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Who will win the game platform war?

VB - With Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One this week, the slate of consoles for the next generation has become a known quantity. Each major game console maker has revealed its strategy, and game industry veterans can now weigh in on who has the best plan. But the competition in games isn’t limited to just the consoles anymore. Mobile devices, the PC, and a host of Android-based devices are hitting the market at the same time. (PS4, Xbox One)

GoldPunch-TR  +   673d ago
Of course PS4!
EasilyTheBest  +   673d ago
Of course Xbox One, PS4 is to much for hardcore gamers.. Theres not enough of them..
Theres way way more casual ppl out there.

Oh look, disagrees even on that...
This site lol
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ZodTheRipper  +   673d ago
I'm still believing in my prediction :D
And the recent Xbox reveal just confirms it.
-Mezzo-  +   673d ago
"game platform war"
Did you bother reading the title.
The_Infected  +   673d ago
Another blind fanboy.., you think a causal gamer will pay that much box a Xbox to watch TV? No casual gamers want. Hardcore gamers are the ones who really support their system. They're the backbone.
EasilyTheBest  +   673d ago
"Another blind fanboy.., you think a causal gamer will pay that much box a Xbox to watch TV?"

Whos the blind fanboy?

I thought you would be able to watch TV on an Xbox One.
Play Games.
Watch Movies.
Play Controllerless Games.
Skype Friends and family.
Bing stuff on the net.
Listen to music.
Play Blu Ray discs.

Theres prob tons of other stuff.
Whos to say the Price of the Xbox One? You know something we don't.
It could be £199
fattyuk  +   673d ago
£199!! lol yeah good luck.
konnerbllb  +   673d ago
My money is on AMD.
DivineAssault  +   673d ago
casuals wont b attracted to this thing tho.. Its going to b labeled as a spy device for 1... 2, no1 wants to pay $400+ for a glorified cable box u can talk to to change channels & have real time fantasy football.. 3, all its restrictions & requirements will make ppl go toward PS4.. & 4, the core gaming community will definitely go where the best games will be
PigPen  +   673d ago
I think Xbox One will beat the PS4 with exclusives.
bullymangLer  +   673d ago
but what the hek is the 720 box 1 gonna do to the wiiU when not even the 360 has dethroned the N64 regarding content and rE-play value ?

c'mon now

and what could RareWare be up to ?

comparing points between which console has the Most Badass exclusives is how we determine who is ahead < fact poW!
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Tapioca Cold  +   673d ago
Honestly,who really cares.
B-radical  +   673d ago
Im hoping xbox put in fitness game for atm im bulking in size trying to get too 100kg currently at 93kg so once i hit 100kg im gonna start cutting again so im hoping xbox one provides me with atleast one cardio game then ill be shredded as fuuuuarrkkkk
ANIALATOR136  +   673d ago
PS4 will have the better exclusives in my opinion. Just like this gen.
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Gamesgbkiller  +   673d ago
I don't remember how many times I said this word.


But I know its more then ONE.
Anthotis   673d ago | Trolling | show
demonddel  +   673d ago
Xbox One in America
GoldPunch-TR  +   673d ago
*Just America.
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elhebbo16  +   673d ago
I dunno, the PS1 and PS2 were back to back console war champs in America, heck the world. the 360 had an advantage this gen and even that wouldnt the PS3 from selling more. and with all that bad press X1 is getting :\ ...
Dogswithguns  +   673d ago
Dont know dont care, but I'm getting PS4.
SonyPS4  +   673d ago
Could be PS4, but it could also be the XOne (that is if they ditch the DRM) or Wii U. My guess is good as everyone's. Nobody knows until we all see this console war in action.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   673d ago
obviously the ouya
dcortz2027  +   673d ago
For the sake of gaming, I hope it's the PS4. Nintendo and Microsoft have gone too casual and are forgetting about the core/hardcore gamers.
merciless  +   673d ago
I have a feeling that ms will have a strong showing in the north american market but lose everywhere else in a big way because cable tv isn't as developed as it is in the states and we europeans only care about football (soccer)


Simply never get mentioned here.
stage88  +   673d ago
PS4 will obviously be the better choice. Just look at this gen.

MS- casual
Sony- core
tubers  +   673d ago
X1 = win in US at least
PS4 = most other regions

Still depends on pricing
mushroomwig  +   673d ago
It's pretty simple to work out the winner;

Iceman_Nightmare  +   673d ago
PlayStation 4 ofcourse.
Main Focus: GAMES, and the GAMERS
DriveClub > Forza 5
GranTurismo 6 (on PS3) > Forza 5
InFAMOUS: Second Son > Quantum Break ( clearly a copy of Beyond: Two Souls by Quantum Dreams)
The Witness
Killzone: Shadow Fall (Clearly XBOX cant run since it uses 6GB of the PS4's DDR5 Ram, and XBOX ONE has 8GB DDR3 which only 3GB is used for gaming)
Deep Down
Final Fantasy versus XIII
The Last Guardian
Diablo III
Exclusive content for Battlefield 4, Destiny (reasons for Bungie fans to switch to PS4), Watch Dogs, and ACIV: Blackflag
Quantum Dream next gen project with old man's face looks amazing
Media Molecule Next Gen game
BlackLight Retribution
PlanetSide 2
More games to come at E3
Console: Remains to be seen
Controller: Sexy, share button is a huge plus, since you can share your heroic moments in gaming with the world.
Camera: Not enough information,. but seems like the Kinect is better.
Online: Free, if you want you can pay for PSN plus, get great deals.
DRM free, no need to pay again for rented games.
Architecture: PC like architecture, Developers will love it since it will make their life way easier when making games.
Indie Games: Indie Games friendly, SONY supports them.

Forza 5
Quantum Break (not so many games, I know more at E3, but so will Sony have more inclusive of already announced)
Main FOCUS: TV, SPORTS, and USA only as a audience.
(No old RARE games rebooted)
No Perfect Dark
No Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel
Controller:Looks sexy, has not been changed, not so innovative as WiiU and PS4.
One huge console, big, and ugly like the old videoplayers
Camera: Kinect looks amazing, reads your heartbeat, makes you the controller, sees you in night
Online: You must pay, console has to be connected in 24hours time period.
DRM: You have to pay for 2nd hand games.
Architecture: Takes PS3 cores to make developer's lifes a living hell, just like with the PS3.
Indie Games: Console is not Indie Games friendly, not so many indie games support.

Seems more like Microsoft lost this one, the console ask too much on its own, and now its not even Games focused anymore... Why do I have to pay for online, if I already paid for the internet? Why do I HAVE to get the KINECT if I can just use my controller? Why have you not shown a Rare reboot like Perfect Dark or Conkers Bad Fur Day 2? Why XBOX ONE if its the third XBOX console? Why DRM, if SONY PS4 is DRM FREE? Why always connected in 24 hours period, if PS4 is not?

Microsoft restricts you with bunch of rules, when SONY doesnt. Its like what Apple does with iPhones, while Samsung lets you do whatever the hell you wanna with your phone.. I want freedom, something Microsoft doesn't give their users.
Supermax  +   673d ago
Wake up child
Ben12  +   673d ago
Jaqen_Hghar  +   673d ago
To match the graphics card a man imagines this console would cost $89,000
MichaelLito79  +   673d ago
No one above is making valid points but they are negative about MS. I understand your loyalty towards your system of choice. Just remember one thing they are focused on gaming and are focused on delivering an all in one experience, they have even mentioned that Xbox One was created by gamers for gamers. Take the information you know and think logical. You are one demographic of a bigger picture out there. You have your opinions and many have there's. At least they got the system out the way. I don't want to go to E3 and hear about TV and entertainment. I want to go to E3 to hear about games. All signs point to that if you don't believe me then check out. Major Nelson blog. Any one who care's to listen will realize that Major Nelson has always provided accurate information. Meaning that Xbox is all about games. They are putting/investing time and resources to ensure each part of Xbox One is fully utilized on day one. I also understand that not everything about Xbox One will be available on day one, no system ever show's there full potential on day one. At the same time they have the resources and developers behind them. The system of choice is the one that caters to you. I am all for Xbox One at E3. If they don't showcase what they preach then maybe I can say to you all they messed up. Right now I don't feel the same way all of you do. I still don't know the complete story about used games or always online. Like I said before don't judge a book by its cover and lets see more down the pipeline. Overall, I feel everyone's pain but at the same time I am willing to be a little more patient because I have actually loved the majority of Xbox 360's Lifetime and also Xbox. I don't fall for media hype and marketing blitz. I truly believe there is more to this story then what is told. Especially, when the competition has not really done much more then what MS has regarding unveilings. Hope you all understand where I come from and not take it as fanboyism but more like patience.
PCpower  +   673d ago
The PC will win this generation. The Oculus Rift virtual reality head set is a PC only device that will shake up the gaming industry just as the Steam digital distribution kept the PC platform from dying out like all those stupid idiots said would happen. LOL....

Not to mention that Microsoft has made a mistake of allowing their accessories to work on PC. This only further removes the need to go console. After all, if the Xbox controllers and the Kinect 1 and upcoming Kinect 2 work on PC, then why go console? Sony made sure their accessories do not work on PC, so you will buy their console.

Finally, there is some rumors going around that AMD plans to make a very radical video card design that departs from what anyone has thought of with their upcoming Volcanic Islands GPU's. Nvidia is trying the same thing with their upcoming Maxwell GPU's. It is said that the video cards will be like having an ultra powerful PC that fits in the palm of your hand.

Some powerful X86 processors will be part of the GPU and they will have access to the same GDDR5 on the video card itself on the AMD side of things. Nivdia plans to use ARM processing cores instead. These new video cards will also be able to boot up a computer on its own. The CPU that is on the mainboard will only be used to send hard drive data through the PCI express buss. I also heard you could run more than one operating system at a time because of the Video card having CPUs in the GPU. It's like having multiple PCs for the price of one!!! Good times are ahead for the PC!!

Maxwell GPU:



Geovanny  +   673d ago
Agent_hitman  +   673d ago
Due to negative publicity regarding Xbone.. I sense that the PS4 will win again and dominate just like PS2.
PigPen  +   673d ago
Nintendo has been on a winning streak with the DS, Wii and 3DS. I already put my money down on the Wii U. Nintendo, give me my Mario, Zelda and Metroid. Give me more partnerships like Bayonetta. Give me new IP from 1st party developers like Monolith Soft. Nintendo, the blimp will read "the world is yours".
Supermax  +   672d ago
Hmmm good reads this morning looks like Sony has drm now

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