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Saints Row IV vs. Grand Theft Auto V

Clickonline writes "What essentially began life as a 2006 tide-over title until GTA IV dropped, the Saints Row franchise is now positioned to go toe-to-toe with Rockstar’s flagship open world toy box! This throw-down will occur between August 23rd and September 17th when Saints Row IV and GTAV respectively hit/steal/abuse/interfere with store shelves." (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

ltachiUchiha  +   864d ago
GTA V will be way better imo.
RiPPn  +   864d ago
I dunno, because saints row doesn't take itself so serious, it actually is more fun to play, at least in my opinion.
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ltachiUchiha  +   864d ago
Everyone has their own opinion so we can live with that but seems like rockstar is going all out with GTA V. It looks to be prolly the best of the series. Well hopefully.
RiPPn  +   864d ago
I didn't mean to say I wouldn't be playing GTA V, it will be kick ass as well, just in a different way I suppose.
RedDevils  +   864d ago
After SR 2 it been down hill ever since
attilayavuzer  +   862d ago

Ever since? You mean one game?
Koyes  +   864d ago
No comparison. Gta V is the better of the two by a mile
Games4ever  +   864d ago
GTA V No one comes close.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   864d ago
They are both different games in my opinion. GTA V is a more fun serious sandbox game, while Saints Row IV is a fun whacky sandbox game.

I'm buying both anyways. :D
Cam977  +   864d ago
You can't even compare them. GTA V is light years ahead of SR:4. Hell, SR:IV doesn't even deserve Roman numerals.
Psychotica  +   864d ago
Kind of like comparing a serious movie to The Three Stooges films..
Moncole  +   864d ago
Its like comparing Batman and Deadpool. Both are loved but one is serious and one is wacky.
Baka-akaB  +   864d ago
SRIV isnt even what i'd call a true sequel , 'nuff said
Slysi  +   864d ago
That's like putting accrington Stanley vs man utd, leagues apart
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spandle  +   864d ago
Accrington Stanley, who are they? (in a scouse accent)
RavageX  +   864d ago
I wouldn't really compare the two games, especially with the direction SR has gone.

I just can't believe what they have done to the game after SR2....makes me sad.

The game(SR2) had a perfect blend of funny, wacky, and crazy WITH a story that actually made sense AND actually had some serious moments.

ALL they had to do was improve graphics, add more clothes, cars, diversions and continue the story.

Instead they turned it into some sort of rubbish for kids with short attention spans. Pathetic.

People often wonder why many, many fans still rage and complain about SR3 and the apparent direction the series is still going in, and it's simple.

We were original fans. It's like following a game series...let's say Mass Effect. You follow the story, can't wait for the next game and instead of a legit sequel you get Shepard in a clown suit who spends the entire game randomly throwing pies in aliens' faces for no real reason.

It's a complete turnaround of what the series was about in the first damn place.

What it was, was a nice alternative to GTA. A game still focused on story somewhat, but had plenty fun in it. I enjoyed both, and actually ended up playing SR2 MORE than GTA4.

SR3....I consider myself lucky to have finished that rubbish.
Disco Downey  +   864d ago
GTA IV was the most boring game ive played in years. It was terrible.

SR is all about fun and mentalness. You never get bored playing it.
bluetoto  +   864d ago
"The mentally challenged never get bored playing it. " FIXED

This game is going to sell substantially less than SR3, which sold as well as it did off the back of SR2. SR2 fans like myself didn't hesitate to pre-order SR3 with the thinking it was going to be something it was NOT.

New fans of SR3 will without a doubt buy SR3.5 in a heartbeat, but that number I'm guessing is going to significantly less than they expect, I promise you.

Not only that, GTAV is coming out right around the corner, and people like me who hated GTA4 are going to bypass SR3.5 in favor of GTAV altogether, which I know can't be a small number as well.

Not only that you have all the DLC you KNOW they are going to withhold from SR3.5 like they did in SR3 to nickel and dime you to death (I spent more than $90 on SR3 altogether) so why not wait to get the complete game later on if still interested.

I see rough seas ahead for volition, sadly.
Redrever  +   864d ago
GTAV will be this years next GOTY or the runner up for the spot since we have other games in this years lineup.
CODallday  +   864d ago
GTA is garbage,and always has been. Have fun with GTA5,aka Driving simulator.
Yukicore  +   864d ago
Well I looked at your nickname... and suddenly everything was clear
Yukicore  +   864d ago
Don't even start with this sh*t, Rockstar games is just untouchable in open-world category. Watch dogs might be a competitor, but Saints Row is just load of bullshit. I have not seen a game developer company which makes games with more style, precision and even doesn't do publicity stunts. R* Games is just like another universe to me.
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