“We aren’t using Kinect to snoop,” says Harrison

Microsoft Games Studios vice president Phil Harrison has said the platform holder has “very, very good” privacy policies and won’t use Xbox One’s admittedly creepy always-listening feature for any nefarious purposes.

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Chuk51791d ago

Let me turn it off then.

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Axonometri1791d ago

So simply and perfectly said!

MysticStrummer1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

"We're just browsing in Poland." said Hitler.

EDIT - I'll leave the comment, but I started thinking some people would say I'm implying MS/One is equivalent to the Nazis. I've had a few beers and was trying to be funny. I'll just say that what we've heard so far about One (Neo) should really be making people think twice.

Bathyj1791d ago

Its funny that you referenced The Matrix cos I was just thinking about it.

I was thinking I'd prefer a larger metal spike shoved in the back of my head to what Microsoft is doing with Xbox.

Its just seems alot less intrusive.

Mounce1791d ago

Turn off the Xbox One? I bet you the Kinect stays on for some reason. Activates, spies on you.

Then flashes red while you sleep, you try to yell at it to turn off and it says: "I'm afraid I can't let you do that".

SegataSanshiro1790d ago

I'm gonna beat the crap out of an xbox one so hard that's gonna end up singing daisy bell.

titletownrelo1791d ago

wow, xbox one is just a MESS. microsoft is suffering one nightmare after another. as a sympathetic human i feel sorry for all the employees who are getting their product trashed, but then i ask, how the f*ck could you screw up THIS BADLY, you had 10 years to prepare!" and at that point i just smile and say, " BUUURRRRN M$!!!!" XD

Darrius Cole1791d ago

Of course you are not using Kinect to spy, and you would tell me if you were wouldn't you?

chuckyj11791d ago

@chuk5...You don't know how to disconnect the power supply?? That will shut it down for you.

BlmThug1791d ago

I really hope countries block this and force MS to make it non-mandatory. Germany and Australia have the right idea, I hope others do too

fermcr1791d ago

The best thing Microsoft can do now is delay the release of the X1, take it to the drawing board and alter most of it's functions... then release later on a completely altered next Xbox (and change the stupid name).

kparks1791d ago

Wait did i just read "u can opt into it" so thats telling me right there that they are always listening and watching!

3-4-51791d ago

exactly...prove it giving US the control

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Godmars2901791d ago

But they seem to be planning on using it as a marketing tool. Measure people reactions to things.

Comes off as snooping to me.

Bathyj1791d ago

What if they see youre fat and you get a lot of McDonalds ads.

What if you drink alot and Jim Beam ads come up?

What if you smoke crack and they just call the cops?

OK, I'm being a bit silly there, but the point is, we just dont know HOW they will use it, and they're just asking us to trust them? I dont even trust the way they say we can trust them. This whole think stinks badly.

Godmars2901791d ago

What happens when one is stolen and is used to identify the thieves in their home?

The thing is that MS has already spelled out how they'd like to use Kinect, and that's as survey marketing tool which the vast number of marketing subject are both unaware and uncompensated that they are. That its MS who'd be getting paid by both advertisers and consumers. With their best assurance to any questions in regards to this that no living person would be able view the collected information.

Said assurance offered when the thing has multi-person video conferencing.

Jek_Porkins1791d ago

If you are referring to a patent, their official response was the same as Sony's when they filed for a patent to do in game ads and block used games.

Millions of people have Kinect right now, and I've not seen a single problem or exploitation. Also, nobody is forcing people to buy the Xbox One, if you fear for your privacy, don't buy it. It's actually quite a simple thing, don't like it, don't buy it.

I've had my Kinect hooked up since day one, I've had a PS Eye hooked up as well, who really cares? I mean as I said earlier, if you are really thinking there are people monitoring you, don't buy it.

I like the tech that comes on when you talk to it, I honestly never thought of it as snooping or anything else, it's not like it's fully on the entire time, the lights go off.

If they ever did get caught "snooping" they'd be in all kinds of trouble from the FCC and Government.

SexyGamerDude1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

I don't get how a patent for an "always on" camera that can potentially spy on people compares to a patent for in game ads. I really don't see how you can compare the two.

M-M1791d ago

"Jek_Porkins" Stopped reading right there.

MysticStrummer1791d ago

As if those two patents are in any way equivalent.

Your bubbles are truly a mystery.

CyberCam1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Wow! You're a very trusting soul. Putting your trust into any corporate entity is a pretty risky thing.

"If they ever did get caught "snooping" they'd be in all kinds of trouble from the FCC and Government."

Oh, yeah the government will surely give them trouble if they get caught... Oh wait!


MariaHelFutura1791d ago

It's a surveillance system, get over it. Microsoft is admitting that, just saying 'trust us' we won't do that.

b-real1791d ago

Agreed. Its funny watch all these Sony fan boys making tinfoil hats and spread FUD. I feel sorry for you all.

As if a company like Microsoft would use this camera and data to spy on people without being upfront about it. Why risk the massive fines/bad press that would result? They have many many businesses, not just xbox. they don't make there many from selling data/advertising.

You are all hilarious.

ShwankyShpanky1791d ago

@Jek: "it's not like it's fully on the entire time, the lights go off"

Wow... just... wow.

I wonder how I get all those calls on my phone. After all, its lights are off before it rings.

@b-real: You mean like Google got in so much trouble for sucking up people's personal info with their StreetView spymobiles?

I mean hell, I guess if I don't need to worry about MS because I can be assured that the government will be looking out for my interests, I'm sold!

b-real1791d ago

@ShwankyShpanky: What is your understanding of what Google got in trouble for? What personal data were they recording?

MRMagoo1231791d ago


The thing all you retard fanturds dont get is its not N4G its the whole [email protected] world , here in australia it made it onto the news about it breaking privacy laws lmfao you xbox [email protected] suckers need to get a life and realise its not sony fans on N4G doing it, unless you think we sway the government of germany and australia?

CyberCam1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

@Jek & b-real
Do you guys walk around with blinders on? Do you not see the ramped corruption in todays corporations & governments?

So the 16 trillion dollar debt the USA has, is just product of the government helping it's people? And the big wall street companies that needed to be bailed out because they helped the people in the US keep their homes etc.?

And b-real, this has absolutely nothing to do with fanboism, Sony & Nintendo as well can not be trusted if they also plan on implementing these always on cameras & mics in the future.

Maybe you both should put your controllers down for a bit & learn about the real world for a while! Reality is a sobering experience!

The key phrases are; A camera & mic that sees in the dark is always on listening for your key word & possibly watch too; We have a 300,000 server cloud service, to store all that data!

I don't know, it sounds a lot like user data mining to me!

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T21791d ago

Ya why cant I buy a cheaper system without it ? Dont want it, not getting it no matter what

yeahokchief1791d ago

XboxOne? More like XboxNone because nobodys gonna buy it.

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Axonometri1791d ago

We have no intent of snooping. If it happens, it will be because Kinect One is capable, but we didn't mean to.

ShwankyShpanky1791d ago

Hey, it worked for Google.


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pr0t0typeknuckles1791d ago

so i have to do this again