Xbox One breaks pre-order records at Blockbuster

The internet may have spent the majority of last week shouting loudly at Microsoft, but it seems that the view of the average consumer is far more positive.

Blockbuster has revealed that since its announcement last week the Xbox One has broken all previous pre-order launches in Blockbuster’s 24-year history.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Why would anyone pre order this thing?

JoGam1658d ago

To watch tv?

I wonder when pre orders start for ps4 in the US.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1658d ago

Most likely it will officially start after or during E3.

sengoku1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

lolz i didn't know there were any blockbusters stores left..

whats funny tough is that PS4 has a 5 stars rating on there site, xbone only has 4.

kneon1658d ago


I thought blockbuster was gone. Why would anyone go there to buy a console?

As for ratings, what a load of crap. No one has one and they are already given them ratings?

sjaakiejj1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Same reason people buy the iPhone

Edit: This was in response to Kratos_Kills's first post.. Pressed the wrong reply button.

Legion1658d ago


Due to ratings by customers. XBox fans care less about rating down the PS4 then PS fans caring to rate down the XBox.

NatureOfLogic1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Remeber this, "GameStop Wii U pre-orders at 1.2 million, double the Wii" I'm just saying. Pre-orders don't really mean much in the end.

Utalkin2me1658d ago

Well i can only assume most people do not pre order consoles at Blockbuster. I could assume it would amount to very little if this is the case.

ThanatosDMC1658d ago

"Blockbuster" <--- LOL!

They're still in business?!

thechosenone1658d ago

first of all who orders their console from blockbuster? and considering that not many have in the past this so called record could be as little as 10 units so if they got a preorder for 11 that would be a record for BB, and you notice how they fail to provide the actual numbers, if it's such a momentous occasion in their history why not state the actual number. lol this is nothing but a fluff piece.

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malol1658d ago


dose that thing still lives ??

thechosenone1658d ago

PS4 available for pre-order in EU, kicks Xbone from top spot. Still not available in UK.

FITgamer1658d ago

@sengoku its Blockbuster UK, not US

TAURUS-5551658d ago

youre right JOCAM...they just want to watch tv.

Anon19741658d ago

Surprised to hear that Blockbuster was still open. I know they closed all 253 stores in Canada a couple of years ago.

Something this article needs though is a bit of context.

In the UK where this article was based, Blockbuster does have a pre-order available for the Xbox One for 20 pounds. So how do the pre-order's for the PS4 compare? Oh, they're not taking pre-orders of the PS4 at this time. Just check out the Blockbuster UK website. The US Blockbuster site doesn't take pre-orders at all. This article also don't see it necessary to provide numbers.

Here's another tidbit of information for you from their website. Blockbuster's online store in the UK went live in 2009. So, prior to that if they even took pre-orders, you would have had to have placed your orders in the store. That means the only console that Blockbuster could have offered pre-orders on, online would have been the Wii-U.

Sounds a bit like a struggling retailer trying some PR to seem relevant. They're basically saying that Xbox One pre-orders are stronger than Wii-U pre-orders were at their stores in the UK.

*slow clap*

SexyGamerDude1658d ago

The real question is "Who still goes to BlockBuster?"

MysticStrummer1658d ago

PS4 has had more social media buzz, before and after the One reveal. I expect pre-orders will reflect that eventually.

We'll know more about both after June 10th.

I honestly didn't know Blockbuster still existed.

aCasualGamer1658d ago

The console is named "Xbox One".

Ofcourse there will be those who don't know shit about the console other than that it has Xbox in it's name and it's a new console.

If you informed them of half the things Microsoft are planning with their new console, i'm positive they'd cancel their pre-order.

You'd have to be pretty crazy to pre-order a console that has TV channel switching as its main focus.

BullyMangler1658d ago

ha ha haaa . microsoft pre-ordering xBox1's?

SilentNegotiator1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Record pre-orders from a place that was never known for pre-orders/hardware that almost went under?


What's next? Record pre-orders at 7-11?

blennerville1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Microsoft probably offered Blockbuster a special deal and pre-ordered all them xbone's themselves.

or else xobx could be responsible for this "news" and payed some journalist - it might be a record breaker for Blockbuster but its most likely still a very small no.
its the type of headline microsoft would like.

MVGeneral1658d ago

1. First. - who orders from blockbuster anyways?
2. Second - "record breaking" without the numbers? so you can claim. any small number as "record breaking" as long as it has been more than the previous block buster record. Which is what, like 24?
3. Third - blockbuster wants desperately to make money, any publicity right?
4. Fourth. - dish network owns blockbuster. A huge tv company, xbox one promotes tv and may have a deal with dish network, so they are jointly promoting the new system.

Kohven1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I was, or rather still am, actually on the bandwagon to move to the PS side but then I realized something…what Microsoft is doing is indeed a very smart move. It’s one thing to buy a smart TV…but to buy a console that does it for you and play games at the same time is really the “all in one” system they are talking about. Now I don’t need to buy a specific TV to be smart with video services and what not because the X1 will already do that and it will be a lot cheaper to buy the console. Microsoft will still sell the system with high numbers because, even though I don’t watch TV, the majority of consumers use apps, video services, music etc…than games. Even though you have to still pay for gold…millions of people still buy it!

pixelsword1658d ago

Why are the pre-orders so early when it is supposed to come out (from what I understand) in 2014?

Kevin ButIer1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

You can say:

Xbox, turn on Ps4

sikbeta1658d ago

After all these days with people hating and spreading FUD, nothing can't stop THE ONE!

Dir_en_grey1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

MS have a strong marketing team that is smart on marketing their products.

They gave away tons of 360s and added that to the total sales number, so I don't doubt that this is also MS marketing pre-ordering their own product.

As long they can manipulate the news to make it seem like a hot and always sold out product, the news will report it and the no clue parents will buy it, it's just how they've been doing things. It works, sad but true.

It obviously goes against everything you read and hear after the failed announcement.

Crazyglues1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I guess the people who thought it wasn't going to sell feel stupid now... LoL

BattleAxe1658d ago

Seeing as how Blockbuster doesn't even exist in many areas anymore, I can't see this being very significant. They used to be all over the Vancouver area, but I don't think there's even one store open here anymore.

Psn8001658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Unfortunately Xbox sells more consoles in America than anywhere else in the world but they must come over to Ps4 now after that Xbox catastrophe .

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Cam9771658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

It's all the children's parents who jumped when their child saw 'Xbox' on something other than the 360. They probably don't know how bad/restrictive it is. Moreover, this is Blockbuster. They'll have no more than 10 come launch.

Mustang300C20121658d ago

Riiiiiiggghhhhttt so they just skipped Amazon and Blockbuster and went straight to Blockbuster to preorder right?

Bzone241658d ago

How'd they skip and go straight to Blockbuster at the same time?

nukeitall1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

and the games hasn't even really been announced yet.

This lines up with's most wished list ranked the Xbox One as the top most wanted item in both UK and US:

Xbox One ranked 1, and PS4 ranked 4. Ironically, the ranking reflects their numbers in their console name.

lnvisibleMan1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

See second link, strange that the PS4 says release date March 31, 2020.

Skips1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

You obviously don't know anything about how "Most wished for" and "best sellers" works on Amazon. -____-

legionsoup1658d ago

Blockbuster - where you rent things. Too bad when you rent a Xbox One game, you have to pay FULL price to play it!

S2Killinit1658d ago

actually there is an article that says PS4 is now the number one in Amazon Europe's pre-order.

NBT911658d ago

But, here is the actual best sellers list. PS4 is number 1, how is that for irony?

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ApolloTheBoss1658d ago ShowReplies(2)
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abzdine1658d ago

People cannot be serious!!

Saleem1011658d ago

You have to realize that most people don't research things they buy, its called blind purchase these same people will find out hard way...

torchic1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

and when they all realise that they're getting fudged over, I'll be platinuming inFamous Second Son and enjoying Conquest 64 on Battlefield 4, worry free.

I knew this would happen. you should've seen Maggie Lake on CNN interviewing this lady from Mashable a day after the reveal, treating Xbox One like the second coming, not really realising what it is. those kinds of people are both the cure and the cancer of the industry. Xbox One could kill their favourite pet, yet they'd still buy the damn thing.

whatever, casuals, whatever.

Prcko1658d ago

Well you know,77 million xbox360 consoles sold,and we can say that xbox have quite big fan base now

hellvaguy1658d ago


Its because ng4 has become a ps safe haven. n4g bans pro ms threads and all these ps'ers so "buzy" playing all the exclusives, just flock here all day.

It's just such a double standard now. When sony does something well it's because they love you with all their heart and want to be soulmates with you. When ms does something right, its only because they got scared of a some unknown lawsuit. Funny how that works.

S2Killinit1658d ago

come on, that is not true and you know it. The reason why you don't see that many articles praising xbox one is because not many people are looking forward to it at this point in time(at least not gamers) Otherwise you can still see some that praise it, just look at the front page today, you should be able to find them.
you are right of course. But I really hope that more people are able to see that Microsoft is steering the gaming ship in a bad direction, and stay away at least until they change their policies.

totallysane1657d ago

what's sad is majority of those sales are from rrod problems on first console. HA

awi59511657d ago


No that's a total lie and you know its because all the Ps fanboys have bubble raped the few xbox fans on the site and they don't have any bubbles. This site is far worse than neoGafe now, so many butt hurt PS 3 fanboys that spend all day trolling xbox articles and debubbling the xbox fans. Im so glad i sold all my consoles and now i only play Pc. Console players are just a bunch of children with too much time on their hands.

I love Pc gaming Perma bans for little children that scream racist names at people or calling someone gay all day. "Admin please permaban that little jerk from our server" i really love that.

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Killabites1658d ago

People who dont watch events such at the xbox reveal, or do there homework i guess.

LogicStomper1658d ago

"..or do there homework i guess."

Well you better go do your English homework bud.

Doggaming1658d ago

Why? Well....why not? every Xbox fanboy wants the sticker that comes with every xbox ONE Signed by Mr.Thomson himself saying''We will screw you over...GUARANTEED!!'' =)

Bigpappy1658d ago

Hahahaaaaaa! This is so funny! Wow.

After all the backlash look what happened.

I still hope M$ fixes their use game policy.

mmccarthy41658d ago

they have stated that they will not charge for used games but right now it's too complicated to explain.

cleverusername1658d ago

Especially at Blockbuster!!

Dlacy13g1658d ago

@Kratos_Kills because despite what you may think, many see it for what it is...a pretty well designed console.

MysticStrummer1658d ago

It's a well designed multi-media device. PS4 is a well designed game console. Game developers agree.

hellvaguy1658d ago


And yet sony has almost all the same exact media apps as ms. But somehow they are only a game console. Odd how these double standards work in some people's minds.

MysticStrummer1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I'm talking about the architecture of the system, not the apps. One is mainly designed to do the type of things they showed off at the first reveal. PS4 is mainly designed for games. The memory types and amount of memory required for the OS is all I have to say to prove that, but disagree away.

Perjoss1658d ago

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the XB1 had more launch titles than the PS4.

MRMagoo1231658d ago

The same as when ppl said wouldnt it be funny if the xbone had a more powerful system but we know how that turned out lmao.

Perjoss1658d ago

don't laugh too hard, the weakest platform is usually the lead platform :)

Skeith1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Because they need new watercooler.

dcbronco1658d ago

This may be another example that proves that all of the fuss is coming from a vocal minority. It's the same group of people that disagree with anything that doesn't say Sony is great and makes EA the worse company in the world despite Monsanto, JP Morgan, CitiGroup and Bank of America being around. They show their ignorance and make it clear their influence only stretches as far as their allowance will take them.

Outside the gamer bubble there are hundreds of millions of people that won't read the fake anger on N4G. And they will make a decision based on their wants and needs not on fanboy agenda. Fanboys are a very small part that is a part of a small group that are hardcore gamers. The larger group of gamers aren't influenced completely by them. And the far larger group that is the average consumer really doesn't listen to them Or ever even hear them.

If you look at all the things that fanboys have gone on and on about on this site like 3D, Blu-ray and uncompressed sound, you'll see things that the average consumer ignored. Niche products or dying products. They are a vocal minority of biased people and all of their talk doesn't even register with most people. An slightly educated American would hear that Kinect spies on them and welcome it because they know that they will get paid on the lawsuit. Fanboys only know that they support the other company so they will believe anything.

stuna11658d ago

So you're saying the hate is all in fanboys minds!? You have got to be kidding me! It seems to me the hate is well deserved! How anyone could want the Xbone to succeed is to put it lightly will be"Disastrous"!

Microsoft holds no allegiance to it's very own fanbase, but yet you would have that same fanbase rush to defend them! At Sony & Nintendo have stayed gamer focused.

Microsoft on the other hand has not! Yes they've said that 15 exclusives will be released in the first year, but it you mean no one can see that they want to sucker the fanbase they already have into paying more fees?

The casuals have an excuse, because they don't research anything, but what's the present fanbases excuse? Microsoft will make it tough to opt out this time! Mark my words.

This makes me realise how far subliminal messaging has come, because no one in their right mind could tell me that the Xbox Live is worth the purchase price over everything that available now! And now with the announcement of the Xbone the same restrictions now will only get more restrictive.

What Microsoft is doing now will have lasting repprecutions on the future of gaming as well as the industry! If Sony goes the same route, my stance will remain the same, and I not support them either.

Dlacy13g1658d ago

Man, reading your reply and I gotta say I don't agree with most of what you just spewed.

One point I will agree on is that PS4 had a very gamer centric reveal.

Nintendo has NOT stayed gamer focus. Did you completely forget "Nintendo TV" and how much attention they gave that at the WiiU reveal. Using your WiiU pad as a TV Remote, using it to record TV... I digress.

And lets not forget Sony's PS3 has just as much many Movie/TV apps on it as the 360 did...and I am 100% sure the PS4 will as well. Their success in your eyes was talking about games first not the other stuff....fair enough.

"makes me realize how far subliminal messaging has come, because no one in their right mind could tell me that the Xbox Live is worth the purchase price over everything that available now" well if no one can tell you its worth it, is that messaging really working? lol... I think you are just pretty closed minded when it comes to Xbox Live and that is 100% your right to be.

What I love about your last statement is the "blame MS for all the evil that is coming". Your anger should be directed at all the publishers / developers who have complained about used games over the years. Those voices are what is pushing this change. Devs like David Cage complaining Heavy Rain Sold 2 million yet had 3 million people with trophies...those voices are what has driven this change.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1658d ago

Pre oders from blockbusters really?.what's that about 10, 000.and in blockbusters 25yr history they were never a go to place for pre orders for gaming.

For all we know their pre order record is 5, 000.this is a spin but all you need in america is a spin and people would eat their young for it.

Let me know when wal-mart, amazon or even gamestop says this.

FlameBaitGod1658d ago

This article...