May PS3 Weekly Deals: ACIII $29.99, Bioschok Infinite $44.99, Dead Island Riptide $34.99 and more

May PS3 Weekly Deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, NewEgg, Frys and many more.

What do you think guys of these deals?

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andrewsimons1848d ago

Wow many games are $10~$30 off.

Magnus1848d ago

Ill wait till Dead Island Riptide, DeadSpace 3 both reach $20.00 as much as I love Star Trek I'll wait until it also reaches the magical $20.00 price as well.

FlameAlchemist1848d ago

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is really tempting

Magnus1848d ago

Its a great game your missing out if your not playing it.

RiPPn1847d ago

Batman Arkham City GOTY new for 12.50 at frys looks like a deal.

nick901847d ago

Dead Island Riptide should go a lot lower yet.. it is just an expansion pack really.

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