Games Don't Kill People, Families Do Says New Study

The debate over videogames and violence shows no signs of abating, and despite having grown a little weary of the topic, I'll admit that there's a part of me that remains ever intrigued by the latest research in this area. So in that spirit, here's another scientific article to further fuel the discussion. This one comes from the March issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior and presents the results of two studies examining the relationship between videogames and real life violence.

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decapitator3867d ago

Is about damn time games weren't blamed for everything.

Danja3867d ago

they just figured that out....hmm So I guess Marilyn Manson music doesn't drive teens to commit violent acts then...

Breakfast3867d ago

People who do crimes because music or games tells them to, need to go to a hospital

mighty_douche3867d ago

If there was no gun in the house there would be no shooting. No one should be allowed to own one.

Timesplitter143867d ago

It's about damn time. You don't need to be a genius to understand that

GETPWNT3867d ago

lol dumb parents want to blame everything but their inability to...PARENT.

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