Xbox Gone Redundant

The Xbox One is emblematic of Microsoft's desperation to reinsert their interests between users and the technologies people actually use in the modern home. Far from being a disruptive product, Xbox One is at best Nintendo's TVii 2.0.

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Relientk771852d ago

Where do all these gifs come from, I swear there's like 5 new ones everyday lol

AngelicIceDiamond1852d ago

Thank god the console is still a good ways from launch.

BTW all this console praising is giving me a headache, and getting old.

TwistedMetal1852d ago

to bad. it will keep going as long as there are people out there going full retard saying they dont care if ms kills them as long as they can get an xbox 1 for a day.

Maddens Raiders1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


run out of gifs to make for the XBOX1. It's really fkn everything up in the universe right now and beginning to tear the time-space continuum.



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Dos_Equis1852d ago

I don't always watch TV, but when I do, I watch myself.

No TV on consoles my friends.

MysticStrummer1852d ago

He is...


The most sensible man in the world.

johnsonbat1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I'm not sure this was the 'entertainment' M$ had in mind that the XBone would provide.

BattleAxe1852d ago

Please do not call it XBone, call it Xbox Gone lol

NS1852d ago

I really do hope Sony is watching this carefully. However i feel like the odds are against gamers.

Console manufactures, publishers and retailers must have all met and discuss the used game market. In the end it is us the gamers that pay more.

The gaming industry is already at least 60Billion a year and yet this is not enough money for them?.

SexyGamerDude1852d ago

I like how people forget Nintendo exists. They must have missed the "Stop used games" conference, huh?

pixelsword1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Probably; that's where everyone else decided to upgrade their tech as well.

Just kidding; My brother has a Wii and I'm considering getting a Wii U to be a side console for either my upgraded PC, PS4 (if they don't go DRM and Spy crazy), or that console Valve is putting out.

NS1852d ago

Oh i know about the Wii-U. If Sony pulls an MS i will buy one and just upgrade my PC.

rainslacker1852d ago

Price fixing huh? Cool we can bring legal action against them.

NS1852d ago

Nah i am just saying something is just really fishy going on. Publishers are not saying anything. Gamestop is ok with whats been reveled sofar.

It feels like they had this planned for sometime. It was just the details that was not finalized.

MS i am sure have discussed this with the publishers before. I am sure MS would not just drop something like this as well on Gamestop.

If they have met and discuss this before. I doubt anyone wanted to take a hit financially from the proposed measures so they plan to offload the cost to the guy that was not represented. Us the gamers.

rainslacker1852d ago

You make a good point. It would have been nice if whatever company wants to do this sort of thing actually asked what we the customers wanted, or tried to find a compromise with the community. There are many options that could have been discussed, new ideas formed, and while not everyone would be happy, at least we wouldn't feel like we are unimportant.

fOrlOnhOpe571852d ago

A very good article. Well worth a read.

amiga-man1852d ago

Very good indeed well worth reading.

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The story is too old to be commented.