GT5 Prologue Race Through Streets Of London

The self-proclaimed 'real driving simulator' Gran Turismo 5: Prologue answers the critics claim that the game is too slow and dull. The stage was set; London. Take a look at this brilliant 5minute show.

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Mr Playboy3892d ago

looks good

but I'm waiting for GT5 not the demo GT5P

MaximusPrime3892d ago

GT5 is at least a year away. i bet u will get GT5:P no matter what.

doodle3891d ago

You dont own a PS3 so you dont have to wait.

go play your garbage box 3 fix me and PLASTIC fuuuuuuurza 2 and cartoon PGR CRAP

This guy trolls every PS3 thread

GT5P will outsell all x360 games COMBINED for the months of APRIL and MARCH in europe

GT5P has over 2 million in preorders worldwide

GT5P makes anything on GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME look like PILE OF CRAp

Hockey113891d ago

As much of a ps3 fanboy as I am you really have to stop saying other people have multiple accounts. Why cant you just except that they like 360 and we like ps3. Im pretty sure what you say will not change other peoples minds. That is his opinion that GT5:P is just a demo but in a way he is right. It is a test to pave way to GT5. But in another way he is wrong because it is a full game and you aren't restricted from using anything.

doodle3891d ago

do you own a PS3??

There is every reason to bash x360 since it is a GARBAGE CONSOLE without any game

GT5P is the ultrarealistic racing sim

GT5P is bigger than most racing games . as big as the first motorstorm

for 40$ for an ultrarealistic SIM you cant ask for much .

Tht GARBAGE BOT and you should stop pretending that you own a PS3

TARD dont post in PS3 threads

that PP doesnt own a PS3. he is a GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME fanboy who posts crap in every ps3 thread

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mighty_douche3892d ago

I hope you can select this track along with the F1 car :)

Vrooom Vrooooooom Vrooommmmm...... SMASH!

Meus Renaissance3892d ago

I was thinking the same. You'd probably only accelerate for a second then the rest of the time, hit the brakes or crash lol

MaximusPrime3892d ago

oh yeaaa Formula one car. i gotta keep winning to earn that loads of credit.

doodle3891d ago

It is more of an INTERACTIVE MOVIE than a GAME

level 3603891d ago

Not really a suitable track for an F1 car to be in for sure... but then it's nice to trial it out just the same.

Yes, is it 2 million points before you can avail of the Ferrari F1?

Also any Bugatti Veyron in the works for a future download?, rumours? talks?

Can anyone please also let Sony/Polyphony know they need to bring in the *Mazda Furai LeMans concept racer, *Nissan's Xanavi GTR35 Super GT 500, and the timeless *Porsche 928 in this Prologue game or probably in the Full Version GranTurismo 5... just some honestly good suggestion here.

Kazunori Yamauchi-san are you listening?

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