Interview with Naughty Dog

LaPS3 interviewed Ricky Cambier, lead designer of the game, and Arne Meyer, Naughty Dog Community Strategist. They talk about their latest and highly anticipated game, The last of Us, but also talk about PS4 and the share button.

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jujubee881126d ago

But, yeah. Thanks for the tranlsation. My reading spanish sucks. Haha.

minimur121125d ago

well yeah, but most of us don#'t speak /readspanish haha

ltachiUchiha1126d ago

They are definitely my favorite this gen & I believe they are only going to keep getting better. Thats kinda scary lol.

PigPen1126d ago

Your taking it to far with that statement!

insertnamehurr1126d ago

I work for naughty dog but i cant reveal our ps4 project yet.

NateCole1126d ago

PM me. Scouts honor i will not tell a soul.

The_Infected1126d ago

@fake ND worker

GivesitToUharder + 6h ago
Enjoy being kinect recorded while you jerk your tiny penus.
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I'm sure a respected game developer would make an immature post like that. Lol

ltachiUchiha1126d ago

I already know what it is. Its uncharted 4. Fans are craving for a next gen uncharted game but they will be creating a ps3 version aswell. Lol I can dream but e3 should tell us more. I bet it will be epic.

DeadlyFire1126d ago

Read page 2

"RC: The last three years we have had two full teams dedicated mainly to the creation of this ambitious project, investigating a fascinating new field."

TWO Teams on this project? PS3, and PS4 versions???

minimur121125d ago

An embassador for naughtydog, the highly respected studio, has an employee that has the name of
'Gives it to you harder'

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Chapter111126d ago

"Continue working on Uncharted and The Last of Us."

Well I guess that's it then. Jak and Daxter is dead. They were working on Jak 4 but canceled it to work on Last of Us. Sad, I'd be more interested in that than TLoU

Jaqen_Hghar1126d ago

A man hopes they make their own world again. A man loves the worlds ND created in Crash and Jak and now they can't be that creative because they're grounded in our boring old world.

One4U1126d ago

i will scream like a girl if they announce jak4