its a hot item. One question i ask myself is from ALL retails why would anyone get it from Blockbuster?
Dlacy13g  +   914d ago
I have to admit...I said the same thing to myself. All our Blockbuster stores are long gone near me. I do believe they still have a number of stores but are still shifting toward a more red box / Netflix kind of service.

and while I do agree its odd to use Blockbuster... the xbox one in the US Amazon site is the #1 most wished for with PS4 at #4.

not sure when Amazon will start taking preorders for either. My guess is once a final date or price is given.
#1.27.1 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
tee_bag242  +   914d ago
This news means nothing anyway. MS are so deceptive they probably pre-ordered it themselves to generate media buzz.
TheTwelve  +   914d ago
Again, the informed internet is only a minority of total gamers.
fr0sty  +   914d ago
Blockbuster still exists?
DonFreezer  +   914d ago
Because they are not delusional,senseless and butthurt ps fanboys huh?
dcbronco  +   914d ago
Stuna1 I'm saying the complaints are coming from a very, very small group of people who reside inside another small group. Hardcore gamers have a fringe group inside of them. Hardcore gamer represent maybe 25% of the people who buy a console(just throwing numbers out there). The people complaining make-up maybe 10% of the hardcore gamer group. And they are pure Sony fanboys or delusional gullible people that believe anything they read on the Internet. They all date a French model.

But when it comes to sales numbers, the games and features they won't stop talking either fail or do meh in the marketplace. Look at Blu-ray sales, according to shills in the press and fanboys, it should have eliminated DVD by now. It still doesn't even control half the market. 3D TV, even Sony doesn't bring it up anymore. But according to N4G, these things were taking over the world because they were day one purchases. They say the same things about so many Sony exclusives. But when they release, they don't sell like Uncharted or GoW. They are lucky to sell 2.5 million copies over a couple of years. Many are lucky to hit the million mark.

You completely ignore things like surveys and information gathered by console makers that show the consoles are being used as multi-media devices. The PS3 was used only 49% of the time for gaming in 2010. Sony knows this and that why they remain silent about the fact that just like the PS3 the PS4 will have almost every multi-media feature the Xbox One will have and some it doesn't. They know the complainers are too dense to notice.

But given how much games use their consoles for other media a logical person can only say that MS is smart for catering to the true audience. Not catering to a handful of potential customers. They get articles like this..


and the meaning goes right over their heads.

This is business and Sony and MS know who their real audience is. And they know they can afford to lose the crazies. Nobody really wants to be associated with a bunch of tea party members anyway.

Like Dlacy13g basically said, there is far more to the business of gaming than just wanting great games. Developers are going out of business and even part of that used games money would help the good ones. And those media features and Apps will provide revenue that will make it possible for companies to keep making new consoles. Unless your willing to start paying $80-100 a game. I prefer that they have their additional revenue streams.
S2Killinit  +   913d ago
wow really? So the majority of people on all gaming sites complaining are a mere 10%? And we are the delusional ones?
rainslacker  +   913d ago
I'm pretty sure all those people tweeting to the PS4noDRM hashtag is much bigger than Blockbusters pre-order amount.

I'm also pretty sure the number of Xbox fans on Microsofts own forums is much bigger than Blockbusters pre-order amount.

Minority we may be in the overall grand scheme of things, but we are not small in numbers.

I hate this defeatist attitude of "we don't matter".
#1.32.2 (Edited 913d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
dcbronco  +   913d ago
How many people do you think tweeted. A million. Two million. Five million. How many consoles get sold. All three combined this generation maybe sold to two hundred different households. So it would be a small number at 5 million. Really small if it's less than that. Hit 50 to 70 million legitimate individual users and maybe someone will listen. But for right now, they are listening to the wish list on Amazon.
rainslacker  +   913d ago
OK, so lets turn that argument around for a minute. How many people do you think pre-ordered the X1? 1,2,3 million? Is that number really indicative of how many people want the system? No it's not. Wii U had high pre-orders, but it's struggling right now.

You think Sony and MS are sitting there in their offices saying, "Oh, it's only 1,2,5 million potential customers complaining right now, no big deal". No. They know that that is a huge number of one of their target demographics. They know that, for the most part, those are the people that will buy this system within the first year. For right now, they have no idea if their new focus will catch on, but they do know that gamers will buy their system if they are catered to as gamers. It's worth backing a sure thing. This is why they keep saying E3 will be about games. Because they hope to catch the gamers attention, and they hope that the games they show will make all these problems go away.

If they are still willing to take the risks by implementing their policies, and feel what they gain by doing so far outweighs what they lose, then so be it. Right now your speculation is as good as mine.
Oh_Yeah  +   913d ago
Having robust multimedia features is a great thing! As long as you have EXCLUSIVES AND YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY A FEE TO UNLOCK SAID MULTIMEDIA FEATURES.
Maddens Raiders  +   914d ago

WTF is that?
finbars75  +   914d ago
LOL I agree but theres only a few blockbusters left so really saying that it broke records isnt saying to much at all.Its like saying Shampoo broke records at Biway but how many stores are left like %2 I believe.Maybe The few remaining blockbusters had a deal going on by trading in hundreds of old dvds $5 a piece like before or maybe they only have 4 xboneOnes to each store.Oustanding numbers there.
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zerocrossing  +   914d ago
I'm very disappointed in everyone who pre-ordered it...
UNGR  +   914d ago
How are people like this even allowed on a gaming site?
KnightRobby  +   914d ago
Wait, hold on a second. No where on their site,, does it say you can pre-order the Xbox One. This seems totally false. In addition, you can't even pre-order it on Amazon, so how in the world would you be able to pre-order it on a failing companies website? It's not even listed.
Urusernamesucks  +   914d ago
B-cuz it can do alot more things than games, Mr. gamer.
KarrBOMB  +   914d ago
This has got to be fake or paid for by M$. I couldn't find a blockbuster around my state if you paid me. I thought this was a joke at first, now I know it is LOL.
Leviathan  +   914d ago
Funny. Xbone sells the most where they rent movies. Go figure.
chrismichaels04  +   914d ago
I didnt even know Blockbusters still existed. When was the last time Blockbusters was relevant in anything gaming related?
CODallday  +   914d ago
There is absolutely no good reason as to why a gamer would NOT be purchasing an Xbox One™. The system is superior to the PS4 is every distinguishable way and the only reason people would go to Sony is because of brand loyalty and fanboyism.
jessupj  +   913d ago
I don't know how you can be so wrong with so few words. I couldn't do that even if I tried.

Lets forget for a moment the fact that Xbone put used games behind a pay wall, requires you to sign in every 24 hours and kinect is mandatory.

The PS4 has significantly more powerful hardware. But the most important thing, it focuses on games. You know those things don't you? Well you might not sign MS has only released 3 exclusive AAA games in the last 2 years.

O well, enjoy your Halo tv series. Mean while I'll be playing actually games and superior multiplatform titles on the ps4.
Angeljuice  +   913d ago
Name one way it's superior! Because it's American? or because it has 'xbox' written on it? How is a weaker system 'superior' to a stronger system in every measurable way?
Nafon  +   914d ago
Who would preorder anything from blockbuster?
maddfoxx  +   914d ago
Better question. . . who pre orders games from Blockbuster?
TheFamous1  +   914d ago
To sell on eBay for a profit most likely. People who pre-order does not equal people who will actually play the system.
Leviathan  +   913d ago
Dude. stop talking. You're gonna give these children ideas.
UNGR  +   914d ago
Assuming that the reveal is all it has to offer, and expecting nothing at E3 is flat out ignorant. If you can't even wait for details you have no business talking. You act is if you know exactly how this thing is going to work, what's on it, and every other detail we'd possibly want to know. You don't, and won't until we all do. Reserve judgment for E3, I for one am happy they saved the games for that particular event. If they play their cards right they can very well have another successful console. By the "well said" on your comment I can easily tell a very particular group of fanboys can't think past their own feet.
maximaz  +   914d ago
I'm more confused by the Blockbuster part. It still exists somewhere? People use it??
Veneno  +   914d ago
It's in the UK. And it's Blockbuster. Nothing really impressive. Without numbers it means nothing. It's as meaningless a stat as when Microsoft's Kinect was "the fastest-selling consumer electronic device in history". No one knows what that means and it's a pointless stat.

Obviously anyone who preordered didn't watch the conference and just heard about it through other news outlets, just as Microsoft wanted.
nosferatuzodd  +   914d ago
lol if Microsoft was Pinocchio their nose would be long has hell with this scam noway I'm going to believe this black buster come on Microsoft you couldn't have tell a better lie than this
HaMM4R  +   914d ago
I would rather have one of these than an xbox one.

Related video
HG_69   914d ago | Spam
zeddy  +   914d ago
blockbuster is still in business?
Rageanitus  +   913d ago
Same goes with a lot of things.

Why do ppl line up for Apple products
Why do ppl buy Toyota's and Civics
Why do ppl buy sound bars vs standard speakers
Dark_Eternal  +   913d ago
Probably they don't follow gaming industry news.

Hell, they're ordering their next console from Blockbuster...
titletownrelo  +   913d ago
Let's not talk about "record breaking" until the PS4 is available to pre-order ;)

sinjonezp  +   913d ago
The best question is why would anyone pre-order this from Blockbuster? This is all fluff strategy to gain positive momentum. Regardless of the fact that many people will buy any shiny new thing that comes out, the proof is clear that Microsoft's offering is sketchy to say the least. Given the fact that most of the internet knows this strategy, would reduce its tangible value. To use blockbuster as a cornerstone for pre-orders should be an insult to Microsoft. Now if the pre-orders were through a much more - valuable and reputable outlet such as gamestop, then I am sure everyone would be all ears. When the 360 first game out, blockbuster did not even have pre-orders in my area so for them to say this is as I just mentioned; fluff to try to swing positive momentum in favor of the Xbone. In contrast, all it did was make me laugh and say really? Blockbuster? Smh..
hakesterman  +   913d ago
Their not taking pre Orders, It's all a Lie to get a Buzz going.
Laneljh  +   913d ago
It's a fascinating system so far. For everything but gaming. It has definitely begun digging its own grave, though.
Oh_Yeah  +   913d ago
I've never seen block buster sell consoles in any of their stores ... Then again all of them within miles have closed down the past 5 years. I'm guessing the numbers might be in the low thousands.
Benchm4rk  +   913d ago
Why not. Just cause you don't want one doesn't mean other people don't either. I pre ordered one day after reveal. I wasn't impressed with the reveal either but it was what it was, a hardware reveal. Games will come at E3
Calm Down Sunshine  +   913d ago
Pre-ordering a console that doesn't allow you to play second hand games, without paying, from a shop that deals in second hand/rented games?

hazelamy  +   913d ago
"Why would anyone pre order this thing?"

to stick on ebay? ^_^
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   913d ago
A whopping 38 people preorder the xbone from blockbuster nationwide
Ticklez  +   913d ago
I'm tellin you now, I'm played through every generation up until now. When Sony starts there pre orders, myself and about eight of my buddies are going to be right on that. Sonya pre orders are going to be Hugh. I can just feel it!! Ha
Pro Racer  +   913d ago
They have not announced any numbers to back up their claims. "Record-breaking" means nothing, especially when it comes to console preorders at Blockbuster.
cronaldo7  +   914d ago
rowdyBOY  +   914d ago
i call it a big fat LIE .

surely microsoft pre ordered there own console to bring some positive spin back after all the negativity .
#2.1 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Cpamann  +   914d ago
Great news wow i already preorder for xbox one awesome console
duli14  +   914d ago
Who are you joined 4 days ago? lol Do you work for M$?
ZodTheRipper  +   914d ago
Lulz makes me remember the EA fiasco with the chinese spammers
Triforce079  +   914d ago
Yes works for Microsoft defo.
thereapersson  +   914d ago
You are such an obvious troll, you honestly don't think you're fooling anybody, do you?
Cpamann  +   913d ago
No im work for sony in america but i love microsoft
first1NFANTRY  +   914d ago
lol i presume Murica will support this console. Frankly in my opinion M$ needs to bring their AAA games before i wager my savings on their next box.
monkey602  +   914d ago
I know for a fact that the Xbox one will have a few games i will be really jealous of and wish I had for the Ps4 but with their current business practices I will not support Microsoft with the console. So while I watch their e3 conference in 2 weeks, no matter how many awesome games they may show my stance remains unless they backtrack on the drm, connectivity and kinect requirements
amiga-man  +   914d ago
Monkey it is people like you that give me hope for next gen, have a well said bubble.
mmccarthy4  +   914d ago
you can play offline, MS just wants people to take full advantage of the internet and bring a new level to being online which just so happens to be the 360's greatest strength so the're pushing it more so then before and Kinect will not interrupt your gaming however if you never plan on using it does seem like a waste of money. I personally think it could add to the experience like the motion control on the ds3 for the ps3
#4.1.2 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report
dcbronco  +   914d ago
Monkey Sony will have many of the same issues so you might be stuck in the current generation. Don't believe only one will block used games.
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
And the idiot masses prove the Xbone's defenders right.

Congratulations for the contribution to the further destruction of consumer rights.

Xbox One, proving that a few seconds of convenience are worth stripping you of your rights.
nukeitall  +   914d ago
You mean like when you didn't speak up for consumer rights when Sony as the sole console manufacturer introduced Online Passes without giving you anything in return?

If anything, the PS3 proved that even without anything in return (not even convenience) did consumer accept the destruction of consumer rights. You were a prime example of that!

Although you have your own agenda.
#5.1 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(38) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
Oh look, the MikeMyers tactic of off topic ranting. I see you don't like to stick on the subject of the actual article either. Very well.

"You mean like when you didn't speak up for consumer rights when Sony as the sole console manufacturer introduced Online Passes without giving you anything in return?"

I've said on numerous occassions that online passes are wrong no matter who is using them. It's not my problem that you are barely literate enough to understand adults talking. But seeing as one form of DRM WILL exist no matter what, which would you think is better for the consumer. A DRM that seeks to completely strip you of your rights (edit: to sell what you own) and prevents your friends from playing the game in its entirety unless they are playing on your profile (edit: or pay full retail price to play on their profile), or a DRM that makes you pay $10 for the online portion of a game and hasn't been implemented by everyone in the industry? I know which one you will choose, the question is merely a formality for people with minds that can actually think.

"If anything, the PS3 proved that even without anything in return (not even convenience) did consumer accept the destruction of consumer rights. You were a prime example of that!"

Thank you for proving that, when convenience is involved, you don't care about having your rights completely stripped away from you. I hope that some high ranking Government official wherever you live is seeing what you said so that he/she knows you won't fight against the complete dissolution of your rights so long as they make watching tv take .05 seconds less time to accomplish for you.

Xbox One defenders. Proving that rights mean nothing in the face of minor convenience.
#5.1.1 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(20) | Report
jr85prix   914d ago | Spam
MikeMyers  +   914d ago
Too funny. Verbal assaults on consumers, personal attacks, conniption fits. All over videogames.

It's obvious some people don't care as much as others about all the issues surrounding the Xbox One. Issues that haven't even been finalized might add. Can't wait for E3 when we should know more and more importantly what games are on offer.
SMGP   914d ago | Spam
MikeMyers  +   914d ago
Things are changing, some for the better some for the worse. Some people don't like change and want things to remain as they are. Others like to see things progress into a multi-task environment where they can access content quickly and easily. Some want just a game console, some want an all in one box.

All these things are not necessities in life, it's entertainment and should be treated as such. The consumer still has a choice and no consumer should have to put up with vulgar behaviour or attacks on what they buy.
#5.1.5 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
nukeitall  +   914d ago
For the record, I'm uncertain if I support MS stance as *rumored*. I have to see how it is implemented, in addition to the policies that re still unclear.

Also, for the trade-off of inability to lend games should that happened, I would like to know what I get in return. So far it seems the ability to play games on any Xbox One console without the need for physical media and still have the ability to trade-in the game.

That is a start, but there are still many questions before I endorse it.

That said, I was and is completely against online passes, because it provides no benefit at all to the consumer. There was no trade-off, but simply a money grab.


"Thank you for proving that, when convenience is involved, you don't care about having your rights completely stripped away from you."

Yup, I got convenience and you got nothing for accepting online passes?

That said, I (and many others probably including you) have accepted it for a long time on Steam and numerous other outlets including PSN and Xbox Live.

"A DRM that seeks to completely strip you of your rights (edit: to sell what you own) and prevents your friends from playing the game in its entirety unless they are playing on your profile (edit: or pay full retail price to play on their profile), or a DRM that makes you pay $10 for the online portion of a game and hasn't been implemented by everyone in the industry?"

Technically, Online Passes aren't DRM. At least no more than buying access to WoW is DRM.

As I said, you have to wait to see the complete picture of how the system actually works before passing judgment. I do know one thing, the former gives me convenience and more than other systems like Steam. The latter gave me nothing.

Doesn't mean I'm ok with the former though.
buynit  +   914d ago
Destruction of consumer rights?! C' mon its not that damn seriouse, wtf is wrong with you ppl.. Act like a bunch of little virgin twats, let all the info come out before all these retarded ass comments..
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
Yes, destruction of consumer rights. Do the consumers have the right to do what they want with what they bought and paid for in full with the Xbox One? No. Or at the very least, provisionally. That is the destruction of consumer rights. But you probably don't know what consumer rights are, so I don't know why I'm wasting my time.
PiperMCFierceson   914d ago | Spam
vega275  +   914d ago
@ dragonknight

where was you when sony was taking geohotz to court for hacking the ps3? where was you when sony forced consumers to sign their ToS just to play the ps3 after the psn got hacked. because those are also consumers that bought a product and should have been able to do as they pleased with the system.or when sony took other os.

i may not agree with the route MS is taking. but I'm not going to turn a blind eye to things sony have also done and may still do. do you honestly think sony will not have something in place with the sells of used games knowing they will also lose money from trade -ins or used game sell. as they get none of the profits.

sony has yet to say if they will not issue a fee with used game sells or what they have in place to get something out of it. all they said was they won't block used game sells. same as MS. so why not complain to sony to be more clear with their plans on this situation.

Honestly i believe that if and when sony announce it will take the same stance as MS. many gamers will just support it and look for another reason to hate MS and the xbox one.

me i will just get both systems. as the only problem i have with xbox one is kinect having to be connected at all times and having to be online once a day.
#5.2.3 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(8) | Report
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
@vega275: Where was I when a hacker tried to use a free, non-essential, non-advertised feature of the PS3 to begin pirating games and potentially start the beginning of even more restrictive DRM? I was using my PS3 for what it was designed for like the rest of the non-hackers of the world. Where were you? Trying to get free games just because you can?

I love how MS fanboys think. Rather than discuss Microsoft they discuss Sony in a Microsoft article. It's just awesome how many of you go off topic all the time. God forbid anyone bring up that there are so many people pre-ordering a console that performs surveillance and prevents you from sharing games with your friends, that that is the wrong thing to do if you actually like having privacy and the ability to lend your games out without screwing over your friends. No, you can't do that because everything Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One is completely the right thing to do right? Because TV and Sports are worth giving those things up for right?

Irony doesn't even begin to describe the comments.
#5.2.4 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(11) | Report
vega275  +   914d ago
@ dragonknight

MS isn't preventing anything. they have said a number of times that they support used games and neither company has been clear on what they will do on game lending to family or friends. so where do you get off at only pointing the finger at MS. when sony hasn't been clear on the matter.

as for hackers using the ps3 to get free games. if you actually did some research many of them was using CFW to use the ps3 for other thing than to get free games. in fact many even said they would not share info on doing so. which was what geohotz said himself. before sony took him to court.

As for me i haven't used the hack for either console because that's not what i brought it for. if i want a emulator for games. i have a PC for that. And no one is saying what MS is doing is right. many are saying wait to get all the information before jumping to conclusions. which you frankly seem to be doing a lot of. you are working yourself up about a system you have no intentions of ever getting to justify a reason to hate it and the company more.

if the ps4 is what you want. then get it and be happy. but don't spread BS unless you have all the facts and not just assumptions.
#5.2.5 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(10) | Report
NeverEnding1989  +   914d ago
DragonKnight: Never knowing when he's lost a battle.
Oner  +   914d ago
The amount of idiocy, ignorance and completely misinformed Xbox One supporters out there (and here) is absolutely phenomenal. But whatever...if that's what you guys want. TRUST me ~ that's what you'll get, and you sure as hell will deserve it.
buynit  +   914d ago
Well wtf is it that you want to do with the xbone that you cant do? How can you even answere that with out having all the detail, let me guess your special and know it all amiright..

No little one, i dont know my consumer rights /s.. But going by your conspiracy i guess ms is about to destroy our rights with a console /s

Kid relax... Go have a donut or something..
creatchee  +   914d ago
You have to appreciate the irony that most of the people championing "consumer rights" had no problem with Sony removing OtherOS.
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
The removal of OtherOS isn't a violation of consumer rights. It was a non-essential, non-advertised feature of the launch PS3 that less than 1% of the userbase used. The removal of it didn't prevent anyone from using the PS3 for what it was designed to do, nor did it prevent anyone from selling what they paid for in full.

If you can prove that OtherOS was an advertised feature that you paid for, then show me and I'll recant my statement.
SonyPS4  +   914d ago
Still, it was a dick move on Sony's part, and since you said 1% of PS3 users are a fan of that feature, well newsflash for you the Other OS was intended for power users, programmers, etc. And since you implied minorities are unprotected, well the people bashing the XOne (myself included) and crying about consumer rights might be just a vocal minority and we matter to nobody.

Sony however could've easily rewarded free PS Store credit for upgrading to FW 3.12. Maybe the backlash would've been more miniscule, since there were non Linux users angry about it as well.
creatchee  +   914d ago
It doesn't matter what *I* choose to do with my PS3. I never used OtherOS. I never planned to use OtherOS. I use my PS3 for games, Blu rays, and Netflix. However, I had the RIGHT TO CHOOSE to use it if I so desired. And there were people, less than 1% of owners or not, who did use it. The advertisement and popularity of a feature is inconsequential.

Where Sony went wrong was their method of stopping it. Basically, in order to play games made after a certain date, they has to choose whether they wanted to play games or continue using OtherOS. The CONSUMERS' RIGHT to use something that they paid for had been taken away.
MysticStrummer  +   914d ago
Sony always had the right to remove features because it said so in the ToS that people agreed to from the beginning. The way around it was never to connect to the internet so the PS3 OS couldn't update.

People who agree to the One's terms are giving up their rights. They will be voluntarily using something that by it's very nature is an invasion of privacy in the name of big business. There is no way around it because One has to be connected to the internet.

rainslacker  +   913d ago
To all these people claiming hypocrisy on DragonKnight.

Past apathy is no reason for present complacency.

Many of us didn't speak up when all those things happened, and none of us are innocent in the systematic approach that our rights have been taken away from us, and no current gen console is innocent of not taking features away that were once present.

What Dragon may or may not have done in the past, has any bearing on the current topic you all are discussing. His current views are his because he either feels things have gone too far, or he feels that those past issues weren't serious enough to warrant his time.

I feel much the same way. I didn't like online passes when we got them. I said I didn't like them. And I eventually said, whatever, I don't play online anyways. That past apathy may have led to what we have now. Give them an inch and all that.

If you guys are all OK with what's happening, then by all means don't let it affect your buying decision. For the rest of us, we will stand up for what we believe is right. If you have information, or a different outlook that may dissuade our opinions or perceptions then please offer it. Otherwise, if the best you can come up with is hypocrisy, then you seem to have a weak argument. Since you have a weak argument, I can only assume you don't have a strong one. And I believe because of this you feel the need to cast the blame elsewhere by calling out hypocrisy or pointing fingers at another offender. All this just makes you seem like the hypocrite that you are claiming DragonKnight to be.
matgrowcott  +   914d ago
Surely the consumer decides the rights they feel they deserve? It's not ignorance. They're not sheep. They're buying what they want to suit their purpose.

If the majority want to support things that piss you off, they have a right to do that. You're not some working class hero, speaking for a downtrodden minority, you're a guy on a website shouting off about things that will slightly inconvenience you at worst. Other people feel differently.
#5.5 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
"Surely the consumer decides the rights they feel they deserve?"

Yeah no. If that were the case then consumer rights would be flexible and violated all the time. Sorry, but laws were invented to protect consumer rights, which means there are a set definition of what constitutes consumer rights. Just because people don't give a damn about their rights, doesn't mean that those rights suddenly don't exist.

"They're buying what they want to suit their purpose."

Sure. Everyone has the right to buy what they want. But when they support the type of moves that Microsoft is pulling, they make other consumers who actually care about their own right to, say, privacy have a much more difficult time of things. When people stop buying out of principle but are drowned out by people who don't care that they are being taken advantage of, that leaves less and less things for principled people to enjoy just because they don't want to be forced into something if they do buy it.

But hey, far be it from me to try and make sense to people who don't care. I will just laugh when people complain about Apple and yet let Microsoft follow in Apple's footsteps.
matgrowcott  +   914d ago
I had written out a long reply and then I actually read your anti-Apple bit. Yup, conversation over.

So long as the Xbox One is a decent product, it does what it should and Microsoft allow people to sell on their code (which they've already said is implemented) there's no problem here. Hell, you'll even be able to sell your disk (no matter what, even if it was shut down, you'd be able to do that). Things are different, not necessarily worse, but damn this company for making me do things I don't want to to buy their product.

NOBODY should buy it, idiot sheep. Have some PRINCIPLE.

Yeah, no.
DragonKnight  +   914d ago
"Yup, conversation over."

Yeah, because Microsoft ISN'T trying to go after Apple's crowd now right? There absolutely no similarities between what Microsoft is doing and what Apple has already done right?

"So long as the Xbox One is a decent product, it does what it should and Microsoft allow people to sell on their code (which they've already said is implemented) there's no problem here. Hell, you'll even be able to sell your disk (no matter what, even if it was shut down, you'd be able to do that). Things are different, not necessarily worse, but damn this company for making me do things I don't want to to buy their product."

This entire paragraph can be countered with a symbol and one word.


Seriously. Have you been blind to the news pouring out about what Microsoft has said about used games and lending? Your friend can't play your game without first downloading it to their drive and playing it on your profile. If you want to play a game on your profile, they get booted and then have to pay (possibly full price) for that game on their own profile. Imagine you're playing a game you borrowed from a friend on their profile, they come home and start gaming, you're on say the last boss but then *booted* because you can't both use the same profile at the same time. Envision and explain any situation where that is a good thing for anyone but Microsoft?

And selling your games? Similar problem. News has come out that you'll only be able to sell your games to specific stores. Now, I'll admit that there isn't enough info about this particular aspect to make a concrete argument with, but shouldn't the idea that you couldn't sell your games at, say, a garage sale be considered wrong? You bought the game, you own the disc right? Why shouldn't you be able to just sell it to someone and that disc work right out of the box? Why should that person pay you, and then pay Microsoft full price for a used product?

None of that seems wrong to you because it may be a "decent machine?" That kind of apathy is why corporations get away with what they do. If you don't care about these things, fine, but attacking people that do just makes you look like the kind of person that would be fine with having no rights at all just so they can have some minor conveniences in their life.
matgrowcott  +   914d ago
It doesn't matter whether it's wrong or right to me. I won't be buying it for many of the reasons you've just stated.

But then, I'm not going from place to place insulting people who just want to buy what they want without any trouble. Microsoft are doing what they think is right and all signs point to them "getting away with it." I use that term lightly, because there isn't anything they're especially getting away with.

My point about your anti-Apple dribble is this: despite all the nonsense online from people who talk crap about things they don't understand, Apple products are absolute top notch.

I've said more than once that Microsoft are totally following the Apple method of release, even going as far as to theorize that that's the real meaning behind the Xbox One (that in 18 months they'll announce a slightly improved Xbox Two). But even then, so long as the base product is functional, convenient and sturdy and people are happy with what they have, it's not our place to tell them they're wrong or that they're some cancer on the industry. Their rights are actually your rights that you're scared of losing because people aren't interested in re-selling their games like you are, or don't mind their microphone picking up vocal cues.

There's nothing wrong with that. It says nothing about their character, nothing about their principles.

Again, you're not some freedom fighter standing in the way of a big corporation stealing rights. You're one person who's SO BRAVE they are posting their opinion on a site that's predominantly anti-Xbox and already agrees with them.
buynit  +   914d ago
Your still going on? Dragonknight... Buddy.. The world doesnt revolve around you. Think of it like a democrat republican thing, what bothers and scares you doesnt bother or scare others, so me being the "other", not scared consumer, i say man the fuck up!

If your scared about being watched while jerking off then put something infront of the lens, now you can turn it off btw.

You are going on a rampage over something that you "think you know"..
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   914d ago
You're going to look like the idiot when Sony comes out and tells you they're doing the same thing. They're not going to lose third party devs just for a million fanboys on N4g and NeoGaf. They want the other 70 million out there.

You'll see. At E3... You will see. I can't wait to see all the post from the Sony fans when they announce the same DRM.
KimiRaikkonen  +   914d ago
Sony have taken away more consumer rights than microsoft as pointed out by nukeitall and vega275 but still you turn a blind eye to all the ill-doings of sony. How exactly does microsoft take away your rights as a consumer? Is microsoft forcing you to buy the xbox one?
GameCents  +   914d ago
Dramatic much?
I detest the direction Microsoft is taking with the One as much as the next guy and that is why I won't buy it.
However I understand that this is simply my opinion and that others see things differently and so have every intention to buy it. That's the beauty of living in a free world, you are welcome to your opinion no matter what some abusive internet nerd/tough guy/loser tells you.
You like bondage? A lil pain with your pleasure? Better you than me pal.
I'm not going to call casual masses idiots because they liked what they saw and want to own it. Xbox One is clearly not just a gaming console and obviously isn't aimed at you and me, no reason for us to start name-calling and losing our $h!£
#5.9 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   914d ago
Sorry, DragonKnight. You're fighting a losing battle here.

But only because stupidity is not only rampant, but preferable.

"Sony did the same thing, and you didn't complain!" some of them shout.

Only Sony didn't. They weren't attacking consumer's rights right out of the gate like Microsoft is. The actions these poor fools speak of were reactionary: they were in response to someone's attempts to do something illegal with their device.

Yeah, that's DEFINITELY the same as a console that's perfectly capable- and perfectly poised- to spy on you and limit what you can do with the software you buy for it.

It's pretty ridiculous that people try and drag Sony into this with comparisons that don't even line up. And it's sad that there are those who SEE how bad Microsoft is being, and want to spend their money on this damn device, anyway.
MikeMyers  +   914d ago
"But only because stupidity is not only rampant, but preferable."

Didn't you just say you and others are being attacked just for showing they are disgruntled at the Xbox One? but somehow now it's ok to call people stupid because they pre-ordered the Xbox One? Are those who pre-ordered the PS4 also stupid since we don;t know everything about it, what games could have some sort of DRM behind it, what role if any Sony will play in used games.

My how we continue to have double standards.

And yes, Sony will continue to be dragged through the mud too by game journalists like Adam Sessler because Sony is playing a word game. They will allow used games on the PS4, so will the Xbox One. Where is Sony now in all of this saying "hey everyone, we will not have any restrictions on our games"? Instead they have given vague reports, have had employees scrambling like we're seeing with Microsoft as well. It still comes up with people such as Geoff Keighly because it's still possible Sony may be doing something like this as well. They are the ones who actually interview these guys. They are not rampant fanboys who wave the flag rooting for one company.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   914d ago
You know those movies where people are strip of their rights, and the start of it all is something that seem so insignificant that people don't pay it no mind, this mybe one of those times.

I mean you have foreign governments looking into this thing for chirst sake lmao, god bless america.

What if I took a dvd to a friends house to watch or let my wife drive my care or share a bit of food with someone? for thought my friends.
RiPPn  +   914d ago
Wait.. Blockbuster is still in business?
Psychotica  +   914d ago
Think it's a store in the UK, not the Blockbuster video in the US
WeaseL  +   914d ago
How did they sell more? BS story
There were 528 Blockbuster stores when it went into administration and only 204 remain.
hakesterman  +   913d ago
You are Correct, their is no stores in the U.S. taking Pre Orders on either Console.
Ilovetheps4  +   914d ago
That was my thought too. All of the Blockbusters around here are closed down.
tigertron  +   914d ago
We have a few left in the UK, but most have closed down, like my local store. :(
Baka-akaB  +   914d ago
The important news here is ... what Blockbuster is still alive ?
thehitman  +   914d ago
I know a lot of blockbusters closed down here in NY pretty sure they went through chapter 11. I am thinking this is something we should take with a grain of salt considering I just went to Blockbusters website and see no place to pre-order and there are virtually no stores nearby. So it kind of just seems like bullshit reporting to make the xbox look good in the midst of all this bad publicity.

With that said I wouldnt be suprised that some people who didnt watch the conference or know what the new xbox about just heard its coming out and decided to pre-order it. If this is true just chalk it up to ignorant consumers.
waltercross  +   914d ago
I went to the Blockbuster website too and saw nothing about the PS4 and XBO either.
Shinox  +   913d ago
This is the Biggest Scam and lie i have ever heard in the history of Videogames , M$ trying waaay too hard to create a hype in any way with a random lie isn't happen in real life !
Raf1k1  +   914d ago
I kind of had a feeling this might happen.

Well, not the Blockbuster pre-order record but the average consumer being foolish enough to not give it much thought.
OlgerO  +   914d ago
Yeah man its news like this that breaks my spirit.
TwistedMetal  +   914d ago
its mostly the dumb kids. you know the ones who say they want cheese pizza then proceed to eat the pepperoni one you ordered instead of the cheese one they wanted.

or the kid who gets angry birds collection instead of a regular quality game like zelda or smash bros. you know the kids who just dont know anything but see some flashy voice commands are like i want that because you can say stuff to it.

kids are dumb bro

also blockbuster is a no name piece of crap place.
PS4 takes top spot on Amazon – Pre-order for EUR. come back when xbox one is top spot on amazon chumps. untill then dont come at me with fake mom and pop blockblister preorders.
#8.2 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Narutone66  +   914d ago
The ones buying it deserve to own what they purchased, that's all I'm saying.
rainslacker  +   913d ago
It's not necessarily foolish. They may be uninformed of the issues surrounding it, or may not care, or may not see the possible ramifications it could bring, or not caring about those ramifications.

Foolish would be if they are getting it knowing about all these issues, caring, able to see the possible ramifications, caring about those ramifications, and still getting it.
#8.4 (Edited 913d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mrmancs  +   914d ago
Lol another lie to add to Microsoft's marketing campaign.
windblowsagain  +   914d ago
Blockbusters last store has big pre-orders.

dirigiblebill  +   914d ago | Well said
Oh no, a bunch of people preordered a console I don't like! However will I go on living?
Rivitur  +   914d ago
Simple my good man by playing the PS4.
Tiqila  +   914d ago
at a first glance this is unexpected. There was so much hate towards the Xbox one after its reveal, but I guess that hate came from the core gamers and just like the wii, the x1 targets the casual and tv people more, and those people dont post their hate/affection towards a console at blogs/gaming-sites...
EffectO  +   914d ago
Internet rage,lol
True_Samurai  +   914d ago
Lol you guys I'm all for the Xbox One. But when I read blockbuster I was thinking "Blockbuster is still around?"
SugarSoSweet   914d ago | Trolling | show
sir_fortesque  +   914d ago
.......REALLY!!?? What exactly are they buying it for? What features call for a pre-order? I can see people not being skeptical, but to actually put money down already?
Shadonic  +   914d ago
People still go to Blockbuster!!!!?
malokevi  +   914d ago
Is this a troll article? I thought Blockbuster went under.

Anywhoo, I'll be preordering too. Feel free to call me a sheeple.
#18 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
CaEsAr-  +   914d ago
Dark_Eternal  +   913d ago
Wake up, Sheeple!
PiperMCFierceson   914d ago | Spam
FrigidDARKNESS  +   914d ago
I told folks amongst all the negative press this will sell miliions and millions and millions.
jcnba28  +   914d ago
This is great news for Microsoft, can't wait for E3.
cleft5  +   914d ago
Not surprising really. What Microsoft showed speaks directly to a large casual market. Yes it will sell well out of the gate because a lot of people have more money then sense or are just mindless sheep. The real question is sustained sells, thats where all these issues are going to create a problem for Microsoft.

Look at how well the Wii was able to sell to their fanbase and the casual market. I don't see the Xbox One doing that well out of the gate, but you guys are fooling yourself if you don't think they will sale out. People really are just that stupid.
Maikeru06  +   914d ago
Um... why would anyone preorder this thing if they dont event know HOW MUCH IT WILL COST?!

I call BS on this article.
jimbobbeers  +   914d ago
BS? You fool, this is MCV the game industries website, they don't make stuff up. Wake up.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   914d ago
yeah! tell him that ! mcv never print lies,
wait a minute they actually do from time to time
waltercross  +   914d ago
But how do you pre order something without a price tag? and From Blockbuster??, where do they live? the sticks?
Prcko  +   914d ago
People want console afterall
fans :D
givemeshelter  +   914d ago
We as core and hardcore gamers unfortunately do not make up the majority of the buying masses for consoles. It's the average consumer. Sad but true
from the beach  +   914d ago
Wow how shocking.
WeAreLegion  +   914d ago
So, the bros are keeping Blockbuster alive? That's odd...
WeAreLegion  +   914d ago
The people pre-ordering this thing didn't watch the event, by the way. They just know a new Xbox is coming. -_-
NameRemoved0017  +   914d ago
There going to buy it and be like what is this shit.
RiPPn  +   914d ago
Resellers will buy a bunch in hopes to make a buck, it happened with the Wii U also. Move along, nothing to see here.
giovonni  +   914d ago
Yes blockbuster through the net exist, blockbuster physical doesn't. The same with circuit city, go ahead and search. I had no idea you could preorder it this early, I already placed a notifications To let me know when I can preorder the system through
dantendo  +   913d ago was bought by tigerdirect when they when out of buisness. Same company, same warehouse, different name.
giovonni  +   913d ago
I had no idea tiger direct brought them. Thanks for the info
jimbobbeers  +   914d ago
A lot of bitter people in here.
#30 (Edited 914d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
chrisarsenalsavart  +   914d ago
what should i be bitter about .
always on, always kinect on, paying for online play, drm ........
yeah,i feel the bitterness runing through my blls right now.
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