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Submitted by ReZoN 919d ago | article

5 things Sony needs to show at E3 2013

GearNuke: With the announcement of the Playstation 4, the pressure is on Sony to deliver a powerful press conference at this year’s E3. It’ll be important for the console maker to leave a lasting impression that stays in the minds of consumers all the the way up until the PS4’s launch. Sony needs 5 key offerings in order to build that kind of momentum, which are as follows: (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   919d ago
They really just need to show two things,Versus 13 and the Last guardian.
People want those games badly.They would likely over shadow all the other games at the show.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   919d ago
well versus is squares game so i wouldnt hope for that ever being released,seeing how they hate money(no ff7 remake,no frickin kingdom hearts 3,no chrono 3)even though tons of people want those games,but for the last guardian i think we may actually see,but again i wouldnt get my hopes to high for it.
ShinMaster  +   918d ago
For me, they gotta show:
1. The console
2. Games
3. More games
4. Vita and other features
5. Date and price
KewDeGra  +   918d ago

Perfect list man.
Mykky  +   918d ago
Versus 13
KH 3
RE: Final Fantasy 7
Chrono 3

Square Enix could have totally owned E3 if they actually made and released the games fans want.

I wonder how many years it will take before any of those are released...
Dee_91  +   919d ago
2.The Console
5.The Console
I said a few of those more than once I think... wait nope.. I didnt

srly tho I agree with the article
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Godmars290  +   919d ago
No faith in Square. Whatever Versus is called now its just as soon to be multiplatform as under a different name.
indysurfn  +   918d ago
1, They need to not give in to Microsoft and not add the same restrictions that Microsoft is trying to put on us.
2, They need to have a decent price.
3, They need to show up!
4, They need to show up!
5, They need to show up!

That is all: GAAAME OVER!
zlpw0ker  +   918d ago
well if sony is showing versus13 at e3 surrounding ps4 I will boycott SE and Sony PS4 and beyond from this day forth,we got promised vs13 in the ps3 era and what we get??
I hope sony gets bankrupt and SE aswell.
I bought the ps3 solely for ff13 and vs13,if I cant get the game on my ps3,im sure as hell wont get a ps4 for vs13 as I did for ps3.
Black-Helghast  +   918d ago
So what if you got a PS3 only for ffv13? It was still f*ucking worth buying man. Just think of all the exclusives that have launched on the console. ffv13 also was kind of a motivator for me to buy the PS3 but it wasn't the only reason! MGS4, God of War 3, followed by all those games like Uncharted and inFamous. I don't give a shit if ffv13 releases on PS3, PS4 or never releases because I've enjoyed my PS3 like no other console before and I don't regret buying it.
strigoi814  +   919d ago
Godmars290  +   919d ago
The console.

Something in regards to media support, at least someone to put it on par with Roku, would be nice.

All that not forgetting that they have three platforms to cover, with possibly a fourth in iOS games and support.
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AznGaara  +   919d ago
Substitute "HD Remasters" for "Indie games" and thats my list right there.
smashman98  +   919d ago
I respectfully disagree with some points

Specifically remasters and touchpad

I think more important they need to show the interface and it fluidity as well as this new ecosystem they keep talking about
The_Infected  +   919d ago
I was going to say the same thing. Show the touch pad enough to see what it's capable of and the rest focus on the console, games, interface, Gaikai, etc.
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strigoi814  +   919d ago
And after E3..i want to see my PS2 classics HD
Bathyj  +   919d ago
Show The Last Guardian, realtime being played on the console and you'll have me for at least the next 5 years.

Show the vapourware title Agent as an exclusive and a new Siphon Filter and you can pretty much wrap up the generation.

Then a new Naughty Dog title, and new Guerrilla Games and Media Molecule IP's would be the sweetest icing on the cake.

Finally show price, release date and the actual console if you get time.
JoeReno  +   919d ago
1. No DRM
2. Used game support (online pass is ok)
3. No PSEye spywear
5. Games games and more games

=instant win
InTheLab  +   918d ago
I completely agree. They really need to get this used games thing out of the way for all to enjoy their presser, because that's pretty much all we'll be thinking of going into E3.

The PS4 is currently the last hope for gamers and it will kill if they have a similar deal in place that supports pubs and devs but craps on gamers...
smashman98  +   918d ago
I don't think it craps on gamers I mean yea it sucks but i don't like seeing good devs go out of business so if this is the alternative so be it
SprigganN4G  +   918d ago
1. No DRM
2. Used game support (no more online pass)
3. No PSEye spywear
4. Console
5. Games games and more games

(=instant win)x n+1
Iceman_Nightmare  +   918d ago
SONY have to buy Rare from Microsoft, reboot Perfect Dark and make a sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day for PlayStation 4. Although that will never happen, then there is no reason to get a XBOX ONE then. I'm a big Rare fan, and not even if Microsoft reboot one of those amazing Rare titles back in the days Im not getting the XBOX ONE. See online play has to be free, and no DRM. and SONY PS4 has a ton of games already and shit load more to come. Cant wait to get my hands on DRIVECLUB!!
Dj7FairyTail  +   918d ago
You are dreaming right
izumo_lee  +   918d ago
The problem is that everyone that was relevant at Rare originally is no longer at the company. As much as i found Rare games really fun they are no longer the company they were & new Rare has not really done anything good the last 8 years.

Back on topic.

I hope Sony will have the main focus on games (for all their systems) & have less on the casual stuff like Move or Wonderbook. Sony has focused on the core so focus on the core.

Everyone knows they will end the show with the PS4 box reveal probably.
madpuppy  +   918d ago
As long as the distance themselves with ANYTHING to do with used games other than leaving things the way they have been for that last 20 odd years. no weird deals with EA or Activision..or any dev or publisher concerning used games.

In other words don't do an end run around the first sale doctrine.

That is the 1 thing that I would like to see.
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xPREDICTIONx  +   918d ago
A new SOCOM wouldn't hurt..
Williamson  +   918d ago
Well we know they going to bring the games and new ips like they've had since 2007 with the ps3, but last years e3 conference was great minus wonder book which took 30 mins up.
Conzul  +   918d ago
Ya'll may downvote me for this, but IDC.
We all know PS4 will bring the games. Sony doesn't make that mistake anymore; there will be many and Indie for the dry spots.

So...I'm actually a bit worried about PS4 having too few apps and social streamlining. I'd love it if it had a Twitter/Facebook/Vine/ HellICouldGoOnForever apps for free. But having Skype somehow would be killer. Or VSee, or even a knockoff as long as it would work on PCs as well. But really really want Skype. It would help sell more PS4s as well.
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Iwasneverhere  +   918d ago
I doubt we will see skype on ps4 since it's owned by Microsoft now. Unless Sony strikes a deal with them. Like, we let you use blu-ray if you let us use skype?
Conzul  +   918d ago
Yeah something like that could work.
tubers  +   917d ago
The VITA has skype.. maybe there's a decent chance.
smashman98  +   918d ago
I will say I want Sony to clarify its stance on the used game market and not leave it like the vague shit storm the Microsoft is having however I do agree the used game market needs to change in a way that can help out the devs who pour their hearts and souls into these games.

But nevertheless I don't see the used game market being around much longer as much as I hate it digital will become increasingly mote dominant especially in this console generation coming up
MRMagoo123  +   918d ago
sony dont need to show anything e3 is already won by them they dont really even need to turn up
REDGUM  +   918d ago
I'd like to see Sony showing that they are genuine about eventually porting older generation ganes over to the ps4.
ps1,2 & 3 games. It can't be that hard if you have a more advanced machine (that's easier to develop for) for things to run on. Even if it's an external drive that the games run from.
Show us your genuine guys, please.
I really hope that all these special, collector & ultimate editions of past games dont have to be thrown in the bin in the end!!!!!!!
Supermax  +   918d ago
1.we have drm now.
Oh and we have games too.
Great e3 see you next year.
nerdkiller  +   918d ago
thinktwice  +   918d ago
2 Games/lots of exclusive titles
3 Price
4 Release date
5 no anti used games b.s
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tubers  +   917d ago
More and better VITA support..

if not..

at least a decently sized event pre/post E3 just for the VITA.

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