Starbreeze’s “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” Early Review Scores Are Out

GamesMaster: “it’s Ico meets Limbo in Fable’s world. in a word: spellbinding”

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jesuisankit1337d ago

Cant wait to play it!! :)

kostchtchie_1337d ago

hope people take a chance and buy this, nice to get different games every now and then

dragunrising1337d ago

This is on my to buy list. I like new types of games. Controlling each brother with each individual stick sounds tricky but fun.

DigitalRaptor1336d ago

Always thought this game was going to be special. Day one!

RenegadeRocks1336d ago

When is it coming out ??? Wow , this is needs to be a day 1 buy !! :D i had no idea this even existed !