Grand Theft Auto Meets The Simpsons

Kotaku - Hey. It's artist Dan Luvisi again. Three times in one year? It's worth it, because Grand Theft Otto - mashing the Simpsons and Vice City - is what it is. Awesome.

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hiredhelp1793d ago

Lol thats cool. GTA Spring city

FlyingFoxy1792d ago

When i saw the GTA parody in the Simpsons before, i was surprised they didn't call it Grand Theft Otto.. just seems natural.

baraka0071792d ago

simpsons hit and run was pretty much simpsons meets gta... I used to have it on gamecube. It's not too bad of a game for it's time IMO

FlyingFoxy1792d ago

I think it was a really good game personally, i remember playing it on Xbox and seeing the graphics after Vice City, the cartoon look and colours really made it look sharp for the time.

They should definitely make a sequel to Hit and Run.