5 Free To Play Games You Should be Playing

Simply put, Gaming these days is an extremely expensive hobby. With each new game going for 60 dollars (50 for PC) it has become a bigger and bigger strain on the wallet of devoted gamers. The last thing someone wants to do after spending hundreds of dollars on a new Console or computer, is spend another couple hundred on games. Luckily many developers are beginning to see this frustration and more companies are creating what we never thought possible, complete free games. At first these games where contained a issues like, only paying gamers can play the full game or ,using real money, players could purchase weapons and armor to instantly become an unstoppable force even against player with days of playing time ahead of them. Many of these problems have been fixed and below are just a few completely free to play games that have solved this problem and, although have a micro-transaction system, offer players a truly complete gaming experience for free.

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ltachiUchiha1732d ago

You forgot dc universe online. Another fun free to play online mmo.

1732d ago
3-4-51731d ago

What about Planetside 2 ?

Game is fun.

ltachiUchiha1731d ago

Yup that too, im hoping it comes to the ps4. =]

Steelmanner1730d ago

I was going to write about that game in my article, but I wanted to show off some games that are a little less known.

psyxon1732d ago

Smite is terrible and has crazy balance issues that they don't seem to care to address. Worst god/champ/hero design I've ever seen in a moba game. It's fun though, if you can get past all of that. I'll stick with LoL until they polish and get out of beta.

Tribes is fun for a couple days then it dies quickly. For me, anyway. HiRez seems to have conceptual failures.

Dust is great, just hard to get into I think. It has potential. They could make it play a bit smoother. We'll see.

pandehz1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Hawken's pretty good

Tera is more engaging than Neverwinter I feel.

oof461732d ago

Anybody tried Play4Free Battlefield? How is that?

Emilio_Estevez1731d ago

Very meh, there are much better options out there.

Master of Unlocking1731d ago

I tried Dust 514 after getting a free PS+ subscription a few months ago, and found it really mediocre. Extremely difficult to get into, with visuals that make the PS4 blush with shame. Only hte part inside the ship/base or w/e in 3rd person looked good. So, yep, I deleted it almost immediately after trying it. Thanks for nothing, I'd like some REAL free games with the PS+ subscription next time...

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