They Criticized Vista. And They Should Know: 'Why is Switching XP For Vista An "Upgrade"?' - NYTimes:

ONE year after the birth of Windows Vista, why do so many Windows XP users still decline to "upgrade"? Microsoft says high prices have been the deterrent. Last month, the company trimmed prices on retail packages of Vista, trying to entice consumers to overcome their reluctance. In the United States, an XP user can now buy Vista Home Premium for $129.95, instead of $159.95.

An alternative theory, however, is that Vista's reputation precedes it. XP users have heard too many chilling stories from relatives and friends about Vista upgrades that have gone badly. The graphics chip that couldn't handle Vista's whizzy special effects. The long delays as it loaded. The applications that ran at slower speeds. The printers, scanners and other hardware peripherals, which work dandily with XP, that lacked the necessary software, the drivers, to work well with Vista.

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sonarus3921d ago

vista is a piece of crap. In major corporations they have already rejected the new vista software.
Forget Xbox360 vs ps3 here. Msoft created a piece of crap in vista

jke823921d ago

its not that vista is expensive its because of the performance and compatiblity issues that surround vista. performance being key why would i switch from something thats tried and true runs perfect with no problems to something THAT COULD (and i say could cause every situation is different) cause instability, compatiblity, and performance issues. now i know its not gonna be the case with every upgrade, but the stigma is there against vista, and i doubt that tarnished image that vista has can be repaired

The_Engineer3921d ago

MS lovers here come out with their usual drivel about how XP had the same reception.....LMAO

XP didn't cause class action lawsuits, In ten years MS will be a memory.

jaja14343921d ago

I was going to argue with you, but then I realize intelligent conversation would simply be lost on someone such as yourself.

Percy3921d ago

you were going to argue but had no point to make. Microsoft employees in charge of making the product do not like it. You think that guy who bought the laptop is happy with his $2100 email machine or you think he went downstairs and got a copy of xp.

I would gladly pay twice what they are currently selling it for if it ran faster than xp. Why does it have to be slower? When you upgrade things get faster. "I traded in the ferrari for a mule so what if its slower and doesnt do what i say its newer"

jaja14343921d ago

Right, so when I bought Crysis I should expect it to run faster? Right? Because it's newer and newer software should run faster? Though perhaps I'm just splitting hairs on this particular subject and admittedly choose a goofy example. Perhaps you could do a search and find the only thing Vista is slower than XP at(by some reasonable margin) is file copying. Actually Vista is faster, though by a small amount, than XP in most categories.

But as for me, my laptop with Vista works fantastic. Actually I made it a point to put Vista on it because Vista has handwriting learning software and better battery management than XP does. As for my desktop, meh I haven't noticed a difference for or against it. The only real difference has been that networking is a lot easier on Vista.

All that wonderfulness said, is Vista worth the "upgrade," no not really. But there is nothing to complain about either if it came with your system...

wallace10003921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Dude you can't have arguments like that on this site. Using examples and backing them up with logical facts and constructive argument is banned on this site. Spewing fanboy rhetoric is the only way to argue your point on this site.
Good job though, your posts are among the few on this site that are still worth the read :-)

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