Infamous Second Son Ask Your Questions

GameInformer will be talking to Sucker Punch very soon for their next podcast, and they will ask them questions directly from the Game Informer community. What do you want to know about Infamous Second Son? Let GameInformers know on their website.

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strigoi8141609d ago

is there gonna be a couple of change to the characters final appearance

Rusty5151609d ago

Since it's gonna take place in Seattle, can we expect a grunge-based soundtrack?

(Hey I can dream right?)

r211609d ago

Hopefully someone asks if past inFamous characters will be back.

pr0t0typeknuckles1609d ago

didnt they say past characters wont return when the game first got announced?

The_Infected1609d ago

How big is the map compared to Infamous 2?

The_Blue1609d ago

Im not into the skinny jeans and goth thing.

uncharted561609d ago

Goth I agree with but it seems you are quite old to understand todays culture.

The_Blue1607d ago

Im not old. Im just not into skinny Jeans. lol

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