New GT5 Steering Wheel in Action

French website JeuxVideo demonstrating the new Logitech steering wheel for Gran Turismo 5. As you can see the response feed back is impeccable a great alternative for the G25 wheel.

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mighty_douche3920d ago

Pretty cool watching both the steering wheel and on screen version moving togther in harmony. Just not sure if i can stomach the £80.

MaximusPrime3920d ago

im impressed with the used of Steering wheel with GT.

If i can recall, i remember playing GT4 using steering wheel at the exhibition a few years back. It was accurate.

No doubt that the steering wheel is still accurate when playing GT5:P

killer_trap3920d ago

compared to the G25 this ones is rather cheap. does it have a working clutch though????

Lord Anubis3920d ago

it doesn't have a clutch which kinds of makes me wonder if i should purchase it at all or just go straight for the G25.


Spinner3920d ago

~$50-$70 more = G25.

Go with the G25 for the cluth, 6 speed shifter, and amazing build quality.

SmokeyMcBear3920d ago

does GT5 even utilize the clutch?

Spinner3920d ago

yes, actually it does. GT5 is fully G25 compatible.


It's a G25 feature, not GT5 or any game at all...

Just like a real manual car, if you don't press the clutch pedal, you can't shift (but trying it on a real car could get your clutch useless). We don't see many automatic cars here in Brazil, almost everything is manual, with a basic H profile shifter, is it any different in US?

And this thing doesn't even have a hand brake... How are you supposed to feel drifting in the "O" buttom in the wheel?

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Maddens Raiders3920d ago

and who makes it? Will my Driving Force Pro II's from GT4 work?

resistance1003920d ago

I was impressed so much with this wheel at LIVE i ordered a logitech wheel straight away

Basically the one i have ordered, and this was confirmed by the people at that its the same wheel than the new GT one coming out soon, except it doesn't have the official licencing or the same button layout.

Maddens Raiders3920d ago

I'm lookin into it now. Good to know it's Logitech; I wouldn't want to take a chance with anything else quite honestly.


There is a Thrustmaster wheel with clutch that I heard is pretty good too. It don't have H profile shifter option through... The question is if this one is compatible with PS3/GT5...

And there is that Porsche 911 Turbo S licenced one too, but I don't know if this is really good... All I do know is that one is factored by Fanatec (which I don't have also tasted anything), I don't see any paddle shifter behind the wheel and that this one looks like it's made all from cheap plastic (G25 is metal and leather).

Anyway, I really don't think any of those can beat the Logitech G25.

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Avto3920d ago

I'd pick this up it's just so stylish looking so cool GT5 Prologue all the way.

level 3603919d ago

Reason this Driving Force having no clutch is it's works only in *sequential mode ( pull-push, ala F1, WRC etc... )

And since the *HD Version and *GranTurismo 5: Prologue games are set-up that way, that is everyone's *only choice of option.

Unless you're also playing a few *PC games like *GTR2 which is 6-speed manual transmission enabled, this and only a few other racing titles where you're going to be using manual gears... hope Sony/Polyphony does implement manual transmission mode for the Full Version GranTurismo 5.

Another plus for the G25 is that the gears are not connected to the wheel and you do have the option of 6 gears for other titles that supports this mode.

PS3 Driving Force is specifically made for the PS3 console, while the G25's can be used for your PC as well, another one is the Porsche 911 fanatec wheel - a bit on the pricier side and the gears are also connected to the wheel but it does have less wiring - if you don't like the clutter..., so take your choice.

I went for the G25's beacuse of it's versatility., and it looks kinda real and sturdy.


Someone know why any of those steering wheels have a hand brake? How are you suppose to "simulate" drifting? In the "O" buttom? Come on...

I see some with hand brake in Carrefour and Wal Mart, but they were so cheap and don't have any major feature like paddle shifters or clutch nor nothing... They were too small too.