Switched On: One box to rule them all

However, the spreading of the Zune brand's ashes and the sale of the pay TV, vendor-focused MediaRoom division to Ericsson were the final precursors to the end of the hidden agenda's secrecy. Xbox One is charging into the living room with the ferocity of one of its exquisitely rendered Call of Duty: Ghosts soldiers. Mere streaming boxes may be prepared to carry live streams of broadcasters. However, not only will the Xbox One incorporate the pay

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just_looken1756d ago

good article but still no one is talking about long term effect's. Right now you can fire up a xbox 1 or ps2 and play your games single player no problem but with these new console's depending so much on server's what happens when those server's are shutdown? or when like xbox 1 Microsoft decides to shutdown 360 xbl server's? oh your digital purchased content went by by.

jujubee881756d ago

I'm not sure how MS does it. They totally grabbed the mind share of all gaming enthusiasts and now have them talking around their product. That's an amazing feat.

But I'm fckin sick of hearing about this thing. I really am.

stuna11756d ago

Actually that is a good question! I know people who have spent hundred, maybe even thousands on multiplayer downloadable as well as disc based games.

What truly happens once console makers stop supporting previous console? You basically lose what you've spent money on! So can people really say they owned it once it becomes useless?

thehitman1756d ago

nothing stops you from keeping it and using it so its not useless just you cant use it w/ the new version of the console. Unless ofc your one of those who will trade-in the old to get the new.

Maddens Raiders1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

"Microsoft will actually have another opportunity to serve as it makes its E3 announcement a few hours before the ball lands in the court of Sony, which has previously offered TV viewing and recording capability with PlayTV in Europe. With a richer living room legacy than either of its main competitors, Sony will be under the gun to show that it has not abandoned its heart in the living room as it has turned its head toward the cloud."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say

A.) Ross Rubin isn't interested in using his console to play games.

B.) Ross Rubin isn't interested in playing games.

C.) Ross Rubin isn't interested in consoles.

D.) Ross Rubin doesn't realize how the photo used for his piece reinforces all of the negative things the internet thinks about the xboxone in the first place, making the words in said article nearly completely irrelevant.

MysticStrummer1756d ago

"exquisitely rendered Call of Duty: Ghosts soldiers"

That pretty much says it all right there.

ltachiUchiha1756d ago

They wont succeed if they take the negative route they are trying to take. I asked a few of my cousins who are xbox 360 die hards what they think & they said they would not support such a move even though the love xbl.

GameCents1756d ago

Neither will SONY if what I hear is true. Both One and PS4 deserve to fail if they are bringing DRM to consoles.

ltachiUchiha1756d ago

Yeah but the difference is sony isnt forcing u to do the things microsoft is trying to do & sony said the drm will be up to the developers because they are the ones making the games. That doesnt mean all games will have it.

Gemmol1756d ago

The other problem people are forgetting with ps4 is that although Sony is not forcing it, and the other 3rd party developers use it, you still stuck in the same situation as the Xbox One, you will only be free from it when you buy Sony 1st party games

andibandit1756d ago


To me it all seems like MS are going after casuals and non gamers, the last people you should ask are 360 die hards.

The_Blue1756d ago

If this is all apart of Microsoft marketing, they're really out-doing their competitors.

fabiani1756d ago

as a gamer n a future developer.our future is in sonys hand pretty much. Microsoft will change thier tune to whatever they think will get the most money. Sony has blind faith and fallows thier heart and keeps thier individuality. Microsoft thinks logically about how to make money. sony has passion n Microsoft has logic. but i think as far as companies go Microsoft is gettin as bad as att nearly in american corruption.

fabiani1756d ago

thier xbox one would be interesting to play with though.

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