Attack On Titan meets StarCraft II in this great intro mashup

DSOGaming writes: "Attack On Titan is perhaps the best anime running this season. Its concept is great, it has some lots of memorable moments, and what can we say about the music that was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano? To put it simple; if you are anime fans, you have to check it out. And in order to make things more interesting, our reader ‘Dimitris Kaparos’ has informed us about an intro mashup of Attack On Titan and Blizzard’s strategy game, StarCraft II. It does look pretty cool, so go ahead and take a look!"

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ltachiUchiha1791d ago

My favorite new anime. This anime is simply epic.

john21791d ago

Indeed. Epic anime. Though different concepts, it's a great follow up for my last season's best anime, Psycho Pass.

ApolloTheBoss1791d ago

Gotta start watching that. I hearing a lot of good things.

ShugaCane1791d ago

Agreed. It's beyond awesome !!

tarbis1791d ago

Damn, even Star Craft wasn't spared. XD XD XD

PFFT1791d ago

Shingeki No Kyojin is an amazing Anime/Manga! i cant wait for the next manga chapter! Armored Titan Vs Eren!!!!!!!!!!!!

krontaar1791d ago

What? Reiner vs eren already happened 2 chapters ago. Next chapter is probably flashback/explanation.

ShugaCane1791d ago

I think there's no need to spoil here.

Lord_Sloth1791d ago


*hasn't started the manga yet*

PFFT1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Ahh nice thanks for the heads up. If you hadnt posted that i wouldnt have known about those 2 chapters! Thanks Krontaar. And you guys need to start reading the manga!

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Godmars2901791d ago

Just makes me think of a Shadow of the Colossus plus Attack on Titian type game. Mirror's Edge plus SotC.