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Submitted by ltachiUchiha 990d ago | article

If Used Games Die, Will Gamestop Follow?

NEWS.GNOM writes:

Until E3 comes around, we’re probably not going to get a very clear picture of the fate of used games, but from what we can tell so far, it’s not looking very good.

Microsoft promises that the Xbox One will indeed play used games, and you can buy and sell them in disc form if you so choose. But digging into the accompanying details, it’s not so black and white. (Culture, E3, GameStop, Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

Kamikaze135  +   990d ago
Not if they adjust.
Gaming101  +   990d ago
Used games are the entire business model of Gamestop - there is no profit in selling new games. There is no sustainable business model with just selling new games, they will need other revenue streams. The best thing they can do is refuse to sell consoles that won't support used games. They should take action against companies that want to destroy their business model, because if they give in and bow to the wishes of Microsoft, they'll just die out. If you pussy out in the business world, you'll lose everything, so gamestop better grow some balls and stand up to Microsoft!

If I was Gamestop CEO I'd partner with Nintendo and Sony to shut out Microsoft. Msoft can't afford to lose a huge part of its supply chain, so they'll be forced to change their strategy.
MostJadedGamer  +   990d ago
"there is no profit in selling new games."

Thats totally, and completely false there is plenty of profit in selling new games.

Gamestop isn't going anywhere. They basically have a monopoly as a game speciality store, and they do far more preorders then any other store. They will be fine as long as the majority of games stay on a DISC
kreate  +   990d ago
'They basically have a monopoly as a game speciality store'

actually amazon, best buy, walmart is pretty much up there. gamestop is closing down stores and losing revenue while their competitor's gaming division profits are on the rise.

I would add fry's there too but fry's is too small of a chain to compete at that level.

but fry's hold special events for gaming like when blizzard came down to sign games and boxes for world of warcraft for example.
jeeves86  +   990d ago
@ Kreate

Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon also sell products other than games. If their gaming section has a shitty quarter, than they can just bolster the sales of other departments and funnel the funds towards video games.

Gamestop is a specialty store for games, I wouldn't count on them going anywhere.
kreate  +   989d ago

that's why gamestop is trying to sell stuff 'other' than games.

like cell phones and services plans.
u could even trade in ur phone for store credit.
applebee giftcards, burger king giftcards, toys, etc.

their gaming profit margin is decreasing, and looking elsewhere for profit.

a lot has to do with their competitors being more competitive to gamestop as I mentioned above.
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Flavor  +   990d ago
A retailer that sells marked up hard copies of digital products? Their time is long past due.

I cannot remember the last time I used my blu ray drive. Not even to make backups. Everything is downloaded and stored on cheap storage devices.
3-4-5  +   990d ago
Nintendo & Sony will keep them afloat.
Enigma_2099  +   990d ago
... and by adjust, he means "pay them more than what we're already paying them to let us keep selling used games."
elhebbo16  +   990d ago
they have the whole pre-order exclusives thing, they also sell new hardware/software. so if used games are out they still have half of there business left.
Mario20  +   990d ago
Thats an easy answer. Just ask the judge on Balkin Street he will tell you or he will not tell you
RAYMEISTER  +   990d ago
Yes. And if gaming goes all digital gamestop will also die, just like Tower Records RIP.
fattyuk  +   990d ago
strigoi814  +   990d ago
Nope they still can get money selling brand new games and buying used consoles, iproducts and many more electronics..
yugovega  +   990d ago
we could only hope
FlyingFoxy  +   990d ago
They won't die.. it's not like Xbox is the only console with games, there's 3DS, Vita, Wii U as well as the PS3 and 360. Now it just depends what happens with PS4.

Plus PS4 will more than likely have far more appealing games than Xbox will, Xbox mainly has just multiplats anyway.
ZBlacktt  +   990d ago
We can only hope so. Ripoff Stop.
Sephiroushin  +   990d ago
I don't like Gamestop, they "rip off" people ( but it's not like they put you a gun in the head to make you trade in your games to them so it's not just their fault, i feel sorry for people that trade in to them everything they have!), some employees are rude, preorder products sometimes do not arrive for everyone that pre-ordered and so on... But as much as I don't like Gamestop, I won't like them to shut down...
Do people hoping it to fail are just kids or something that do not realize how many employees the company has? yeah if they completely go out of the market, all of those employees will lose their work ... There are too many unemployed people to have even more
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Realplaya  +   990d ago
You have a point you pay $60.00 for a game you go to gamestop they say we will happily give you $30.00. Now I am not a rocket scientist but that's a difference of $30.00 you can sell the game for more profit online.
Realplaya  +   990d ago
The point is with the two new consoles if this is true they will lose a lot of money therefore cutting back jobs. It's a dirty business but i'll be honest you can go to a store like walmart and target and get discounts plus gift cards with certain games what can you get at game stop besides DLC?
shuuwai  +   990d ago
Nay, two words. "GameStop exclusive"
Sadly most of my CE games are from ebgames/gamestop.
Once awhile, I try to buy from bestbuy or, but ebgame/gamestop usually have the free DLC. "GameStop exclusive"

Example: The last of Us. free stuff. live wallpaper, DLC OST, MP online goodies. $50.00 off on selected headphones 800 pts, $50.00 off on selected headphones nothing.
RiPPn  +   990d ago
They will survive for a while, they still have current gen Vita, 3DS, and Wii-U games to fall back on, plus it will take years for the 360 and PS3 to die off. But eventually there will be no need for them, they offer nothing to the gaming industry which is why the gaming industry wants to kill them off in the first place.
Supermax  +   990d ago
GameStop makes 70 percent of there profit by new hardware and new game sales 30 percent is made by a combination of used game sales accessories older gen systems and digital sales.
PsnGammer21  +   990d ago
Dude dont waste your breath people are way to stupid to realize that -___-
Hicken  +   990d ago
And I can tell you don't know anything about it.


Cuz I worked for GameStop.

They make PEANUTS off new EVERYTHING; used is where they make their living. They also make pure profit off digital, but it's not nearly as large a revenue stream.

To be sure, they go overboard with the used prices, and they don't give enough for trade-in value. But they're pretty damn important to the industry as a retail outlet. I don't wish their end.
Magnus  +   990d ago
They will adapt to changing times if they act quick enough. Right now EB games which is Gamestop they sell used Ipads, Ipods, and Iphones. But that only lasts for so long. Only time I use EB games is if its a rare title like Ar Tonelico 3 which I could not find at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Honestly I use Best Buy for my games I usually find a great title and a really cheap game. I bought Bioshock Infinite at Best Buy and also walked out with Lego Harry Potter for $10. Honestly I would hate to see Gamestop go under because I like the rare titles but they need to redo their business practises and quit low balling used titles only time a used titles doubles its value is by trading it in for a new game that has yet to be released thats when the credit rises.
Supermax  +   990d ago
I could care less for GameStop I'm looking forward towards more of a team system on the psn and xbox live
PrimeGrime  +   990d ago
Gamestop has been hurting in general for a long time now, if they close it is mainly do to more outlets selling games at better prices than them. Nothing to do with used games really.

They have been talking about closing hundreds of stores long ago, so if they happen to close altogether it really is no surprise. I would imagine it would be a long while before that happens but what I get from their employees from several stores is that it isn't looking good.

I rarely go to Gamestop honestly anymore myself unless I just have to have a game new. I figure I'll just pre-order it through them since I can pick it up on day one. Other than that it is always online through Amazon or other places.

Gamestop's deals just seriously suck also, they are always having sales that are practically worthless that I know do drive any sales to their stores, compared to other places as well their deals are terrible. So that doesn't help them much either. I don't get why they even have sales most the time.
Corpser  +   990d ago
Nintendo is the only next gen console confirmed that used games don't need to pay a fee
MikeyDucati1  +   990d ago
I wouldn't care. I never shop at GS anyway. The only people I know that shop there is the occasional buyer, uneducated parents, and kids.
Supermax  +   990d ago
Let your friends know Sony has drm

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