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Submitted by bradgrenz 917d ago | opinion piece

Xbox Gone Redundant

The Xbox One is emblematic of Microsoft's desperation to reinsert their interests between users and the technologies people actually use in the modern home. Far from being a disruptive product, Xbox One is at best Nintendo's TVii 2.0. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

MariaHelFutura  +   917d ago
Yes. They went full retard.
Relientk77  +   917d ago
Where do all these gifs come from, I swear there's like 5 new ones everyday lol
Sharius  +   917d ago
elhebbo16  +   917d ago
and reddit
thereapersson  +   917d ago
Relientk77; sharius
batbatz  +   917d ago
very creative
AngelicIceDiamond  +   917d ago
Thank god the console is still a good ways from launch.

BTW all this console praising is giving me a headache, and getting old.
TwistedMetal  +   917d ago
to bad. it will keep going as long as there are people out there going full retard saying they dont care if ms kills them as long as they can get an xbox 1 for a day.
Maddens Raiders  +   917d ago
The internet will soon -

run out of gifs to make for the XBOX1. It's really fkn everything up in the universe right now and beginning to tear the time-space continuum.


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Dos_Equis  +   917d ago
I don't always watch TV, but when I do, I watch myself.

No TV on consoles my friends.
MysticStrummer  +   917d ago
He is...


The most sensible man in the world.
medman  +   917d ago
Thank you.
johnsonbat  +   917d ago
I'm not sure this was the 'entertainment' M$ had in mind that the XBone would provide.
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BattleAxe  +   917d ago
Please do not call it XBone, call it Xbox Gone lol
pixelsword  +   917d ago
Xbox Done?
NS  +   917d ago
I really do hope Sony is watching this carefully. However i feel like the odds are against gamers.

Console manufactures, publishers and retailers must have all met and discuss the used game market. In the end it is us the gamers that pay more.

The gaming industry is already at least 60Billion a year and yet this is not enough money for them?.
SexyGamerDude  +   917d ago
I like how people forget Nintendo exists. They must have missed the "Stop used games" conference, huh?
pixelsword  +   917d ago
Probably; that's where everyone else decided to upgrade their tech as well.

Just kidding; My brother has a Wii and I'm considering getting a Wii U to be a side console for either my upgraded PC, PS4 (if they don't go DRM and Spy crazy), or that console Valve is putting out.
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NS  +   917d ago
Oh i know about the Wii-U. If Sony pulls an MS i will buy one and just upgrade my PC.
rainslacker  +   917d ago
Price fixing huh? Cool we can bring legal action against them.
NS  +   917d ago
Nah i am just saying something is just really fishy going on. Publishers are not saying anything. Gamestop is ok with whats been reveled sofar.

It feels like they had this planned for sometime. It was just the details that was not finalized.

MS i am sure have discussed this with the publishers before. I am sure MS would not just drop something like this as well on Gamestop.

If they have met and discuss this before. I doubt anyone wanted to take a hit financially from the proposed measures so they plan to offload the cost to the guy that was not represented. Us the gamers.
rainslacker  +   917d ago
You make a good point. It would have been nice if whatever company wants to do this sort of thing actually asked what we the customers wanted, or tried to find a compromise with the community. There are many options that could have been discussed, new ideas formed, and while not everyone would be happy, at least we wouldn't feel like we are unimportant.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   917d ago
A very good article. Well worth a read.
amiga-man  +   917d ago
Very good indeed well worth reading.
GotEnder  +   917d ago
before the 21st i wanted to own all three next gen consoles. after the 21st its ps4 and wii u only. i respect peoples decision to spend their money however they please but msoft will not get a dollar out of me. the sad part of all this is that xbox one will still sell well do to brand loyalty, fanboys,and misinformed casuals.
Y_5150  +   917d ago
What's weird is that remember the "720" teaser in the movie Reel Steel was all about? Was it just a joke after all?
colonel179  +   917d ago
It was just so that people understood it was set in the future. Nothing else.
MikeyDucati1  +   917d ago
As much as I don't necessarily care for the Xbox One, it is my strong belief that Xbox One is going to do better than I and the rest of us ever expected.

Just think about it, most of the 360 owners are young kids. All those features offered will be a great thing for them. The system is maturing along with their fanbase.

I really think that when E3 comes around, people will jump ship and say "you know, they aren't that bad"...forgetting all about an always watching kinect because of the stars in their eyes when they see next gen Xbox One games.
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MikeyDucati1  +   917d ago
They were right about this site, it is pro PS3. Hey you people, have an open mind and stop that silly fanboyism.
ickysweat77  +   917d ago
The funny thing is that many of us here were once pro xbox who are now standing up for the gamer and trying to bring focus to the anti-consumer practices MS is trying to incorporate with this new system.
MikeyDucati1  +   917d ago
Oh spare me the valiant speech of standing up to the enemy. Your mind is just as closed. My post is an observation in truth. If you read it and comprehended it, you would notice that while I announce my displeasure, I'm also mature and sensible enough to be honest about the whole thing. There are people who don't see what we see. There are people that want the One no matter what. Some of the features are wanted by the consumer. To wish doom for the One displays a person's ignorance. Listen, big brother is already happening. People are using freaking Google for christ sakes, a search engine that does what the One does.

The truth is obvious. MS pulls off a great showing at E3 with their display of games, I'm pretty sure people will backtrack.

People disagreed with me simply because my post wasn't another slander towards MS. Too bad their sensibility and maturity levels are low, maybe they could understand the whole perception instead of the narrow selfish one.
Hicken  +   917d ago
In order to get a foot in the door, they're gonna need a good number of core gamers to buy this thing when it comes out.

That ain't happening. The hardcore simply will not buy it. And it's not just "pro-Sony" people. Even folks like SDF- who hasn't QUITE made up his mind yet- are saying the system isn't appealing to them.

So, if the hardcore don't shell their money out for the device when it launches- like they do for EVERY device when it comes out- how is it gonna last long enough to get into the homes of the people waiting for price cuts and such?
Dfooster  +   917d ago
If Microsoft wanted a bit of the wii crowd they should have realised where they had migrated to and put less emphasis on hand waving and struck a deal to get an app service for android games built into their machine.

They would have cleaned up next gen with a machine that can play cutting edge AAA games and angry birds at 69p.

That's where the wii crowd went, they are all playing candy crush and Microsoft are still flailing about in front if kinect trying to get the thing to work.
Bathyj  +   917d ago
I'm glad someone iterated a point I made days ago.

"Microsoft can plead that E3 is their big game blowout all they want, the truth is you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression."

Another interesting point no one is really talking about...

"Microsoft’s virtual machine architecture is founded on maintaining the quality of service and that should pay dividends, even if it does mean dedicating less than the full power of the machine for actual games."

Is the 3gb reserved for the system confirmed?
Have they forever hamstrung their own power by never having more than 5gb of DDR3 going towards the game?

Thats mind boggling if true, and it might not be readily apparent right away as first wave games are not going to push either system, but rest assured as the gen wears on the gap will increase between the quality of Sonys games and MS's just as they did this gen, and just as they did this gen, MS will start to neglect their console, for the 3rd time in a row, and look to the next one. Thats assuming they do well enough this time to warrant a next one.
insomnium2  +   917d ago
Agreed! LOL at the pic of this article.
mmj  +   917d ago
This article makes some very good points.

I too feel that with the onset of portable devices and MS being left behind they are now desperate to invent some kind of game changer like the iPhone that will make them relevent again, instead of making rational decisions they are basically taking big gambles hoping that one of them will pay off. It's pretty much what a gambler does after a big loss, throwing his remaining money on the unlikely long shots dreaming of a big return to win his money back which rarely comes off, they're just digging themselves deeper and deeper into irrelevancy.
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hahaha  +   917d ago
Xbox Gone to Xbox Done to Xbox None.
headblackman  +   917d ago
idiots in the highest sense. if you don't get the concept of what Microsoft is and has been doing since the Xbox 360 on up to the introduction of the new Xbox one, then just say so. and if you're just a troll because you actually get what's going on and it scares you because its cool tech that won't be happening on your console of bad choice, then say that. but don't hate and or bash Microsoft for innovating and keeping entertainment going. Microsoft is not creating TV, gaming, or entertainment as a whole. its simply giving you an easy and better way to use what you already have and love. we all loose our remote controlled for our TV's and other devices. now we don't need them because of the Xbox one. this 1 item can control your console,TV,cable service,audio,games, and much more with just audio and body gestures. that's a very cool and innovative creation (only a hater and or fanbot would say otherwise). smart glass is also not inventing the wheels. its simply improving on what's already there, making it better than what it already is. that's a good sense of evolution for the simple minded people. Microsoft is helping our preexisting items to grow to be better than what the already are and less restricted by remotes. what is Sony doing to innovate? oh. a share button :-/ wow. good much with staying on top with that. Microsoft will have the better/best complete entertainment device that will have all of the hottest games in the largest amounts that have ever been done on the Xbox brand. it will have the hardware to compete with any console on the market, well into the future. it will have some of the best exclusive apps that will further continue to impress and innovate. it will always have the better gaming network which is Xbox live. it will have the best gaming controller that has ever been designed for any console to date. and its done and backed by one of the most brilliant and the wealthiest company's and the only company that that can make all of this possible. but you what the sad part about all of this is? Sony fanbots sit around and criticize what Microsoft's doing but Sony will sit back and watch with Microsoft does and copy it and then the Sony fanbots will eat it up (they will read this and lie to themselves and to everyone else like they don't care) Sony has run out of innovation. they are now in the business of just being able to copy and say me too. good much with that one buddy.

game on :-)
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okmrman  +   917d ago
big wall of text
didnt bother to read

ever heard of paragraphs?
headblackman  +   917d ago
you read it. you don't have to say that you did. but you did. your real complaint isn't with how it was written or how much was written,but more so along the lines of what was written, but its OK. you'll get over it when you finally get the picture on e3 and the Xbox one system release.

game on :-)
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